How to cut glass without a glass cutter

How to cut glass without a glass cutter. I know in many house renovations and decorations, you might have been struggling with the process of cutting or reshaping your large pieces of glass, broken glass, or even mirrors.

The glass cutter tool is quite expensive to get from the workshops, and not everyone has it. So, the DIY project has to be done using the alternatives.

You might think that cutting glass with stuff other than a glass cutter would be really hard, but you’re mistaken at this point.

You will be surprised to hear that the most challenging thing, such as glass, can even be cut with the softest and the most vulnerable thing.

You might not know, but there is a saying, a famous one. It says, ” A diamond can be cut by a mere rose petal.”

It means that the most challenging thing can be molded or shaped by the softest thing. Similar is the case with glass. Glass can be cut by many things you wouldn’t have ever imagined.

How to cut glass without a glass cutter

Most common glass cutter tools

most common glass cutter tools

Many sharp or soft things can be used to cut glass quite effectively. Cutting glass has been made easy with a small cutting tool like a piece of metal, a diamond blade, a saw blade, e.t.c.

All these things are readily available in home improvement stores and accessories and tools shops.

So, I have carefully done my homework on this and have come up with some seriously cool DIY hacks to cut your glass without needing a glass cutter.

It’s all just implementing the right physics, and with a little bit of knowledge about the process, you will be able to achieve the impossible! I mean, it’s not impossible but still a more arduous task.

Wires can do magic on glass

wires can do magic on glass

Wires, yes! You can cut your glass into halves or any number with just the help of a mere string. The string is used in such a way as to score glass at the points we want to cut it.

Things you’ll need

To get the job done, you’ll need:

  • A tray to dip the glass in a flat surface
  • A wire that is long enough to hold on to
  • A sharp tool to score glass
  • A heat source to heat your wire up
  • Pieces of wood to use as handles

How to do it

It’s easy; you will need to take a dried and clean piece of glass. After this, take a sharp tool to score glass at the point where you want to cut it.

Then take a tray and fill it with 3 inches of normal to cold water. If you have thicker glass, make sure the level of the water is such as to fully submerge the mirror or glass in it.

Take the wire with which you intend to cut the glass at the required point. Taking a longer piece of wire will be significant because at the ends of the wire, you’ll have to make loops, and in those loops, you will place small wooden sticks to work as handles.

Now heat up the wire and make it red hot, and as soon as it turns flaming hot, place this wire on the line of cut that you scored on the glass.

Now within a fraction of seconds, dip the glass into the tray filled with water. You will notice the magic of the process. The sudden change of temperature of the environment of the glass will make a disturbance in the molecules of the glass, and the glass will cut at the scored line.

That is an exceptional phenomenon and is quite a job well done!

That thread might be the sharpest thing ever!

that thread might be the sharpest thing ever!

A thread or a string is also an admirable substitute glass cutter which has been used in ancient times to cut the glass into 2 halves.

The method is easier than it looks and sounds. Obviously, if someone comes up to me saying that I can cut your glass with just a piece of string, I would be jaw dropped and wait till I get back my senses.

But hey! As I already said, “It’s just a matter of right physics.” So, you technically can cut glass with just a string!

Things you’ll need

Like the wire method, the things needed are almost similar, but instead of the tray, you will need a bucket, and the wire will be replaced by the string.

And to strike the glass you’ll need a stick to strike the glass. And, Of course, a match stick or a lighter.

How to do it

The first thing to do is to tie the string along the point where you want to cut glass into halves.

Later, take a bucket and fill it with water that should dip your arms to your elbows. And prefer to use cold water.

After that, ensure the attached or tied string should be tied strongly because a loose string will make the job go wrong.

Later will the help of a match or a lighter, put the string on fire. And as soon as the string is set on fire completely, dip the glass into the cold water.

Then with the help of a stick, strike the glass from the point below the scored line.

The vibrations of the hot and cold will break the class from the point where the string was attached.

The diamond tool saw

the diamond tool saw

The Dremel tool saw, or what we call ” The cutting wheel,” is another example of an admirable substitute glass cutter tool.

Yes! We can cut the glass in our choice of size and shape with this cutting tool. I know this might sound ‘out of the blue,’ but the job can be done with serious precautions and some basic information about the process.

