How to get vaseline out of clothes

How to get Vaseline out of clothes? This article will deliver information on cleaning your clothes that have Vaseline stains. In this article 3 best methods are explained on how to get Vaseline out of your clothes.

Vaseline has plentiful benefits in our everyday life. Vaseline can offer a lot of jobs like moisturizing skin, lips, and hair. It can be used to soothe burnt skin. Vaseline is petroleum jelly and contains oil.

What if it gets on your cloth? It will not easily get out of your clothes. You have to throw your Vaseline-stained clothes out of your wardrobe.

But, there are many household tricks to get Vaseline out of your clothes. You do not get worried, if you have dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar.

How to get Vaseline out of clothes

Method 1

Rubbing the clothes with dishwashing soapMethods How To Get Vaseline Out Of Clothes

The first method is the rubbing of clothes with dishwashing soap. It follows six cleaning steps.


Use any steel spatula or knife to scrape the Vaseline from the clothes. Slowly scrape the Vaseline preventing it from spreading all over the clothes.

Rubbing with dishwashing soap

Take a small amount of any dishwashing soap onto the stain on your clothes and then rub it using a brush.


Now, when the rubbing is done and dishwashing soap is settled on the clothes. Run the warm water and gently rub the clothes so the oil gets out.

Application of stain remover

After washing clothes with warm water, now apply any stain remover on your fabric. Let the stain remover set for 10 minutes on the fabric.

Rinsing with hot water

Remove the stain remover from the clothes using hot water. Let the hot water running on to the clothes until all the soap gets out of the fabric.

Washing the clothes

At the moment, all the Vaseline is out of the fabric. Now you may wash the fabric with hot or warm water.

If the stain is still present after the washing, do not put clothes in the dryer spinner.

Method 2

Applying rubbing Alcohol on clothesRemoving Vaseline

The second method of getting Vaseline out of clothes is the use of Alcohol. Getting out the Vaseline from the fabric includes the following 6 steps:

Removing Vaseline

Before washing remove the Vaseline using a knife, spatula, or dry paper towel. Now pull out the Vaseline by scraping.

Rubbing alcohol onto the stain

The scientific name of rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol. It is used as a degreasing agent. You will need a dry cloth or cotton pad to dab the alcohol on the stain. Now, rub it gently.

Drying of Alcohol

Let the rubbing alcohol get dry for 20 to 40 minutes.


Now put a small amount of dishwashing Detergent soap on your fabric and scrub the garment with both hands.


Rinse the garment with hot water.


It is time now to wash the garment entirely so that all the soap comes out.

Use hot water for washing. If the stuff of your garment will get shrink after washing with hot water then use warm water. Hang the garment for drying up. Do not put the garment in the dryer.

Method 3Soaking The Clothes In Vinegar

Soaking the clothes in Vinegar

The last method on the list is the soaking of clothes in vinegar. Getting Vaseline out of clothes involves the following four steps:


As Vaseline gets on the clothes, removes it instantly with the help of a steel spatula, knife, or dry paper towel. Scrap all the Vaseline from the garment.


Now have some vinegar. Soak your garment in the vinegar for 5 to 10 minutes. Vinegar will work as an anti-grease on the garment.

If your garment is colored, then use an equal mixture of water and vinegar. It will not discolor your garment.


Here comes the scrubbing step. Scrub the garment using a paper towel and scrub with both your hands. If the stain is stubborn, then apply some more vinegar and scrub again.


Washing is done. Now let your garment dry naturally. Hang it in your garden or backyard.

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