How to remove candle wax from glass, Wood, Wall, carpet Clothes

How to remove candle wax from glass, Wood, Wall, carpet Clothes. Are you an interior décor freak who is in love with having mesmerizing and beautiful candles in your room?

Well, candles are a very pleasing addition to any aroma, and due to the trendy designs and aroma coming in these tiny items, there is an ever-increasing fashion of having candles in the room.

But what could be the downside of having them in your room? This is a no wondering question as everyone here must be familiar with the annoying situation of candle wax that is left off in the room as a token of their presence.

Candles, by natural tendency, melt and leave behind the wax that could be either as splashes over the wall or on the floor.

Whatever and wherever it is, having the scrapped wax is a very annoying thing and particularly very difficult to remove, especially from the walls.

But don’t worry, we have brought you the help at hand by coming up with the review of How to remove candle wax from walls, and here you can go through the handy tips for removing the wax stains.

How to remove candle wax from glass, Wood, Wall, carpet Clothes
How To Remove Candle Wax From Glass, Wood, Wall, Carpet Clothes

By making use of some simple items in your home or particularly in your kitchen, you can easily get rid of the wax stain over your wall, and it will not be hard to do the process taking hours of your busy schedule as these simple tips could be carried out within minutes.

Using hairdryerHow To Remove Candle Wax From Glass

In addition to the DIY items and the kitchen stuff, one of the very commonly used techniques for melting and scraping off the wax stains from walls could be using the hairdresser.

This commonly found gadget is a very handy way of handling wax stains, and you have to proceed In the following fashion to achieve your goal of neat and clean room walls.


  • Wiping cloth
  • Hairdresser
  • Plastic scale or card
  • Water and vinegar

Heating the wax stain

The first step in this heinous process of How to remove candle wax from walls is to begin by melting the wax, and this could be done by either direct heating the wax or by any other means like utilizing the heat from a warming rack of any heating object.

Both of these options of direct heating and using a warming rack could be risky, and therefore the only good option left is to utilize a hairdryer to provide heat to the wax layers.

Wiping off the melted waxWiping Off The Melted Wax

Once the wax has been heated, it will melt, and using the wiping cloth; you can easily remove it from the walls.

Using Water and vinegar mixtureHow To Get Candle Wax Out Of Carpet

Now that it has been removed mix the vinegar and water to make a solution of 1:3 composition, respectively.

Apply the solution to the wall area from where the melted wax has been collected.

The remaining wax that wasn’t wiped by the cloth could easily come out.

Completely removing the wax

Now use the wiping cloth again to remove any extra wax that has been fortunate to remain and continue the process till the wax removal process has been completed.

How to remove candle wax from glass

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