It is actually a very successful yet straightforward method that can work as a glass cutter and requires the least of your efforts.

Things You’ll need

This saw contains a thin diamond that is sharpened and works as an angle grinder.

A thin microfiber cloth to clean edges. The glass you want to cut. Some glass cutting oil and a glass cutter spray will sharpen the glass edges.

How to do it

The saw blade made of diamond is a very efficient tool used as a glass cutter that can cut glass in the form of bottles or even glass with a flat surface.

First, make a scored line on the glass where you want to cut the glass. Later, the diamond saw blade starts to cut the scored line.

This glass cutter tool will smoothly cut the glass and is 27 times faster than other glass cutters.

Later, you can also use a sharpening spray or a few drops of glass cutting oil to make the process even smoother, and surprisingly there is no waste, and very little or no mess is made.

Another precautionary measure is not to use tempered glass for the purpose as it will break down and will shatter into pieces.

These tools have made it easier for us to cut glass without a glass cutter.

Hot and Cold

hot and cold

Cutting a glass without a glass cutter has also been made easier with another technique with I call “Hot and Cold.”

This method involves sectioning the glass pane into 2 parts and then proving each section with extreme opposite environments, such as extreme hot and severely cold.

Things You’ll need

  • The glass who wants to cut
  • A tool that can easily score glass
  • A heat source can be a propane torch or flame
  • Some ice cubes

How to do it

Take the glass you want to cut and clean it properly. Later with an ordinary steel file, you’ll have to score the glass.

Now, on one side of the scoring line, rub the ice cubes and put on a heat resistance towel or blanket, and keep on applying the ice cubes for a few minutes.

On the other side, apply heat with the help of a flame for at least 15 seconds. Now the temperatures of the glass panel are very different.

After some time, quickly shift the hot surface with the cold one in periods so that this shifting will disrupt the atoms of the glass, and the vibrations are disrupted, and the glass breaks.

Drilling the glass!

drilling the glass!

Glass drilling has been found a lot more popular among many self-workers and homeowners. Many DIY-loving people have also been using this method.

Things you’ll need

  • A drill, it may be electric or the other
  • The glass you want to cut
  • A microfiber cloth

How to do it

A drill can be taken quickly from most large hardware stores and in a one-time investment. But honestly, it’s a very efficient tool. It cut extremely fine lines on the glass.

This is a fantastic alternative tool that has been used in many glass-cutting projects, and people have also encouraged its use over time.

Take the drill, and I’m going to tell you a fantastic hack which is the hole saw for glass. These hole saws are available online easily and are very cheap. You’ll get them in 10 different sizes.

Start the drill on the point of glass where you want to cut glass. And make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on the glass.

The pressure applied should be constant, and the speed should be slow, but the pressure should not exceed the limit as it will shatter the glass in no time.

The expensive yet effective way: Diamond/carbide-tipped scribe

the expensive yet effective way diamondcarbide tipped scribe

The diamond-tipped scribe is used for cutting glass and .is an excellent replacement for glass cutters.

The scribes, may it be a diamond or a carbide scribe, can cut the glass with absolute accuracy and precision.

Carbide scribe is no doubt a quicker way to make cuts with proper measurements, but a diamond-tipped scribe is much more advanced and works 10 times better than this one.

Things You’ll need

  • Some pieces of papers
  • A microfiber towel
  • A carbide scribe or a diamond scribe

How to do it

Start by measuring the line of the glass that has to be cut. This will be done on a countertop or on a marble shelf.

Provide cushioning to the floor so that the glass has a relatively soft surface, and achieve this by first cleaning the glass with microfiber cloth.

Now start cutting the glass with a diamond or carbide scribe and precisely make the score line.

For better performance, use a small amount of glass cutting oil and apply it across the glass or mirror.

Now with a series of strokes and a small bit of pressure, use a hardened steel scribe to cut even more profoundly. Press the glass from both sides of the score line; the glass will break from the pressure.


Glass cutting can be done will a lot of other methods and tools. The best thing is, you can do everything yourself.

All the above are ways you can cut glass or mirrors at home. All the work can be done with the right tools and information.

Also, you should have safety gear while working with glass; the work gloves and eye protection should be carried all the time during this job.

Also, these small DIY projects can increase your activity, and you can impress others quite easily. I was just kidding!

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