How to make a toilet flush quietly

How to make a toilet flush quietly. Toilets are something that we use daily. Some undesirable noise coming from it is a very usual issue.

Though being usual, it doesn’t mean that we should just let it be. Noises from them can cause huge embarrassment for us, especially in front of the guests.

So it is better if we can get rid of this unwanted noise, as we do not want to embrace ourselves further.

But to perform this task, we must know how to actually deal with the problem. The problem can be with the valve or tank; it can be caused by something else.

But we can fix these problems if we know what is causing them. We can fix the tank if it has a problem.

If the pipes are loose, we can also tighten them. Let’s see the ways to quieten the noise coming from the toilet.

How to make a toilet flush quietly

how to make a toilet flush quietly

Toilets making noise can be taken care of with different things. You might just need to remove the lid of it and flush it multiple times.

Then you can set the pressure using the valve through which the water is entering the tank.

Maybe your pipes are loose, so just tightening them will solve your problem. The seal of it is too stiff, such that noises are coming from it.

The water might have gotten stuck at the bottom. Install the valve in the correct manner.

Try blocking the sound so noises can be heard. Also, adjust the flow of water. There are more ways to do so. Let us see them.

Adjusting pipes

Loosened pipes are not very unusual. The pipes can become loose with time, or it is because you have not tightened them enough during installation.

If that is the case, you need a wrench and screwdriver. Use a wrench or screwdriver to adjust their position and then tighten them as much as possible.

Make sure that they are not loose. Also, refrain from using too much force. Do not close the valve because it carries the water, and closing will cause no water supply.

Check them after tightening them so that you won’t have a problem later.

Water level adjustment

Noise can also be caused in the tank if the tank is big and the amount of water being stored in it is large. The water level has quite an impact on the noise. The more the water, the more the noise.

If the flushing system of your toilet is fast, meaning that it performs its task quickly, you can put something in the tank like a brick.

The water will be filled, but the volume of it will decrease because of the presence of the brick. And the lesser the water flows, the less the noise will be.

Sound blocking

Blocking the sound or the noise will reduce the sound as well. This is not the best thing to do, but it can solve the sound problem.

You can block the noise coming from it with the help of insulators. You can put insulators in the gaps and around the tanks. Sealing the gaps will also help in getting rid of the noise.



Here we are not about the cleaning of the whole toilet or its bowl. Here we discuss the tank. A tank is usually the reason for making an unwanted sound.

Rusty and salty water are major factors in this. The rust and the minerals in water block the flow of water.

The minerals will get stuck in pipes and even the valve. Other parts are also affected by it.

This blockage increases the pressure; thus, more noise comes from the tanks than usual. Cleaning the tank will help you solve this problem.

And if you want to prevent it completely, make sure that the water reaching the tank is soft and there is no rust or materials that might block it are present in the tank.

Different valve

Suppose a normal valve is making too much noise or more noise than it usually does. You can always replace the valve with a quiet-fill flush valve.

It is a type of valve that doesn’t create any kind of sound while working. This is because it uses an outlet pipe to supply water to the tank.

These valves come pre-installed in the quiet flush toilet. You can always install it in your toilet by yourself if you do not have it installed already.


How to make a toilet flush quietly. The problem of noise from it is not just annoying, but can be a cause of embarrassment for you in front of your friends or your guest.

So it is better to eliminate this sound and save yourself from such embarrassment.

The above tips and tricks will help you get rid of it to some extent, but it is always encouraged to get a plumber.

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