Samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking

Samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking. In this mechanical and fast time, where life has become the challenging part of moving on, everyone seeks devices to make their lives efficient and fast. These technologies benefit us to make lives easier, one is the Dishwasher.

But the problems that arise from these devices need to be solved immediately; otherwise, there is a chance of their death sentence.

Now, if your dishwasher’s heavy light is blinking then it is due to these reasons.

  1. The temperature sensor is failed
  2. Dishwasher buttons are stuck
  3. The dishwasher is very hot
  4. Check the connections of pipes for leakages
  5. Extra water in the appliance

To diagnose the actual cause matters a lot in solving any issue; you can not reach the problem without the correct analysis.

So, make sure you are not using the wrong method to ease the issue while risking your device.

Samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking

Now let’s talk about the Samsung dishwasher’s heavy light blinking; some dishwashers don’t own a display panel and instead use a lightening technique.

The type of light will let you know which type of error it is if your dishwasher with heavy light blinking and draining.

If the dishwasher’s heavy light is blinking heavily then generally most of the time it is because of water in the Dishwasher, which is related to a drain issue.

Dishwasher’s buttons are pushed

fix samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking

If the heavy light is flashing on your dishwasher then check its buttons because if your machine is too old then with the time and usage some buttons are tucked and worn out.

When an old button is pushed forcibly then it got stuck and heavy light starts to flash. So you will have to open all studs and inspect the buttons.

You will have to twist the stuck buttons to bring it back to its actual position. If any button is completely worn out then replace it.

Temperature sensor is failed
when temperature sensor fails

Your Dishwasher can annoy you if the temperature sensor fails to operate properly.

The easiest fix to the problem is to empty the device and add any detergent available in the Dishwasher.

Now run the device on a normal cycle. But if still, you fail to solve the problem, the only option left is to switch the power off at the circuit breaker and take the device to the support center, or you can call or contact online for the service.

Heavy light blinking can also happen if the heater of your Dishwasher fails to operate. To ease this issue, the same procedure is followed.

As observed, these issues can also let your Dishwasher blink Smart Auto, Quick, and Express 60 blinking. All this means that the temperature sensor is somewhat failing.

Extra water in the appliance
water excess in the dishwasher

This problem is one of the common reasons for heavy light blinking. This problem shows the perseverance of the drain issue.

To solve this problem, you should need to check the drain connection with the sink and inspect the drain base.

Initiate the procedure by flowing water through the sink, which is connected to the Dishwasher. Now, you must take care of hygiene by cleaning the filters and drains carefully.

In this way, any debris or dirt will be easily removed, letting the water flow without stopping.

Dishwasher is hot

It is another and the main reason behind, when the Dishwasher temperature is getting higher than normal, that kind of problem occurs.

To fix it first, you should have to empty your Dishwasher after unplugging it from all the power sources. Then you can use detergent to clean it and then run the water normally.

Ensure to do the procedure with gentle care; if you get no result and cannot fix this problem after making these suggestions, you should consult the dishwasher repair professionals before it says death sentence.

Clean the dishwasher completely

Lastly, clean all parts and components of the appliance completely so that there should be no dust, dirt, and debris remaining in it.

Its proper cleaning is very essential after some days because if there will be blockages in any part then water will not completely drain out and heavy light will start to flash.


The final thoughts on this article are there isn’t anything to worry about if any of your power-operated devices cause a problem; that’s common.

You have to analyze the correct troubleshooting instead of applying any of your local DIY methods.

Make sure you are catching the issue or cause correctly and following the procedure accordingly.

Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Blinking / Flashing Light Error

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