How to get super glue off glasses lens

How to get super glue off glasses lens. There are various methods to get super glue off glasses lenses. But we have compiled up the best and by far the easiest methods to get rid of this issue. We will discuss meticulously some solutions.

Things to notice

Before going to search for remedies, one should first know about the disease and his immune system.

  • Simply put, one should know whether the glue has dried off completely or is it still wet.
  • What is the quality of your lenses? Are they glass or plastic lenses?

Because most people are unmindful about it. Which led them to try the right procedure, but since they are using it on the wrong product. The result became disastrous and completely upsetting.

How to get super glue off glasses lenshow to get super glue off glasses lens 2021

  • Take a cotton ball and put it in acetone — most preferably, dip it in acetone-based nail polish remover. It is easily available in homes.
  • Now you should place that cotton ball on the glue as long as you see that the consistency of the glue is semi-liquid and mushy.
  • Remove the cotton ball along with glue. Repeat if it didn’t remove the glue the first time.
  • Clean your glasses with tissue paper or a microfiber cleaning cloth.

We widely use this, and comparatively one of the easiest methods. One can use it immediately and remove super glue from the glasses lens.


While acetone is most easily available, it can cause mild harm to the glasses. We widely use soap and water as alternatives.

  • Boil 1 cup of water, and later on, add ½ tsp of dishwashing soap to the water. Mix it, and dip a microfiber cloth in this solution of warm water. (here, microfiber cloth is most commonly used because these cloths dry lenses effectively and steer clear of any smearing). Wipe the glue with a cloth to remove the glue successfully. OR
  • You can dip your glasses in that solution for 10-15 minutes. Then rub your fingers on the glue, and it will easily come off. If the glue is still dry, then put glasses in the solution a little longer until you observe desired results.


Gently scrape super glue from your glasses. First, let the glue dry completely if you scrape it while it is wet. There are high chances that your glasses will scrape.

Also, the glue can transfer to other areas, and it will be highly inconvenient in the longer run. Wait for it to dry, then use any knife or something with dull edges.

Even your nail finger can work in this method. You can spray water so the glue will moisten. The glue will eventually wear off.


Fold in a lint-free cloth and soak it in warm water. In the meantime, apply toothpaste to the glue.

  • Use a cloth and dab on glue twice or thrice.
  • Use the dry end of the cloth, and apply toothpaste to the glue with its help.
  • Rub toothpaste in a circular motion.
  • Apply firm pressure and keep rubbing in a circular motion.

It is a time-consuming process, but the glue will eventually come off. Rinse your glasses and dry them with a lint-free cloth.

Natural oils

Natural oils work wonders for this problem, like sesame oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and so on.

Dip the cotton swab in oil, and rub it gently on dried glue.

Then dab it a bit. After some time, the glue will slide off with simply a push.


Removing super glue from glass is not a laborious task anymore. We have listed the best and easiest methods for solving the problem.

If none of the treatments seems to work, visit a nearby eyeglass store or store from where you bought them. As with most eyeglass places, reinstall the lens with no charges.

However, these are the best-picked methods. You won’t have to visit an eyeglass place, and your problem will be solved easily at home.

Nail polish remover on glasses lens

If you’re wearing non-glass lenses like polycarbonate, plastic, or some high-index lenses (and also some eyeglasses), then nail polish remover can actually damage your lenses.

Also, most nail polish removers contain acetone chemicals that destroy the anti-reflective covering on some lenses, which is used to make sure you don’t reflect light like a disco ball!

So there are two reasons why you shouldn’t use them: one – some of the ingredients are bad for your lens; and two – acetone can remove anti-reflective coatings too.

Removing Super Glue From Eyeglasses With Rubbing Alcohol

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