Faucet sputters when first turned on

Faucet sputters when first turned on. Faucets are the most used gadgets around our household and if they start sputtering when you turn them on then it is going to be a very annoying thing.

Sputtering is a very common problem that is faced by almost all faucet users. Sputtering occurs because of the air storage in the pipelines.

Let’s take an example when we drink water while having food then a bump of air comes down to the stomach and now air needs to escape, well this sounds feels a bit funny but you know how it feels when excess air doesn’t find it way to escape.

It’s quite funny, but you get that point. If your faucet sputters occasionally then it means that it is harmless and you don’t have to worry much.

But if it sputters every single time when you turn your faucet on and doesn’t it even start then it means that it is time to take tension and think about the fixture but before that, you have to identify the problem.

Faucet sputters when first turned on

faucet sputters when first turned on

There could be many possible reasons for your sputtering faucet. We are going to tell you a few most common reasons that you can identify.

Air in the water pipelines

Air storage in the water pipelines is the most common reason that causes sputtering when you turn on the faucet.

If something goes wrong with your water supply and for maintenance purposes, you have to cut off the water supply, and that is the time when air enters the pipelines and causes sputtering.

Jammed Aerator

The aerator works as a filter in the faucet. Aerators are tiny disks attached at the end tip of the faucet.

As aerator filters, the water that is going through the faucets and sometimes many little things like water minerals and dirt debris that come through the water can block the aerator.

It is highly recommended to make a proper cleaning routine of the aerator and you have to clean the aerator monthly.

And if you are one of those who take it for granted to clean the aerator, then you are the reason for your clogged aerator

If you want to clean the aerator, then here are a few steps that you can follow to clean the aerator

  • Use pair of pliers to remove the aerator
  • When you are done removing it, then check-up that what is causing the aerator to get clogged.
  • Check for any dir debris or water minerals.
  • Now it’s time to disassemble the aerator, but while disassembling, note down the process or take some pictures so that when you want to reverse the process, then you know what to do.
  • Disperse the aerator
  • After dispersing, clean the aerator; if the aerator’s holes are stuck, then use a toothpick to open it.
  • If an aerator is rusted or covered with dirt, then put aerator parts in the vinegar for a few hours.
  • Finally, rinse the aerator with water and simply reverse the process to put the aerator back.

Busted Valve Cartridge

If cleaning out the aerator doesn’t work well, then it’s time to move to the valve cartilage that can be busted out.

It is recommended to replace the valve cartilage that is damaged but removing the damaged valve cartridge is going to be a tricky part, so make sure to buy an exact cartridge that matches the old one.

A water heater is Over Heating

if your faucet is still sputtering after trying the above techniques and identifying the above problem.

Then you need to check up on the water heater b, maybe your water heater is overheating and at this time, you have to consider to seek for professional help.

Fixing Process

fixing process

You can stop water from sputtering whenever you turn the faucet on by making way for air to escape, and you can clean the aerator by using the techniques that are detailed above.

If cleaning and setting up the aerator doesn’t work go on by checking the temperature of your water heater, and if there is a problem with your water heater, then it is recommended to call for professional help.

Most Effective Common Solution

The most effective and easiest solution to getting rid of “Faucet sputtered when first turned on” is to just turn on all the facets of your home for a few minutes and let the water drains so that the excess air can find its way through the water and you easily can get rid of the sputtering faucet.

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