Samsung refrigerator noise stops when door open

Samsung refrigerator noise stops when door open. Samsung is known for producing one of the best daily-use electric appliances. The machinery works efficiently but on occasions, the users complain that there is noise coming out from the refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerator noise stops when door open

The “click and hum” sound is produced by the compressor. This sound is a guarantee that your unit is working but there still raises the question about the reason behind these noises.

The compressor gets the message from the thermostat over time. When cooling is needed, the thermostat informs the compressor to start cooling, and as a result, you will hear certain sounds coming from the fridge. On the contrary, when the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat tells the compressor to turn off.

Why does the sound stop when you open the door?

The Samsung fridges are designed this way. The fan automatically turns off and the compressor goes on a stand by mode, when the user opens the door. This is because it saves power while the door is open and the cooling is going outside. When you close the door back, the thermostat assesses the internal temperature and guides the compressor accordingly.

What if the noise does not stop?

There are several things that might go wrong. Due to such factors, the fridge tends to produce the humming sound even with the opened door. These factors are stated below.

Is your fridge properly leveled?Samsung Refrigerator Noise Stops When Door Open

To check whether your refrigerator is leveled properly or not, you should observe the wheels. If any of the for wheels (especially the front wheels) is in the air then the unit is badly positioned. When the level is disturbed, the fan does not rotate in a fluent manner.

You need to simply keep your fridge at such a position that all the wheels are grounded properly.

The door strap

The strap attached to the door is magnetic in nature. The magnetic pull assures a sealed environment so that the cool air remains inside the inner chamber. A fault in this strip means that the air would go out and the compressor will operate for a longer time to keep the internal environment at the desirable temperature.
In order to decrease both the noise and the burden off from your unit, you should repair the strap.

Proper ventilation

Ventilation is another factor that you should keep in mind when your fridge is making noises even when the door is opened. To ensure that the vents receive a good air passage, you need to simply keep the dishes at a distance from the vent. Moreover, there might be some ice deposited on the vents, so you should manually defrost the fridge to lessen the burden from it.

Get help from a technician

Once you have tried all the solutions that we have mentioned, your best bet is to wait for 12-24 hours at least. If the refrigerator still makes a sound while the door is open then you should call a technician to track the problem for you. Here you can find out how you can change water filter in whirlpool french door refrigerator.

2 thoughts on “Samsung refrigerator noise stops when door open”

  1. I experienced this noise and the fridge not cooling down. I believe this noise is most likely the twin fans hitting the ice that is forming in the back of the fridge. You might be able to see ice build up in the holes in the back panel. I had technicians come and fix this and removed the whole back panel after having to remove all the food from the fridge and stove and letting it thaw out before the techs came to remove the backing, about 24 hours of thawing. We were all shocked that there was still a lot of ice that they had to smash up in the back of the fridge. 2 days after the techs fixed the problem the noise came back so loud no one could sit in the kitchen. The technician said the fan was hitting the build up of ice in the back again. Samsung also does not stand behind there product so I wasn’t given any replacement, just a hard time. I really like the style which is like but I had to throw out so much food as there was so much water going into the vegetable and fruit drawers and when we took it apart there was so much water sitting under the deli drawer we didn’t even know was there. Never again.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that when you open the door of the fridge, that’s when the fan stops spinning because the fan only works when the door is closed. You’ll never hear the fan spinning of any fridge that is open as that’s a waste of energy. Anyhow, that’s why the noise stops when you open the door.


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