How to sync roku remote without pairing button

How to sync roku remote without pairing button. Roku remotes need to be synchronized with the Roku player for efficient use.

But if you are in a situation in which you need to sync Roku remote without a pairing button, then it’ll be a surprising thing.

Roku Tv mostly doesn’t need to be synced because when you buy them, they are already paired.

But sometimes, if the pair button of your remote accidentally breaks or is damaged and stops working or you want to replace your remote, then what’ll you do?

Or the second condition is that today Roku control doesn’t have a pairing button, so you have to sync your remote with your player and have no idea about it.

In this post, we’ll discuss the possible ways you may learn about pairing your Roku remote to your Roku player without pairing buttons.

How to sync roku remote without pairing button

Types of Roku Remote without Pairing Button

As we discussed that not all Roku remotes have a pairing button in the battery compartment, and some remote controls don’t have any pairing button.

Two types of remotes don’t use a pairing button for sync.

1. IR Roku Remotes Control

ir roku remotes control

If you have a remote that doesn’t have a pairing button, you can say that you have an Infrared remote control.

If you are thinking about pairing it, don’t worry because these IR remotes don’t need to be paired because they use an infrared light beam.

But here are two situations that want your attention.

The first thing is if you use your Roku IR remote with your Roku TVs, it’ll automatically be paired when you turn it ON.

But if you are using a Roku streaming stick device, you need to pair it because it won’t have an IR sensor. Don’t worry. We’ll share the pairing steps, so stay with us.

2. Enhanced Remote Control

enhanced remote control

An enhanced remote contains a pairing button inside the battery compartment.

It uses a wireless connection to run on a single device, and you may pair your enhanced remote with only one device.

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Methods of Pairing Remote Without Buttons

There are two ways in which you can sync your Roku remote without using pairing keys.

You may use these methods in any case either your pairing button is damaged or it is not having any Roku remote pairing button.

List of Roku Models that contains IR Sensor

We already discussed that an IR Roku remote doesn’t need to be paired with some models containing IR sensors.

So if you are not sure about your Roku devices player model, you may check the list below to see a suitable match.

  • The Roku LT
  • The Roku Express & Express+
  • The Roku XD, XS & XDS
  • The Roku 1, 2, 3
  • The Roku HD & 2 HD
  • The Roku Premiere
  • The Roku N1
  • Use Roku controller App for Pairing

Another helpful facility Roku manufacturers provide to its users is pairing Roku remotes using the Roku app.

If your pairing button is not working and you must sync your Roku remote without buttons, then you can use this method undouble.

The only thing that you need to accomplish this task is a cell and a Wi-Fi connection.

  • So firstly, you need your cell with a Roku app.
  • If you are an android user, you may access the application on Play Store, and if you are an iOS user, you have to search for it on App Store.
  • Download the app and then install it.
  • Then you need to open the app and select the “Remote” devices option.
  • You need to select the option “Remote and devices” after navigating the settings on your TV using your phone.
  • To make a successful pair of Roku remotes, select the option name with the “Pair New Device option.”
  • Ensure your cell phone and Roku logo device share one Wi-Fi connection while following all the procedures.

After following these instructions, you may be able to pair your Roku device with your Roku TV without using a pairing button. If you fail at once, you must try these steps again at least 2 or 3 times.

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Pairing Via TV

pairing via tv

Here is the second way we’ll discuss syncing a Roku tv remote without using a pairing button using your Smart Tv navigation.

In this case, you may pair a new remote. It would help if you were focused while practically applying each step to prevent any errors.

So, here we go.

  • Firstly, you need to have a TV that could allow you to navigate the settings menu.
  • Turn your TV ON and access the Home Screen.
  • Select the “Remote” option. You may easily find the option on the left side.
  • Then an option will appear named “Pair Remote.”
  • Finally, your Roku device will be paired after sync automatically.
  • In some Roku tv models, you need to follow the instruction that appears after “Pair Remote.”

You may try this procedure again if you don’t get it the first time.

Issues You May Face While Sync Roku Remote

If you have tried both methods to pair your Roku remote to your Roku device without buttons, you need to check for the issues.

  • Dead Batteries

dead batteries

If you have expired remote batteries in your Roku remote, you may face complexities while pairing your device.

So, when you suspect that your pairing procedure is not working, you may check the batteries.

Firstly, check that the battery is not expired, then ensure that it is aligned in the battery compartment.

  • Defective Component

defective component

There might be a defective component that may stop your Roku device from pairing.

If you tried one of the procedures or both procedures more than two times and failed, your device may be defective or broken due to an accidental fall.

Roku tv audio out

If you suspect that your Roku remote is defective and unable to repair, then you need to buy a new Roku remote or a universal remote.

  • Interference Issue

If you are pairing an InfraRed remote, which uses an infrared light beam to transmit signals for creating an automatic pair.

Then make sure that there is no interference between the standard IR remote control and the Roku device to sync Roku successfully.

Reset without Pairing Buttons

You may try the roku reset button option if you are facing issues while syncing.

  • Disconnect the power cable of your Roku device.
  • Leave it for 30 seconds to 50 seconds.
  • Attach the cable again.
  • Turn ON your device.
  • Proceed with the pairing procedure again.

Replace New Roku Remote

replace new roku remote

If you want to upgrade your Roku remote control because it is not working or you suspect it is faulty, you may sync a new advanced Roku remote control.

If you want to pair your new Roku remote or a remote without a pairing button, you may follow these steps to pair the function properly.

  • First, you require a Roku player and then attach it to your TV.
  • Turn your device ON.
  • Select the input source if you connect manually via HDMI cable, then select HDMI as an input source.
  • Insert AAA batteries into your Roku remote.
  • If it’s an InfraRed remote, you need to point it to your TV and press any one button.
  • If you are pairing a new remote with a pairing button, you need to press it. Then, your remote may sync successfully after a few seconds.
  • Make sure there is no inference between your TV and Roku remote control.
  • It takes a few seconds to complete the process of syncing.

Unpair the Old Remote

unpair the old remote

If you already have an old Roku remote and you want to upgrade it.

Then it’ll be the right decision to replace the older Roku remote with a new advanced remote.

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But in this case, you must unpair the old remote after that, and you may successfully pair your new remote with the Roku device.

One thing that is necessary to inform you is that if you don’t prefer the old remote (enhanced remote) for unpairing, it may disturb the performance of the new Roku Remote.

  • Firstly, you need to press the Back, Pairing, and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Hold them until the LED pairing light starts flashing at least three times.
  • Give some time to unpair the old device automatically.
  • For effective results, it’s better to remove the batteries while unpairing.
  • If you are paired from your phone, remove the pairing at the beginning of the Pairing process.

After unpairing it, you may sync your new remote with any procedure mentioned above.


We hope this article clarifies your misconceptions about syncing your Roku remote with the pairing button.

While proceeding with the method, ensure your Roku remote is compatible with your Roku model. Make sure to tackle your issue without getting panicked.

If you don’t feel comfortable syncing your Roku remote, please get in touch with a professional without any hesitation.