How to get poop stains out of underwear

How to get poop stains out of underwear. Maybe sometimes the poop stains remove themselves from the underwear without any type of struggle, but sometimes these remain if they are not properly washed or these are the new stains after washing the underwear.

If it is fresh means there is only a few times ago, and it cleans easily, but if there is some time remains, then it should be a dirty spot that may cause a smell that is unpleasant as it can not bearable for you.

Here are some techniques that are used to remove these stains from the underwear are the following:

How to get poop stains out of underwear

how to get poop stains out of underwear

Now I am going to discuss the ways in which we get rid of the poop stains that are stuck in the underwear and maybe a cause of the dirty smell and the bad spots also. These ways are as follows:

White vinegar

The poop stains can be removed using white vinegar is the best way you put the white vinegar in the bucket and put the water and the underwear into it.

Soak it for the time required if it is not too old means not many days ago, then it takes a small time, and when there is a short time, then it requires not only less time but less amount of the vinegar you put in it also.

If the time is complete is required to remove the stains from the underwear, then please give out the underwear from this vinegar and the water and rub it forcibly until the stains are completely removed from the underwear.

Baking soda

Baking soda contains chemicals that are used to remove many things that are stuck on the surface of many things. Here the poop stains are stuck on the surface of the underwear, and you want to remove them.

Here the thing I am going to discuss with you is that the baking soda is always used dry; you are not put in the water.

Take the underwear and spread the baking soda on the fabric of the underwear, and rub it until the stain does not completely get out of the fabric.

When the stains get out, then put some detergents to make the underwear smells like that. It is washed and rinsed thoroughly with water as none of the soda remains in the fabric.

When you observe or test that there is no soda remaining in the fabric, then you can stop rinsing and soak it for the time it requires to dry.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a thing that is not expensive or out of your budget because it may be present in the home for our daily life needs. Lemon juice is no less than any detergent that you use to remove the stains from your clothes.

It is a common thing that is used in the making of detergents and washing powders. It is a natural thing that helps you to remove the stains from the clothes.

You can use it in the usual way, but you can also use it in the way that put one part of the juice and the other one-third quantity of the water and mix them well.

After mixing them well you put it in the spray bottle and spray this on the underwear where the stain is and let it soak for the time which is almost half an hour or 45 minutes.

After the time, you can remove it where you placed it for soaking and rub it with the brush, and the stain is removed, and the problem you are facing is solved here, you have no need to worry about the stain or the smell that is coming from the stain.

Use the cold water for washing

use the cold water for washing

One thing that you must remind is that you wash the stained underwear with cold water because cold water is the best than warm water.

The warm water can go deep into the stain and can also be set in the satin, which is not good. When water is set in the stain it can make the stain stronger than it was not at first.

You can soak the underwear in the cold water for 15 to 20 minutes so that the stain can potency and after the time is completed you should take it out from the water and wash it thoroughly because the washing helps you to remove the stain properly and permanently from the fabric.


These stains can remove by using the things that I discussed above, the above all the ways are used to solve the problem “How to get poop stains out of underwear”.

These stains not only have the dirty look but they can also have a dirty smell that is not good and you are irritated from this until it is not removed.

So by using these remedies you can remove the stains from your underwear and make your underwear neat and clean as you need it.

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