Toilet water rises too high when flushed

Toilet water rises too high when flushed. Sometimes, water in your toilet bowl rises too high, drains slowly, and overflows when it is flushed.

This is a clear sign of some kind of blockage in the sewerage system or a fault. First, we need to diagnose the problem and its reasons.

Toilet water rises too high when flushedtoilet water rises too high when flushed 2022

Possible Reasons

There can be numerous reasons for toilet water rising too high and not draining quickly.

Blockage in the Drain

The most common of all the reasons can be a blockage in the toilet’s drainage system. There must be something stuck in the drainage, which is not letting the water drain quickly after it is flushed.

Blockage in the Vent Pipe

Another reason can be a blockage in the vent pipes of the sewerage system. 

Internal Fault

If there is no blockage in the drain and vent of the sewerage system of your toilet, then the problem may be a faulty component. Many components make it possible for the wastage to pass through the sewerage system smoothly and quickly.

Some of these components are a flush valve, a flapper, a drain hole, etc. problem in any of these components may cause water to rise too high after flushing the toilet.

Essential Toolsessential tools

  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet Plunger
  • Toilet auger
  • Screwdriver
  • Plumbing snake
  • Hand plunger
  • Drain opening chemicals

Solution of the Problem

Whatever the reason may be, this issue can be resolved quickly with the help of some essential tools.

Removing Blockage in drainage

  • If the problem is a blockage in the drainage pipes, you can resolve it by first trying to drain the opening chemicals available in the market. When poured into the toilet bowl, these chemicals dissolve any hard material that is stuck in the drains.
  • Another solution to blockage in the drains of the toilet is using a hand plunger. Put on your rubber gloves and clear the obstruction with a hand plunger. You will not be able to plunge around the bends of the pipes.
  • Use a toilet plunger to clear the obstruction deeper in the pipes. It will help in clearing the blockage. Start by putting it into the hole and plunging it deeper.
  • You can use a Toilet auger or a plumbing snake to unblock the toilet drains. These tools are ideal for clearing a deep blockage. You just have to insert the tool in the toilet bowl and rotate; whatever is the cause of the blockage will flow down the pipe.

Clearing the blockage in Vent pipes

Sometimes the vent pipes are blocked by debris or toilet papers. These hard-to-pass-through materials block the protective mesh on the vent pipes.

You can use an auger or a plumbing snake to clear this blockage. If the pipes are long, a plumbing snake is the best option to clear the blockage.

Re-Adjust the Fill level

This level indicates the water in the toilet bowl. If it is not set to an appropriate level, it might cause the water level to rise high in the toilet bowl.

You will have to adjust this fill level. Open the cistern, and adjust the length of the arm inside to a level that will not hold more water inside. 

Fix the internal components

If there is no blockage in the vent pipes or the drains of the toilet, then the cause of the problem might be some faulty component.

For this, you have to call an expert who will either repair the component or replace it with a new one.


A toilet that doesn’t flush properly or overflows is a nuisance and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

The reason can be a blockage in the drains or vent pipes or some fault in the internal components.

You can resolve these issues quickly by using essential tools and following proper guidelines.

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