How to drain lg dishwasher

How to drain lg dishwasher. A dishwasher is an electrical appliance that is used to wash dirty dishes in a quick time without putting in any extra effort.

However, it’s necessary to use your appliance carefully because if you put an extra load in it, do not remove dinner food residue from plates before putting them into dishwasher racks to wash. It will clog in the drain hose, and you will face an LG dishwasher drain issue.

When you see trouble with your LG dishwasher not draining the water completely and water clearing at a very low speed, the first thing to check is the error code display screen on the unit.

If the drain pipe is twisted or it is blocked with food residue, the OE error code will display on the dishwasher, and it will not drain, and dirty water will make a pool in the bottom of the unit.

If your water is not draining from your LG dishwasher, then read this blog post to know various troubleshooting tips to clear the clog from the dishwasher so that the water starts to flow again.

How to drain lg dishwasher

LG dishwasher is a famous and reliable brand to have in the kitchen for washing dishes, but like other electrical units, it also malfunctions.

If you check an error code OE on the machine display screen, then it means water is not draining from your appliance, so stop washing dishes and check the drain hose because this error code is related to it.

It is not a complicated issue for you to hire a professional because I am sure you can get rid of this error code OE after reading the following tips for troubleshooting.

Inspect the drain pipe

inspect the drain pipe

When you wash dishes in the dishwasher, dirty water drains from the machine through the drain pipe, which is the most important part of the unit.

When installing the dishwasher in the kitchen, properly install the drain pipe so that it drains off the water quickly without any issue.

Inspect the drain pipe if you see the water is not draining from the unit after the wash cycle. Sometimes the drain pipe becomes kinked or twisted due to debris or too much detergent.

If you see the drain pipe is twisted, readjust it to its original position, so the water starts flowing again. Sometimes anything bumps on it or comes on top of it, making the pipe twisted.

Remove that thing that is shoving the drain hose, and straighten the pipe. Now run a water cycle to check the water is draining, and error code OE is disappeared from the display screen.

Check food debris

check food debris

It is a common thing to know, yet some users do this mistake and face drawing issues with their LG dishwasher.

When you finish your dinner, remove the food residue from plates, dishes, and pots before putting them into the dishwasher for the drain cycle.

When you do not clear these food residues, they are stuck into the drain pipe and clog the pipe.

An error code OE appears on the screed to indicate to you that there is a draining issue with the unit.

In this situation, stop the machine, and it’s better to unplug it from the wall outlet to save yourself from an electric current. Wear safety gloves and pull out all the dishes from the unit.

Now remove any food debris present in the drain pipe hole with your hands. If you see the water present in the bottom starts draining after this action, then the drain pipe is cleared, and your issue is solved.

But if you see the water is still draining slowly, you can use baking soda or white vinegar to remove the clog from the drain pipe and sewerage line.

Put half a cup of baking soda or white vinegar in the dishwasher and wait about twenty minutes to do their work. These ingredients will break down the food debris and another clog in the drain pipe into very small.

After twenty minutes, pour hot boiling water into the dishwasher. All the clogs in the drain pipe will quickly remove, and you can use your dishwasher again but make sure not to put food residue again in the machine.

Clogged Drain Filter

clogged drain filter

A drain filter is installed in the dishwasher unit to grab all the food residues.

If the water has made a pool in the bottom of the LG dishwasher and it is not draining, it means that food particles are stopping the path.

In this scenario, switch off the appliance and detach the bottom access panel from below, usually positioned on your dishwasher’s left side.

Clear all clogs from the drain filters so that the water begins to drain properly.

Inspect the air gap

An error code OE signs on the display screen when the LG dishwasher machine has water draining problems. Inspect the drain air gap and clear food particles from the drain filter.


The final thoughts on this article are error code OE is not a mechanical error, but it appears when you use your dishwasher carelessly and put the dishes with food residues.

Ensure to remove the food particle from the dishes before you wash them into the dishwasher because these particles are stuck in the drain hose and drain filter and make it impossible for water to drain off.

You can use baking soda and white vinegar to clear this food debris from the drain pipe to clear the error code OE from the screen.

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