Frigidaire dishwasher lights flashing

Frigidaire dishwasher lights flashing. Almost every Frigidaire dishware is coming with several lights on it and they are meant to indicate a variety of processes, including the running cycles, and the cleaning process.

Therefore, you need to be aware of the reasons why your lights are flashing and what they are singling you to do as a preventive measure.

Frigidaire dishwasher lights flashing
Frigidaire Dishwasher Lights Flashing

If the lights are blinking or when a specific light is flashing only the reasons are different and the corrective measures are also supposed to be varying.

Curious to know the solution to Frigidaire Dishwasher Lights Flashing, let’s get started…

The following are the most common dishware lights along with their flashing reasons mentioned below:


The basic light that is a mandatory part of every dishwasher unit like all other electronic units is a reset light that indicates that you should reset your dishware for the ideal working of it.

After every wash cycle, you need to restart your device and this could be done by either powering off your device and then after a few seconds pause turning it on again.

Another way could be by flipping the circuit breaker and then restoring the power.

Wash or rinse

The dishwasher has a Hi Temperature wash or Hi Temperature Rinse lights and they will flash when your dishwasher requires going through the mentioned action that is washing or rinsing.

The hi-temp wash light will flash when the dishwasher is going through the warm water washing cycle and when the action would have been completed.

It will be paused while the rinse light will start flashing to indicate that the water has been warmed, at this time both of the lights will flash as an indication of the paused cycle and when they will be turned off it would suggest that the desired temperature of the water has been reached.

Clean keypad

Clean keypad light is meant to indicate that the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and everything is fine in each cycle but when these lights start blinking that will be an indication of a tempered water heating mechanism.

If the lights keep on blinking then you need to check the water temperature that could be done by measuring the water by running it over the kitchen sink and using the temperature to record the temperature.

If the level is below 120 degrees F then you have to manually heat using the water heater and to permanently resolve the problem you must utilize the services of a plumber.

Start or resume keypad

The dishwasher has a start or resume keypad that is an indicator of the normal functioning of the washing cycle.

The dishwasher door is meant to be closed for the device to start functioning and when it is not closed the start or resume light will start flashing and you have to close the door and then press the start or resume button to begin the wash cycle again.

When you require to remove the dishes out of the dishwasher all you have to do is to press the start or resume button, open the door and then close it after your desired action.

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