Christmas lights not working fuses good

Christmas lights not working fuses good. Christmas is an occasion for symbolic decoration, and decoration stays incomplete with the Christmas lights.

The last preparation for Christmas lights is like buying up and searching for new and funky Christmas lights. And then finally unboxing them.

But people usually prefer using stored lights, and if your lights stop working, then it is going to be a hurdle, and it is going to drop down your mood.

If your Christmas lights are also not working and you are thinking of throwing up the light bulbs, and if your Christmas lights are fusing, then you don’t have to worry much.

You don’t need to throw the box full of Christmas lights that are not working because we are here to provide you with the guide that you can follow up to set up your lights, and they will start working again.

Christmas lights not working fuses good

christmas lights not working fuses good

Things You’ll Need

  • Lights fixing basic tool
  • Christmas lights trester
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Replacement Christmas lights
  • Replacement fused cartridges
  • GFCI tester

Check out the Christmas light fuse

Checking out the light fuse is going to be a pretty simple task as you just have to pull out the cover of plastic to examine the fuse of the lights.

And as some lights have more fuses than one. Make sure to check those fuses as well so that you can locate them next to each other. And if Christmas lights are torn away, then try to replace them.

Check out the burnt-out bulbs

If the fuse is not the problem, then you have to detangle the strings and then check up for worn-out lights or any broken or burnt bulbs.

Then lookup for the bulbs that are the perfect match for your Christmas light strand and make sure that the bulb that you are about to install is of the same voltage as all the ring lights.

Repairing Christmas Light Bulb

You can repair Christmas lights, but before repairing, you have to identify the problem that is stopping the whole strand of lights from working, and to identify the problem, you need a Christmas lights tester pen to look up for the problem.

Sometimes only one bulb can stop a whole strand from working, and you can fix this problem by fixing that specific light and that specific strand.

Locate the faulty bulb of the lights strand and try to fix it but before that, you use a Christmas light tester to test all the lights, and after locating faulty lights, fix it by removing them or repairing them by attaching worn-out wires.

Prevent and store Christmas Lights

Make sure to prevent your lights from getting damaged. When the season of Christmas goes over, and that time you have to remove the lights. Keep that in mind whether the lights are expensive or inexpensive. They can surely be used again and again.

When the Christmas season ends, then take down the lights carefully so that you can use them later next Christmas. And after taking them down.

Check to see if they are working properly or not and if they are properly working, then store them in a box that is large enough for them not to stand with each other.

Set up the Shunt of Christmas lights bulbs

set up the shunt of christmas lights bulbs

Most of the time, filaments cause bulb failure, but that is not always true because always filaments are not the cause of failure.

There is another backup store for the filaments, and these are called Shunts.

The shunt works to flow electricity in the absence of filaments. And when these shunts fail to work, then the whole strand of lights stops working.

You can use tools to detect the flow of electricity and if it is flowing properly or not.

Final Verdict

Christmas is a season of lights and laughter. The main ritual that everyone gets excited about is to light up their spaces on this occasion, and most people prefer old stored lights and use them.

If you are facing a problem with old worn-out lights.

Or if Christmas lights stop working for any reason, then the above steps can help you to set up your Christmas lights, and you can use them as you used before and can light up your home.

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