Toilet flushes slow but not clogged

Toilet flushes slow but not clogged. The toilet flushes slowly but is not clogged. The reason for this problem must be your flush might have a partial blockage in its pipe.

A damaged fill tube also can be the reason for the problem. Flushing of the toilet can also become slow if the quantity of water is low in the tank. 

Toilet flushes slow but not cloggedfix toilet flushes slow but not clogged

The simplest way to fix the pipe is to first try the plunger.

Use that plunger in your toilet first, move it up, then move it down, then again, pull it up, and push it down until you are sure that the plunger has a seal of air in it.

You only need to push the water down the pipe in the flush. There is no need for air to go inside it. So the plunger is moving the water up and down.

This pushing and pulling of the plunger will apply force on the blockage which accidentally had been stuck into the toilet.

The thing which has stuck will move up and down, will go forth.

It will make your toilet work normally. Suppose the plunging method does not work. Try it again. Some toilets have a pipe going outside upward to the roof. Check that pipe might be that pipe has an issue.

Toilet inspection for proper worktoilet inspection for proper work

Look inside the tank by removing it. The flapper assembly of the toilet should be connected properly to the handle of the flush.

The small metal chain should not be that much longer than it gets stuck into the toilet.

Now move this chain to the different holes of the flush. If the chain can play too much into it, it will hang up, the flapper will not seal, and the water will run properly.

Flush the toilet to make sure that the flapper is working, and its position is proper. The water existing in the tank has no problem. If the water is still draining slowly, then the sewer pipe must be clogged.

Toilet wax ringtoilet wax ring

Toilet wax ring is another problem that can be the cause of this issue. The purpose of the wax rings is too airtight the seal between the toilet and the sewer pipe.

You usually tell that the wax ring is not sealing if there is a smell that comes from the sewer pipe of the toilet.

If you find any problem with the wax ring, you can change it yourself. If the toilet drains still after the replacement of the wax ring, then there must be a problem with your toilet sewer pipe.

Low water level in your toilet tank

One of the reasons for slow flushing may be the low water level in the tank. For this, you need to check the water level in the tank.

Remove the lid of the tank very carefully and check if the level of water is low or normal.

If it is low, then it must be the reason for the draining.

Because the toilet needs much power behind its flush to work. Thus low pressure of the water cause low flushing.

Toilet not clogged but flushing slowlylow water level in your toilet tank

If you are suffering from this issue, then you need to flow the following steps:

Damaged fill tube has to be removed

A fill tube is a small but important component of the toilet. It is made of rubber, and its color is usually black.

The fill tube is responsible for the transfer of the water from the tank to the bowl.

Filing the tube over time can damage it. If the fill tube is just disconnected and is no damage, then you just need to do is fix the tube on the cylinder.

And if it is damaged, then you have to replace it.

Replacement of damaged or broken toilet bowlreplacement of damaged or broken toilet bowl

It is not that common, but sometimes the bowl of the toilet cracks. It can be identified around the puddles on the base of the toilet.

Sealing agents can temporarily work, but the final solution is the replacement.


Remove the lid of the tank if your toilet is flushing slowly. Check if there is any plastic or another thing is stuck in it. You can change the broken bowl by reading the instruction written in the article.

Toilet flushes slow but not clogged

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