Sound delay on tv

Sound delay on tv. Everyone loves to watch tv in their free time because you can stream different channels to enjoy tv shows and movies.

However, it becomes very annoying if the sound is delayed on tv because it ruins all the watching time. Dont get frustrated if teh audio is delayed on your smart tv because this issue can occur to any best tv model available in the market.

Different situations can lead your tv to an audio delay on TV. First of all, check the audio format of your content because if it does not match the tv, then your audio will be out of sync.

Nowadays, everyone likes to make home theatre by connecting different soundbars and sound systems, so if there is a loose cable connection between your smart tv and outer sound source, the sound will delay on TV.

Follow the article to learn why it occurs on tv and how to troubleshoot sound delay on TV.

Sound delay on tv

If you are watching a tv show or film, then it’s very annoying to see the mouth of the character moving, but the sound comes after a delay.

There are many causes of this issue, like bad cable connection between the tv and cable box, wrong Audio-to-Video Synchronizationstv settings, outdated firmware, etc.

Power cycle Your tvpower cycle your tv

When your smart tv experience any specific problem like a freezing display screen, remote control not responding, or audio delays, then always perform the power cycle on your tv.

It’s so simple to power cycle your tv through these steps.

  • Power off your TV
  • Remove the power cord from the electric wall source.
  • Wait for 2 minutes.
  • Re-insert the electric cable in the socket.
  • Power on your tv with remote control or tv power button.
  • Test your smart TV for sound delay issues.

In most cases, if there is no hardware issue, then rebooting the tv works, and most issues are resolved.

Strong internet connection

If you have smart tv in your home, then you require a stable and fast internet connection to watch youtube and other live channels without any video or audio delay.

If too many smart devices are linked with one modem, then surely wi internet speed will be low, and you can face audio delay problems on your tv.

So, if you want to increase wifi speed, then first reboot your network modem, and remove useless and extra devices from the internet.

Fix your modem close to the tv to avoid physical interference, and it’s better to use an ethernet cable to connect the modem to your tv.

After applying these tips, now test your smart tv for sound delay by playing any media content.

Vizio tv sound but no picture

Video processing

Video currently processing also delays the audio on the screen. You already know that HD and high-quality videos take some time to buffer, so that could be why the sound reaches you after some time.

Its simple solution is to restart your router and increase your network plan to stream high-quality video.

Clear cacheclear cache

If you are worried because your smart device is running into a sound delay issue, then, first of all, whether it is happening on one special channel or going wrong with every channel.

If, luckily, it’s happening on any specific social app such as Hulu, HBO, or YouTube, then clear the app cache memory.

If you don’t clear the cache data over a long time, then it gathers in the smart tv memory and creates different issues along with sound delays.

So, immediately clear the cache memory from your tv to stop sound lags. Normally, every smart tv user knows how to clear the cache memory on TV.

Still, if you have recently purchased the smart tv, then don’t worry and follow these points.

  • Power on your smart tv.
  • Aim the remote control toward the tv.
  • Push the HOME button.
  • Go to Menu settings.
  • Choose Applications.
  • Go to Manage Installed Applications.
  • Click each app.
  • Select “clear cache.”

Different audio formats

The sound quality also depends on the type of audio format you are playing on your tv.

If you have connected the roku device to your tv to stream media content, then your smart tv has to proceed with the audio format to generate it as an output on time to its speakers without delay.

If you are having issues with one audio format, then change the audio format to test your audio delay issue.

Roku no picture only sound

Update the tv software

Nowadays, it’s essential to keep updating the latest software in your smart tv is important to get the best and latest features.

If you have not updated your tv to pending updates, then it can be the reason for the sound delay on some channels.

Read this instruction carefully to update your smart tv software.

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Choose Menu.
  • Go to  Settings.
  • Click Support.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Choose Update Now.
  • Select Yes to continue.

Disney plus no sound

Reset sound settingsreset sound settings

If the sound is still delaying the media content, then the next tip is to reset the sound settings on your TV.

There are different methods to reset sound settings on different tv brands. However, in most models following steps are followed to reset sound settings.

  1. Navigate to Menu
  2. Click Sound
  3. Select Reset Sound
  4. Press Enter

Switch the channel

If you are not live to a stream and watching the tv by connecting to a cable or antenna, then change the channel and antenna position to ensure whether the sound delay is just on one channel or the issue is the same on every channel.

Contact your local cable operator and inform them about the sound delay problem with your tv.

Factory reset

If none of the steps is helpful and still your sound is delayed, then factory resetting your tv is the last option. It is always the last option because it clears all teh data and account settings on your tv.


The last thoughts on this post are if your smart tv is currently experiencing sound delay issues, then this article has surely helped you to fix the sound because watching the tv with sound delay is just a waste of time, and there is no enjoyment in it.

Try all the troubleshooting tips I mentioned in this article, and if your problem is still not solved, then it is better to contact with experienced professional for further troubleshooting.