American standard faucet stem identification

American standard faucet stem identification. Faucets play a very fundamental part in households, but what if your kitchen faucet or your bathroom faucet stops working and now you are thinking of changing the whole faucet?

Well, if you are thinking of replacing the faucet, then you need to stop because replacing the faucet is going to be a very expensive process, and it will cost you a heavy amount of dollars.

So instead of changing the whole faucet, try to replace only faulty parts of the faucet because sometimes faulty parts make trouble, and replacing them will do the job.

Now, if you want to change the faulty parts, you have to identify whether your faucet is “American Standard ” or not. Identify here some steps that you can follow to analyze the best matching parts.

American Standard faucet stem identificationamerican standard faucet stem identification

1. Turning off the water supply

If the faucet is installed, then turn off the water supply or shut down the main water supply valves.

2. Looking for an American standard stamp

Look at the base of the faucet. Faucets with American Standard have printed “American Standard” on them.

But sometimes, heavy, rusty stains or corroded faucets hide this print behind their dirt particles.

To clean them, use some cleaning sprays and then wipe them out using a towel so that the letters can become visible to you. Or look around the faucet handle to locate the printed stamp.

3. Match the faucets visually

Use faucet plumbing books to start analyzing your product visually or by using pictures from the company’s official website.

Or you can use plumbing guiding books to visually match the parts of your faucet.

You can ask for a plumbing guide book from any plumber if they have it or not, and then you can match your faucets part to check if it is matching with the parts that are labeled as American Standards:

To select the type of faucet, check the official websites of American Standards to start. A list will be available at the official site of American standard along with the manufacturer details.

4. Match the parts with the Image

It’s time to match the parts with the images. Match all the important parts with the images that you collected from the official website of American Standard or found in the book.

Match inner parts because inner parts are most likely would be easy can be found on the websites. Then, check for aerator handles and other main parts of the faucet with the model to determine the exact model.

5. Remove the identified part

After analyzing all the parts now, it’s time to remove the identified part for the fixture. If the part is faulty, replace it with the best-identified model.

Faulty parts will make loud noises, or they will start leaking; water leakage is a very common problem that people face, and after repairing it many times now, they end up replacing it.

6. Remove the set screws

It’s time to remove the 3 screws. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the screws from the cartridge and then pull out the cartridge.

Make sure that your cartridge has 3 screws; otherwise, if the cartridge does not have three screws, then most likely, it is not an American Standard faucet.

Identifying the best Time for replacement

If your faucet is leaking excessively and nothing is working to stop the leakage.

Then you have to change the whole faucet, but if there is a problem in your faucet’s water pressure only or your faucet is squeaking loud noises, then fixing only faulty parts can fix the job.

If you are wondering if your faucet is American standard or not, then you have to identify it using these processes.

Recognize the manufacturer

Look for the manufacturer’s name or logo around or under your faucet because identifying the manufacturer is going to be a very important part because manufacturers sell parts according to the manufacturer’s requirement.

Looking for logo

If your faucet is dirty, then clean it with cleaning substances to check the logo because logos mostly hide behind the dirt. Try looking for a logo around the faucet parts.

Identifying the Model number

You can find the model number around the logo or chip with the logo. But if you can’t find it around the logo, then try looking at the deeper parts of the faucet to recognize the number.

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