Hard water etching on glass shower doors

Hard water etching on glass shower doors. Glass shower doors are pretty common these days. You can see them in houses with bathtubs. If it is in your house, you want to make it look shiny. But the shine fades with time, and they look old and bad.

Stains form on its surface. They can be of soap and other materials used. You can wipe them off and clean them, but the stains that are formed most are because of hard water.

Hard water stains are a bit tough to get rid of as they contain minerals within them. Not only are stains formed by it, but the minerals in it gather and form a tough layer.

To get our shine back, we need to know how to get rid of the layer of hard water, and we should also know the reasons it is formed to prevent it.

Hard water etching on glass shower doors

hard water etching on glass shower doors

The layer is not actually just the aqua, but when immersed in or with the soap. It reacts with the chemicals present in the soap.

This causes a paste or a mixture to form on the layer of the door of the shower. The paste then becomes dry with time and what you get is strong stains present on your door.

Now you can either just sit back and let it stay and then regret it later, or you can think of methods to clean it.

You can use common household stuff like vinegar on it, and even lemon can perform this task. You just need to know how to use it.


To get rid of the problem, we must know the reason that it is happening. In this case, the problem is dried minerals.

As to how they are formed, that is not very complicated. You see, chemicals are present in the soap you use. And in the hard water, minerals are present like chalk and stuff.

When these chemicals get mixed with each other during bathing or whatsoever, they become sticky and etch themselves on the surface of the door. Then later, they become tough and become hard to remove.


Being tough doesn’t mean that these stains are irremovable. The ways for the removal are as follows.

Lemon miracle

The lemon miracle, you might be thinking about the reason behind the name. Well, the reason is simple, lemon can actually perform a miracle for you.

You just need to know the steps to apply this miracle. There are two ways to apply this:

  • The 1st way is to cut some lemons and squeeze their juice out in a bottle. Then, mix the juice with water. After that, you need to use a sprayer to put the solution on the stains. Then let it stay there for a couple of minutes. Later, wipe the surface with microfiber such that all stains are removed. Dry the hatch with a clean cloth.
  • The second way is a bit different. You need to cut the lemons like before, but instead of squeezing them, you need to dip the side that you cut and rub the hatch with the dipped side. Then clean it and dry it using distilled water.

Vinegar cleaner

vinegar cleaner

You think that vinegar is a food substance. It is not a cleaner. You are half right. It is a food substance, but you can use it as a cleaning agent too.

This method is cheap and easy to learn. Remember not to use this method if there is a stone present in there.

In a bottle fill half vinegar and then half dishwashing liquid soap. Shake them such that they are mixed. Now sprinkle it on the surface of the hatch.

Use a soft fabric or a sponge to clean it. It is better to use a soft cloth as a sponge might scratch the glass. The mixture will clean both the residue and the oil off of the hatch.

Simple borax

Borax can be used in cleaning too. The steps of it are easy to follow. The cleaning it does is remarkable as well.

  • You just need to get borax first.
  • Then pour it into a cup or something.
  • Add water such that you get a nice thick paste.
  • Apply the borax to the stains and other areas with residue.
  • Wear gloves so that the borax doesn’t get on your hand.
  • It is better to rub the paste with the help of a sponge.
  • Use water to get the remains off the surface.
  • Dry it off with the aid of a clean cloth.


Hard water etching on glass shower doors. The results will be good and as you want them to be. So in this conclusion, let’s give some tips. Clean the hatch regularly with spray. Use a good quality soap.

Use soft aqua. Upgrade your shower and make them waterproof. Dry the hatch and the whole thing after you use it.

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