Hulu audio out of sync

Hulu audio out of sync. In this world where everyone is leading to a tough routine, it’s hard to get some free time and make it enjoyable by watching their favorite shows or movies.

Hulu is one platform that serves its user with various video streaming services. But what if your precious time dismays with the Hulu audio out-of-sync issue?

Of course, it must be an unpleasant situation, especially if you don’t know the reason behind it and what you should do to resolve it.

Suppose you are facing the same situation and worry about it. We can comfort you by saying that Hulu’s audio issues can be resolved easily.

This article will explain the reasons and solutions for Hulu audio out-of-sync issue. So, let’s focus on fixing the Hulu audio sync issues.

Hulu audio out of sync

Reasons & Solutions For Hulu Audio Out Of Sync Issue

Hulu sound issues are not more significant and don’t require rocket science to fix them. It would help if you focused on little things to diagnose and fix it.

This article will discuss the reason, which includes slow internet connection, problematic power source, and software or hardware malfunction.

We’ll also share a proper guideline to eliminate the issues using different tactics. So, keep reading to get mind-blowing results using easy methods.

1. Check Internet Connection

check internet connection

The first reason we will discuss is the slow internet connection. The Hulu out-of-sync audio issue might develop due to weak internet signals.

You may face audio delay issues or any Hulu audio fluctuation due to an improper internet connection. The broadcasting got affected by the internet speed and may create audio issues.

To resolve the issue, you need to go through the possible solutions to resolve the internet connection issue. You may get our assistance to make a stable internet connection.


Here are some solutions you can follow to establish a secure internet connection.

  • Change Router Position

The first thing you can do to fix the Hulu audio out-of-sync problem by securing the Wifi connection is changing the router’s position.

It would help if you inspected whether your TV uses the router’s substantial signals range or is placed in the outer range. If the router is far from the TV, then you may consider this way to get better Wifi.

It will surely help you get rid of the slow internet speed and fix the sound footage efficiently. Don’t forget to re-pair your wifi router to your TV after changing the position.

  • Use Wired Connection

If changing the router position is not preferable, we have another method to increase your internet speed by using an ethernet cable.

So, if you are uncomfortable with the wireless network connection, consider using an ethernet cable.

Get an ethernet cable and create a connection with your Tv to the router. It may give you a better internet signal condition. You may also lessen the chances of internet outages.

Sound delay on tv

So, examine whether the sound or video fallback issue is still constant. If it is not fixed yet, then proceed with the next one.

2. Issue With Broadcasting Channel

issue with broadcasting channel

Another thing that you may follow is to ensure whether you have a Hulu lipsync issue, then you may try to switch the channel.

It might be possible that the channel’s broadcast creates the issue of audio delay.

So, to inspect the issue, you must diagnose the issue with a channel or video to see the culprit.


  • Switch Other Channels

If the issue is resolved, you may get an idea of any technical issues. But if the issue is still there, it must be fixed.

Please wait for some time; it might be possible that it will get fixed automatically after a few hours.

3. Defective Hardware

defective hardware

Another reason that may cause Hulu sound delay issues is defective issues. It could be your HDMI cable that is malfunctioned, or maybe its speakers that leads to Hulu sound out-of-sync problem.

Your Hulu device might have a loose connection. So, you may inspect the hardware trouble to resolve the issue.


You may check the following solutions to ensure that there is not any hardware issue.

  • Check HDMI Cables

Sometimes you may blame the HDMI cable for the Hulu audio out-of-sync issue. You may face an audio issue if your television is attached to an HDMI cable.

1. Replace HDMI Cable

To resolve the issue, you may inspect the condition of the HDMI cable, whether it’s OK or worn out. If you find any damage, then you may consider replacing it.

2. Switch HDMI Port

If you find the cable in good condition, then you may try using another HDMI port to attach the cable. Ensure there is no loose connection, then examine whether the issue is gone.

3. Exchange Cable Ends

Another technique that you may use is switching the cable ends. Even a small technique can fix the issue, so don’t hesitate while trying the tip.

  • Unplug External Speakers

If you are using external speakers, then it might be the culprit for Hulu’s out-of-sync audio. So, you may inspect the issue by detaching the external speakers.

After detaching the speaker, you must examine the issue while using your TV speakers. If the issue persists, then the audio device is not problematic.

Hulu not working on firestick

If you find the Hulu audio is working perfectly without external speakers, you need to inspect the speakers.

4. Software & Configuration Problem

software & configuration problem

If you have checked out the previous steps to diagnose the issue and it is still there, you may pay attention to software issues.

Sometimes Hulu out-of-sync audio issues might develop because of incorrect audio settings configuration.

Don’t use another feature rather than the normal or stereo feature. It might be possible that it may fix the issue effectively.


  • Audio Settings:

If you want to experience the best video streaming services, then you need accurate audio settings for that purpose.

Hulu devices can develop two or more two audio channels if it is settled to the stereo feature. So, you must check the audio setting if you don’t want any lipsync issues.

Go to the menu, Settings, and then ensure the stereo feature from the audio settings. While watching the TV, you may also examine the volume control from the screen.

  • Another Solution Using Hulu App

You may open the Hulu app and try to re-login your account. You may also consider clearing caches from the Hulu app as a technique by following the steps.

  • Grab your TV remote and push the Home button.
  • Navigate Settings.
  • Go to apps and select System apps.
  • Choose the Hulu app and clear caches.

5. Check For Power Issues

check for power issues

If you go through all the previous troubleshooting steps but nothing works, another power issue may cause Hulu out-of-sync audio.

We will explain the power cycle process and restart the TV to fix the issue. So, don’t hesitate to try them too.


  • Rebooting The TV

The first method you may try to fix the Hulu out-of-sync issues is rebooting your TV.

It might be possible that the Hulu video and audio out-of-sync problem will get fixed by rebooting. The issue appears due to incorrect booting, so ensure to boot first.

  • Reset Your TV Power

Most of the time, most of the issues get resolved by resetting the TV’s power. So, to reset the power issues leading to sound issues, you may follow the instructions.

  • So, detach the power cord of your TV.
  • Wait for almost five minutes.
  • Plug the cord into the socket.
  • Flick On the TV.

You may test whether the issue is resolved or not.


In this article, we tried all the possible solutions to fix the Hulu out-of-sync case. You may also get some awareness of the points that may create the audio problem. Roku keeps losing connection

We hope you may resolve the issue by checking the cables, an internet connection, using different settings, and much more.

You may also learn how to disconnect outer speakers can help you. Use the tactics and enjoy the unstoppable streaming.