How to get red dye out of clothes

How to get red dye out of clothes. We all save money to buy our favorite branded clothes. But wearing branded Cloth is not a tricky thing. Hurdles start right after buying them. You must care for them properly, so your heart and money don’t waste.

But the first thing we usually do with our favorite Denim or any clothes we buy is washed them.

But when we try to wash them all together with your other clothes. Then they are most likely chances of lose their color.

Yes, most newly bought clothes mostly lose their colors while washing.

Suppose you have your favorite red top and paired it with the blue branded new Denim. And over-excitement, you put them in the washing machine altogether.

But when Denim comes out after washing, you see red spots on your new Denim. Ahh, that feels frustrating to even think about it.

We all know these dye Spots are transferred from the red fabric.

At this problem, you will get frustrated for sure. But you don’t have to worry much because we have you covered.

When you witness your favorite Cloth hitting a mishap called dye transfer, you immediately must look for the reason behind this dye transfer.

If we specifically talk about the stain removal process, you need to know that when I transfer shares from one class to another, it is easy to clean only when it is freshly transferred.

But if the spot gets old, it will become a stubborn spot that will become almost difficult to wash out.

Anyhow, we have listed a few ways that you can follow to get rid of dye Transfer out of your favorite Cloth.

We are going to tell you different ways for different fabric types.

How to get red dye out of clothes

3 Common Tips Before Removal process

3 common tips before removal process

We have gathered some essential tips for you before the dye removal process. If you want to prevent your clothes from any apparent damage, then apply these tips to solve it.

Tip 1: Treating your Cloth right after Red dye Exposure

We recommend you prevent yourself from stubborn stains. You have to take immediate action whenever you witness that your favorite Cloth has transferred our red dye.

Otherwise, the dye stain will become a stubborn one. Removing it will become an impossible sort of stuff.

Tip 2: Maintain Water Temperature

Water temperature is the most important thing for the longevity of any cloth.

Checklist of the Cloth, because water temperature depends on the type of the Cloth. And if you don’t know about the type of the Cloth or its temperature, then there is a labor card attached with every branded Cloth.

Examine that card and read the instructions written on it. We are shown that it must write the water temperature on the infected Cloth.

Not only for stain removal,l always need to take care of the water temperature because it depends on your clothes’ health.

Tip 3: Prevent your Dyed Cloth from Heat exposure

This is a crucial step you must remember before a stain removal process because we all know that heat makes the stain permanent.

So make sure that you keep your Cloth out of heat exposure.

Stain removal From White fabric

stain removal from white fabric

After getting information about different methods of removing red dye stains from your clothes, we will discuss the best method to remove the red dye stain from your white fabric.

We have listed step by step process of removing red dye from White Cloth.

Step 1: Use store-bought bleach Solution and add one teaspoon of washing powder. Then add this mixture to the warm water( Make water temperature at its highest level).

Step 2: You have to sock the stained part of the Cloth in the solution we have made. Let the cloth soap in the solution for about 2-3 hours.

Step 3: After waiting for 2 to 3 hours, you have to rinse that stained part of the Cloth with the water. But ensure that the water temperature should be high. You must wash it and ensure you don’t put any other colored cloth in the wash cycle.

Note: If The red dye becomes a stubborn stain, you must repeat the process 4-5 times.

Always try to keep color bleeding-dye clothes aside from other clothing. And clothes that can resist the hottest water, try to go for dry cleaning.

Steps For The Red dye Stain

steps for the red dye stain

If the red dye stain doesn’t go after applying the above steps, we have listed them for you. Then you must write the steps we have compiled specially for stubborn red dye stains.

Step 1: Fasting that we have to do use store-bought bleach, but we recommend you not to use bleach with chlorin because it can damage the fabric of the clothing. as we have described during the labor card (if any) before doing anything with a stained cloth.

Bleaches are mainly in the fabric’s quality, so you have to be extra careful in such situations.

Step 2: In this step, you must make a proper solution of non-chlorine bleach and water. Add two cups of non-chlorine bleach into a whole bucket of cold water( Quantity can be minimized accordingly).

Step 3: Social Fabric in non-chlorine bleach and cold water solution. Wait for almost 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 4: Now, after soaking was, used in Cloth with cold water.

