How to prime a lawn mower without primer bulb

How to prime a lawn mower without primer bulb. A lawn is on the front side of a house. A lawn full of green plants and grass gives good sight. It is the best place to feel relaxed in the morning and evening.

Lawns are decorated in different ways with the help of a lawn mover.

It is used to cut the grass in different shapes, but sometimes it stops working due to a defective primer bulb. If you can not change the damaged bulb immediately, then the lawnmower can also work without it.

For this option, you will have to locate the air cleaner for the mower. After you find the air cleaner remove it from the mower. You will see housing under it. Clean it carefully and close the lawnmower.

Now try to test the lawnmower by starting it again. It is not a permanent solution; you will have to replace the primer bulb to get things going in future

How to prime a lawn mower without primer bulb
lawnmower without primer bulb

When a fault occurs in the primer of the lawnmower, then it will not start. We might need to start a lawnmower without the bulb.

The bulb might be fused or not in the right set of working. This can cause the mower to become dysfunction.

You can also use the mower without the bulb if a problem like this arrives.

Starting or priming the lawnmower without the primer bulb will help you get rid of the error temporarily. You might use different means to do this.

Let’s see the steps for priming a mower without a prime bulb listed below.

Locating the air cleaner

The first step is to find the air cleaner on the mower and then remove the cover placed on it. You can locate the air cleaner if you look near the engine.

The cover is usually stewed or clipped on the air cleaner for safety. Use a screwdriver to unlock the screw and a little bit of force to unlock the clips.

Removing the air cleanerremoving the air cleaner

The second step is to remove the air cleaner from its seld. You can do this by removing the screws around it and then pulling it outside.

Always remember to memorize the place where you remove the cleaner or any other part.

Clearing the housing

After you remove the air cleaner, you should be able to see housing. Then find the hole present in the housing and spray some starter fluid in that hole. You can get the starter fluid easily.

Closing the mower

After pouring or spraying the starter liquid, what you need to do is quickly put the cleaner exactly where you took it out from and then use a screw to tighten it back.

Then put the cover back on and clip it properly. They also tighten the screws on the air cleaner.

Testing the mower

When you are done with all of the steps above, you, need to test the mower. Just start the mower and see if it’s working. If yes, then you are successful in priming the lawnmower without the prime bulb.


What could be the main problem behind the not priming of lawnmowers?

It can be a problem with bulbs because primer bulbs and tubes are made up of plastic which can be cracked or damaged. If the primer bulb of the lawnmower will not work, then the lawnmower will not start.

Can you avoid a primer bulb in the lawnmower?

No primer bulb can’t be ignored and avoided because it makes sure the passage of gasoline to the carburetor of the lawnmower.


To maintain a good look at the lawn, it is very necessary to cut the grass with the lawnmower.

Priming the lawnmower without the primer bulb will help you temporary solution to the problem. You will have to replace the primer bulb in the future.

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