How to remove rust stains from fiberglass tub

How to remove rust stains from fiberglass tub. Owning a bathtub is actually an awesome thing. Everyone enjoys a hot soaking bath.

The bathtub helps you relax and have some peace. But this moment can actually be ruined if the bathtub is dirty or has stains on it.

Stain marks are pretty common in this case, as they can let your mood down really fast. Even on fiberglass, you can spot them. To enjoy and not get grossed out, we must know a way to get rid of these stains.

The stains can be removed through remedies that are present at your home or the professional remedies developed for this purpose.

You can clean with the help of substances like vinegar too. More ways are discussed in the article.

How to remove rust stains from fiberglass tub

remove rust stains from fiberglass tub

The best way to remove any kind of stains and rust from the tub or any other is to use the special detergents that are made for it.

But if you want to use remedies, that is good too. You can do this with house remedies like baking soda and even vinegar.

You can use other materials available in your house too. The use of acids is pretty common.

Lemon, as a bearer of citrus acid, has its perks as well. All of these require certain and different steps to get the result we want.

Let us discuss the methods with their respective steps and list them down below.

Baking soda

Starting with natural remedies, we begin with baking soda as it is considered to be the most common of all. This is all because of the excellent result it provides us with.

You might have already heard of this hack tool because it cleans and also gets rid of bad smells. So let’s see the steps for this.


  • First, you need to get the baking soda.
  • Add water to a cup or bowl according to the amount you require. Only fill half of it.
  • Then add baking soda to the water such that the half-filled cup or bowl is full now.
  • Mix them with your hand or something such that a paste is formed.
  • Now take the paste and start putting it on the area that is stained. Cover all the stains with a thick layer such that they are cleaned better.
  • Do not wash the paste yet. Let it stay as it is for about 12 hours. You can let it stay there for better results.
  • After 12 hours, you need to get a scrubber or a brush. Then use them to clean the paste and any kind of residue that might remain.
  • Then wash the whole thing and see the results for yourself.

Salt with Lemon

Fiberglass tubs are cheap and affordable, but their major disadvantage is that stains form earlier on them than the others.

We cannot waste so much money on buying a new one, so we clean them. Using lemon and salt is the cheapest method to deal with it.


  • You just need to get some salt and a few lemons.
  • Cut the lemons in half with the help of a knife.
  • Then squeeze the halves and pour the juice that comes out of them into a bowl.
  • Then dip a damped cloth in the juice that you squeezed.
  • Start rubbing the dipped cloth on the area with corrosion.
  • Now put salt on the areas with corrosion.
  • Let the salt stay there for a while. It can be about 2 to three hours.
  • Now use a brush to rub the salt off.
  • Then wash it like before.

Borax with vinegar

borax with vinegar

You might see it as an unusual mix, but it is effective. This is because the material or the chemicals that they comprise brings back the shine and soften the stains.


  • Fill half a bowl with borax.
  • Then add the same amount of vinegar to it.
  • Make a paste out of them by mixing them.
  • Then put the paste on and scrub the area with a brush.
  • Let the mixture or the paste you made stay there. Do not let it dry. Use vinegar if you see this happening.
  • Now use a brush to scrub it off the tub.
  • Wash it with soap or whatever.


How to remove rust stains from fiberglass tub. The corrosion of your bathtub might seem like a big problem, but it is not as if you clean the stains off by using the methods that are mentioned above.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide or rust removal to clean the marks off it. But make sure to follow the steps.

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