The removal process of red dye stains From colored Clothes:

The removal process of red dye stains, especially from colored clothes, is not complicated.

It is as simple as the removal process of White Cloth. But this process asked for some precautions. as removing the actual color of the colored clothes can fade away.

Suffer this; we must do a little step to spot test the fabric.

Step 1: In the step, you have to do a little spot test. Repeat the process you have followed to remove the red dye stain from the White Cloth. Use the same solution and White Cloth in the solution.

Use that Soaked white Cloth and gently dampen it on the dyed area. If the color comes off without fading away the actual color of the Cloth, then do the same process you have done with the white-colored Cloth.

Step 2: After the above step, wash the Cloth in the regular wash cycle.

6 dye Removal Solutions

6 dye removal solutions

We have listed 6 solutions to remove dye transfer stains from clothing items. Suppose you don’t know how to get red dye out of clothes.

You can also use different types of rubbing alcohol, oxygen bleach, or the solutions we have listed to get dye out of clothes.

Solution 1: Cold Water and White Vinegar

As we have listed cold water and white vinegar solution on the first. This is the essential thing you can use to remove the red dye from your Cloth.

As we all know, vinegar is known for its acidic properties that are popular for cleaning.

Use half a bucket of water and almost 2 to 2.5 cups of vinegar. Make a proper solution by stirring it, and then you can use it to remove the stubborn stains from your clothes

all you have to do is to soak the Stained Cloth in the solution and wait for about an hour until it shows its effects.

This is the most common and one of the best solutions to get rid of red-dye hair. If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have very much because we also have other solutions you can try by spending less on store-bought stain remover solutions.

Solution 2: Baking Soda and White Vinegar

baking soda and white vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar solutions are known for cleaning, especially for stubborn stains and not quickly going away.

To make this decision, follow the above cleaning solution and add one tablespoon of baking soda vinegar and an excellent water solution.

Baking soda safely is the stubborn dyes. Baking soda will not damage your clothes.

Solution 3: Ammonia Hydrogen and Dishwashing liquid

ammonia hydrogen and dishwashing liquid

Ammonia hydrogen is one of the best chemicals to remove stains. The steps that we are listing or not complicated at all. Add Ammonia, hydrogen, and liquid dishwashing to the white vinegar and baking soda solution.

And then repeat the steps of soaking and running a cloud through a simple wash cycle.

Ammonia in dishwashing soap solution is ideal for white stained clothes.

We hope that the surfactants present in the Ammonia solution will help you get rid of red dyed stains from your favorite brand-new pair of clothes.

Solution 4: Hydrogen Peroxide and Dishwashing soap solution

Hydrogen peroxide contains acidic qualities that help in eliminating red transferred change. You don’t have to do much with hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing soap. And the process of making this solution is as simple as the above solutions.

You must add hydrogen peroxide and rich washing soap To the vinegar and baking soda solution.

Solution 5: Oxygen Bleach

oxygen bleach

Using oxygen bleach is typically idle for removing dye transfer stains from clothes—Use oxygen bleach with the cool water for the regular wash water cycle. You can also use oxygen bleach with laundry detergent.

Solution 6: Rubbing alcohol

Applying rubbing alcohol with laundry detergent to remove dye stains from clothes would not be a good idea.

Rubbing alcohol works efficiently on its own. Oxygen bleach is a dye remover for red stains.

If a stain remains, use an absorbent pad to dampen it with rubbing alcohol. Then put that on the dye transfer stain as a stain remover. Absorbent pad moisture will work efficiently on durable stained fabrics.


Suppose you are one of those people who do blenders of washing colored and white class all in one wash cycle. You have to read this guide because this is specially made for you.

We know you are here because one of your clothes is red dyed, and you want to eliminate that red dye stain. Well, clothes are something that we can’t compromise on. So there is a guide that helps you to remove the dye from your clothes.

We have listed a few tips for preventing your clothes from getting damaged. We have also listed down different solutions you can make and use to eliminate dye stains on your favorite Cloth.

Ensure that you take proper precautions for using and in the solution we have listed above.

If the red dye is not leaving your Cloth, you don’t have to worry much and contact the dry cleaners to clean Cloth the stain. But that will not happen because we have made a perfect type for you.

We do hope that this guide with help you. And you’ll be able to get rid of the dye out of clothes.

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