How to break into a sliding glass door

How to break into a sliding glass door. How does it feel to be locked inside or outside your house when you’re getting seriously late for an important meeting or even your wedding?

Well, my fellows, we’ve all been through the pain of this situation. Sliding glass doors give an exotic and stylish look to your house. It is an appealing and aesthetic addition to glamour your homes and offices.

It is basically used for the partitioning of different rooms. However, having a glass door can also be a headache because they tend to be jammed or stuck easily.

And you don’t want to get stuck in your house or outside the house when you are in a hurry. So, if you are planning on having a glass door, be ready for backups in case it gets locked.

I have come up with some awesome and super easy methods to break into your sliding glass door if you get locked. Hey! Now don’t go robbing people’s houses, seriously!

How to break into a sliding glass door

how to break into a sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors are not much mechanistic doors but have a simple operating method. Just hold and slide; that’s it.

One of the doors is stationary, and the other door slides and has a latch at the closing end, which goes towards the wall.

The door comes up with a lock that will help you to lock the doors. The lock has one hook-type latch that bends and fixes upwards or downwards in the wall side panel.

The purpose of telling you all of this is because if you want to break into the glass sliding door, you have to at least know it’s working.

Because you can’t start doing anything aimlessly and start kicking your door just like that, you won’t be able to reach anywhere if you have no knowledge about it.

Possible ways

Now I’m going to list all the probable ways to help you out with “getting stuck with your sliding glass doors.” There are different types of sliding glass doors, and ways to open them also vary.

Simple doors are simple to breakthrough

A simple door won’t budge you much because they are comparatively easy and simple to break in.

If your doors are simple or basic glass sliding doors, then you just have to do a few tricks, and that should help you get into your house or your bedroom.

Now, all you have to do is to hold the handle of the door and apply some pressure on the door and a few drops of any lubricant. It just depends on how smartly and carefully you manage to apply the force on the door.

Just giving it a few jerks, you will see how the door lock opens and fails. That’s it! There you go. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

Hard doors, hard ways

The doors, which are a bit complicated in their structure and have a more complex structure, demand more advanced and up-to-the-date techniques to pry. The fact you must take care of is what kind of door is placed in your house.

The one with a handle and a latch are can be easily hacked but the ones having keypad locks are very difficult to break in because they cannot be easily muddled through.

Because of their more advanced security system, it is harder for a common person to tackle them. When trying to pry a sliding glass door, keep in mind to check whether the door is built with an inside or outside protection system.

Locked inside or outside

how to break into a sliding glass door 2022

It greatly depends on your glass sliding door, whether it is locked from the inside or from the outside.

The ones that have an inner locking system are a bit complicated and will make you sweat a bit, but the outside one is just a matter of the right tools and tricks.

Outside locking mechanism

The locks outside are easier to pry because if you are locked outside, you have access to the lock, and it won’t be much of a headache and won’t take much of your time as well.

All you have to do is to hold the door handle. Apply some force and check to see the latch of the door. There must be a lever placed which is sometimes raised and sometimes lowered in order to prevent the door from opening.

Just meddle with that lever of the door, and it will open.

  • Sometimes there are other variants of a sliding glass door that have a latch at the wall side. The door reaches the latch and is locked, and this is as simple as it seems. These types of locks are placed at the top or bottom or on both sides. Thus, messing with the lever and pushing it away will do the job.
  • Moreover, using a tool like a wooden stick, a screwdriver, or a knife will also be of some help. Make a cavity in the door by pulling it and placing one of these tools in that gap, giving it a thrust. Viola! Your sliding glass door is successfully unlocked!

Inside locking mechanism

inside locking mechanism

The doors are sometimes built with an inner locking system. Prying them or breaking through these is not easy; in fact, it’s impossible. So, in order to get inside, you will have to be a little smarter.

The thing is, if your locking panel is on the inside of the door, it isn’t in your access. So, you have to find another way around it.

Check for the stationary glass panel and see where it starts. Then locate the screws of the door. Obviously, it won’t be easy to open these doors, as I already told you.

Carrying on, use the screwdriver and open these screws. Once the screws are loosened, the stationary door becomes sliding, slide it, and there you go!

Pry with the keys

There are keyholes usually placed below the handle in some of the variants, which are used to lock doors.

Use an extra key that matches the one that fits your door. Maybe, if you are lucky enough, your door might open.


How to break into a sliding glass door. The sliding glass doors are no doubt an attractive and extravagant luxury to your house.

But whenever you are stuck outside these doors and aren’t able to break through, and you can see through your house but can’t get in, such a pain, right?

To help you out, the above is the mentioned techniques you can use to break in through a glass sliding door. Just figure out the type of door you have, and with the right knowledge and proper methods, you are easy to go.

If you are a thief and trying to sneak in, then I’m sorry to say, breaking into someone else’s house is highly immoral!

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