How to remove rust stains from toilet bowl naturally

How to remove rust stains from toilet bowl naturally. Everyone wants their toilet bowl to be spotless. They want it to be white like it is brand new. But the continuous flow of water (Hard water precisely) causes stains to form in the bowl.

The stains aren’t just forming continuously. They are getting stubborn as well. Regular scrubbing was done by me, but no, the sins still formed. I was devastated.

Cleaning wasn’t working, and I didn’t want to damage my toilet with strong chemicals.

I researched with a colleague and came up with several ways for natural cleaning.

Then I tested them and it was a success. I wanted to spread this knowledge and so I present to you the following.

How to remove rust stains from toilet bowl naturally

remove rust stains from toilet bowl naturally

Staying on natural means, the first natural thing we can use is citrus acid. We can get it from lemons. Though we do not apply it alone. We use salt on it. If not, then vinegar will be your wonder cleaner.

You can use carbonated drinks like Coke and Pepsi. They are natural as you drink them. Pumice stone a natural material can be used.

You can use baking soda as it contains natural chemicals. But there are ways to apply these chemicals.

Let’s see how.

Sodium chloride and vinegar

Sodium chloride or simply put common table salt and vinegar are a deadly combo for rust. They eradicate it like it was never present.

Drain all the water from the bowl and the tank. Turn the water. After the tank is empty, pour vinegar in a good amount.

All the stain marks should be immersed in it. Then add salt to the vinegar.

Let it say for a night or 24 hours. After that, wash it with warm water or just flush it. Your toilet will be white as cotton-like it’s new.

You can actually use vinegar alone. It will remove stains alone, but using it with salt is more effective. You can use vinegar with lemon. Meaning apply it after the vinegar.

Lemon and salt

Following the above method. Instead of using vinegar, we use lemon. We can use lemon just and follow the above steps or we can directly apply lemon and salt. To do this, the lemon is cut from the center and then salt is sprinkled on the cut side.

Then rub the cut side on the stains. Let it stay. Take some time and then wash it. The stains will be gone.

You can use this after the first method and the results will be effective as twice.

Baking soda and mixes

Baking soda like vinegar is a pretty common trick. You will probably notice them in other articles. I am going t show you too because the results are great. So we need baking soda and water on equal terms.

Then a mixture is to be formed from them.

You can use a stick or shake them in a bottle. Then pour the mixture into the bowl. It will also need to stay for long. You won’t need to scrub much but if you do, it is good. After the required time wash it by flushing.

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar is the best option. You can use vinegar instead of water and get surprised. Baking soda can be used with other mixes as well. It has durability with borax. It is compatible with citrus fruits.

Coke and other carbonated drinks

coke and other carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are just for drinking, or so you thought. You might not want to drink them or reduce their use after reading. Carbonated drinks like coke have chemicals and acids that can clean tough stains and rust.

You do not need any solution. Just pour Coke into it and let chemicals in it do everything. It will be good to flush after a night.

The debris and the rust will be removed. Just wash it.

Coke and chemicals affect the human body in the same way. It can destroy you from the inside if used continuously.

But as a cleaning agent, you are good at using them.

Pumice stones

I don’t know if you have heard of it, but it is a volcanic stone. It is both natural and safe. It can be used with bare hands, and no harm will come to you.

It is a safe agent, and you can apply it by rubbing the stains and the rust.

This reacts with corrosion and weakens it. And as you rub, it gets off. You can use it after any of the above methods.


How to remove rust stains from toilet bowl naturally. Natural cleaners are safer for the environment and the toilet. But if it does not work and you are not satisfied with the result you can use other chemicals and methods.

I recommend the natural methods I used above. But in the end, the choice is yours. Choose carefully.

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