How to get blood out of carpet with salt

How to get blood out of carpet with salt. To make a blood removal salt mixture, you need to add cold water in a small bowl or a cup and then get some paste to add to the cold water.

The salt you add should be enough to turn it into a paste. Next, you apply the salt paste, and it’s in the article below.

After accidentally spilling blood on the carpet because of the wound I got during soccer practice, I was devastated.

The blood spread on my mat, and it got ruined. I thought that a new carpet was going to enter my house and money will go out, but my friend recommended the use of salt to remove the blood.

It actually worked. Thanks to him, my money was saved.

How to get blood out of carpet with salt

Getting blood off the carpet is not a fun task to accomplish. Removing blood from the mat is not an arduous task either.

You may have to bid goodbye to the mat if the mat is white, as white carpets get stained easily and are difficult to remove. Even so, it’s not impossible to get the stains out.

You need a paste of salt and cold water to get the stains out, as the salt will perform the best-removing action when used with child water.

Then you can apply the salt to an area with blood and let the salt and water paste stick for half an hour. After the salt has gripped the blood internally, you can wash the salt off, and the blood will come off with it. A detailed explanation is below.

Salt mixture

salt mixture

If you have salt in your hand, then you can remove not just blood but other hard stains from the carpet. The advantages of slat are not limited.

Salt is great for removing blood from the mat and other materials. The reason salt removes blood and stains.

Salt has different properties and these dehydrating properties enable the salt to remove the blood and stains that are tough.

The salt mixture will be enough to get the blood out of the mat, and I hope you aren’t a serial killer. Read more below!

Creation and application

You can’t directly pour salt on the carpet as you need a mixture to get the salt out. You should get a bowl that has cold water in it or pour cold water into a bowl by yourself.

Now add the amount of salt you need. The salt should be enough to make a paste. You should make the mixture fluffy so it should be easy to apply to the carpet.

Now apply the salt paste to the blood. It should be applied to dry blood rather than wet blood, as the difference between wet and dry blood is a factor that can change the cleaning.

The salt paste should sit for about 20 minutes. You can blot the stains on the carpet by using damp and cold water. Keep raging until the blood fades.

Only rag and do not scrub on the carpet as the blood will not be removed. It will actually spread if you scrub it.

Let the carpet dry and remove the dried salt residue using a vacuum. Try to get the blood off as soon as it gets spilled for even better results. Remove the salt and water as you wish.

Other tricks

If you have applied salt but it didn’t get the blood out for you, then don’t be so down. Sal is not the only way to get the blood off the carpet.

There are home remedies just like salt to remove blood and professional blood-removing chemicals. Read them below!

  • Simple water

simple water

The most common other than the slat method to remove wet blood is the use of simple water. Though the water to remove blood should always be cold water, as hot water won’t remove the blood.

In a spray bottle, add cold water. Spray the cold water on the blood directly. Use a clean rag after spraying the water, and try blotting the carpet. Blot the rag very carefully so that blood can spread otherwise.

Blot until the rag becomes dry. Keep repeating the process of spraying water and blotting until all the stains get removed from the rag.

Use a new rag to blot the carpet again and make it dry. There are alternatives to blotting, like the use of wet vac. The blood is wet, so be careful, as it can spread faster than the blood you make wet with water.

  • Using vinegar

using vinegar

The other thing you can use to remove blood that is still wet is through the use of vinegar. You are wondering why vinegar will remove the blood. It’s just like salt but even more effective than the use of salt.

Vinger has a high amount of acid and its properties, like it being antibacterial and even antimicrobial, making it a suitable choice for the removal of blood. You can call vinegar a blood-removing chemical too.

Get 2 cups of hot water, and then add a cup of vinegar to it. Now pour this vinegar mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the blood ASAP. You can blot after spraying with simple water.

You can also use a rag to soak it and then apply it to the blood while blotting. Let the blood fade, and remove the vinegar and water residue with a cloth. Use an air vacuum to dry the carpet.

  • With dishwashing soap

with dishwashing soap

Back to dry blood as you used salt on the dry blood. You may have removed all the blood, but if the blood still remains, you can always use dishwashing soap to get rid of it.

The use of dishwashing soap depends on the material of your carpet, as the dishwashing soap is suitable for removing the stains and blood on a wool carpet at best.

Just get a cup of cold water and add dishwashing soap to it. The dried blood stain should be hit with this soap mixture through a spray bottle.

Use a sponge soaked in cold water and blot the blood stains. Remove soapy residue with a clean wet rag. Absorb the excess water using a clean rag and dry it. Let the affected area dry or dry it manually with a vacuum.

  • With baking soda

with baking soda

If dishwashing soap didn’t get the blood out of the carpet, then you should use something that is proven to be effective against blood stains, and that something is baking soda.

Use vinegar with baking soda and be at ease with blood. Warm water will assist you with the baking soda, just like in the solo of the white vinegar in the points above. However, this method is for dry blood.

You need two cups of vinegar and the same amount of water. The amount of baking soda needed is only 4 tablespoons. Mix the baking soda, vinegar, and hot water together and make a mixture.

Apply on the material and let it stay on the carpet. Remove the rag and let it dry. The smell of vinegar may be too much after this, so use something like an air freshener to remove it.


Having blood on the carpet is not a beautiful sight. You may spill the blood accidentally from your old wound or get cut by something.

The blood will stay and even become tough if you don’t remove it. Use slat to remove blood or other methods above. Thanks for reading!

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