Roku remote volume not working

Roku remote volume not working. Many things are problematic, but what will be your reaction when your Roku remote volume is not working.

Unfortunately, it’s a disappointing thing that is making trouble for you.

It doesn’t matter if your Roku remote control is newly bought or if you have been using it for a long time. It’s an appliance that may start creating issues at any time.

Sometimes, it stops working, and sometimes just a specific feature stops working, like volume or power off command.

These problems with devices are common.

If your remote volume is not working and has Sound Issues when you try to increase or decrease it.

Then you may find your solution on the spot. Just stay with us and follow the instructions carefully.

Roku remote volume not working

If you are in trouble because your Roku remote is not implementing your orders of increasing or decreasing volume, then there could be a technical issue.

You may troubleshoot using different methods and make your remote control start working again.

Check the issue as well as the solutions mentioned below.

Clean the Roku Hardware

clean the roku hardware

The very first thing that you must do is clean your Roku remote hardware.

It’s usual to watch TV while doing different things like dining, drinking water or a cup of tea, etc.

So, there are high chances that something fell on the remote while eating or drinking, maybe there is some oil on our hands, or food particles or some water gets into your remote.

It may affect the working of your remote.

So, to resolve this issue, you must remove the battery cover and the batteries and clean the battery compartment.

Roku tv audio out

Press Roku tv Remote Buttons

press roku tv remote buttons

You must press all the buttons randomly to free or unclog the remote buttons.

It is not a tricky method, but these small tricks may help you to fix your  volume issues.

You may also replace the batteries if you feel these are expired.

It may also be possible that you do not have to change them for a long time, and they may get weak.

After replacing the batteries, you have to check the working of the remote if it works or not.

Modify “Setup remote for the Roku TV”

modify setup remote for the roku tv

If your Roku remote volume buttons stop working, it indicates that some issues need to be resolved.

Maybe you need to go ahead with your TV settings for a solution. You may follow these settings to resolve your issue.

  • First, press the Home button on your remote to go to the home screen.
  • Go to remote settings and press the right button.
  • Select the option Remotes & Devices.
  • Then again, it would help to press the right button when you see the remote.
  • Select the Roku-enhanced remote Voice by pressing the right button.
  • Go down ad select the Setup remote for TV Control.
  • Now, the system will show you a query like, do you hear music? If your issue is resolved, then answer the question Yes. Follow the instructions on your TV screen, like mentioning your TV brand name to complete the process.

Modify the Sound Settings

modify the sound settings

If the previous methods don’t work, then you may try these steps to modify the sound settings of your Roku devices.

If the issue is with your Roku sound setting, these steps will surely fix your issue.

  • Press the Home button and then select All settings on your TV screen.
  • Go to the menu and select the audio.
  • Now, you have to change the remote setup; if you have attached an HDMI & S/PDIF, you have to switch it to Dolby D.

This method may undoubtedly fix your issue. If it doesn’t, then you may proceed to another way.

Sync Roku Remote again

sync roku remote again

If your issue is not fixed yet, you may try troubleshooting, as there are enough solutions to make your Roku remote volume buttons work again.

So, in this step, you must unpair your Roku remote from your TV and then pair it again with the TV.

Follow the instructions one by one carefully.

Un-Pairing Roku Remote

  • Firstly, press and hold the Home, Back & Pair buttons together.
  • Wait until the LED lights start blinking three times.
  • Check whether is unpaired or not by pressing any keys on your Roku remote volume control.

Re-Pairing Roku Remote

To sync the Roku remote control with your TV, you must follow these steps.

  • In the beginning, you have to turn OFF your TV.
  • Then, remove the Roku remote batteries from the battery compartment.
  • Now, turn ON your TV and insert the batteries back in their correct position.
  • Press the Pairing button and wait for the LED lights to blink.

After following these steps, your Roku remote may re-pair with your TV.

Now, the thing that you need to do is test the volume button whether they start working or not.

TCL roku tv remote not working

Change HDMI & A/V Ports

change hdmi & av ports

Most of the compatible devices with Roku streaming sticks enable the system support.

TVs that come with HDMI connections support all Roku players.

If your Tv supports the Roku streaming player, you have to check whether the ports are defective or not.

You may also change the HDMI port, or HDMI cable and if there is an issue with a defective part, you may fix the sound issue by changing the HDMI port.

Same as HDMI port, if your Roku device uses an A/V cable for sound, ensure it is connected correctly at the spot. If the A/V port is defective, you may face a sound issue.

Change the A/V port and examine if your device starts working flawlessly or not.

You must test the remote control volume buttons by increasing and decreasing the sound.

Disable the Surrounded Sound

If you have checked all the methods, including the HDMI and A/V port, and still it is not getting fixed, you may examine if the surround sound is the reason for Roku volume.

Follow these steps to fix out.

  • Navigate Settings on your TV.
  • Select the option Audio.
  • Then switch the option Audio mode to Stereo.
  • Then, HDMI to PCM-Stereo.

Reset Enhanced Roku remote

reset enhanced roku remote

If none of the above methods work and still your Roku remote volume not working, then you may try the method of resetting your Roku device.

Follow the guideline for exact results.

  • To reset your Roku device, unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Then you have to wait for 10 seconds.
  • Plug your roku streaming device again into the wall socket.

This method will surely help you Adjust sound settings issue. You may test it by increasing and decreasing volume.


These instructions are enough to fix Roku remote volume not working.

These instructions will surely give impressive results if you follow these instructions perfectly.

You can avoid this by keeping the number of devices connected between your Roku player and the TV to a minimum.

You can use the Roku app to manage your device if you don’t have a physical remote. Disable Private Listening feature if it’s still not working. Program xfinity remote xr15

If you are experiencing problems with sound, try changing the remote codes that have been added.

After these guidelines, you may surely Fix Sound Related Issues by diagnosing them from every aspect. Just focus on the target while troubleshooting.