Water smells like sulfur in one faucet

Water smells like sulfur in one faucet. Drinking and using clean water comes with everyone’s basic needs. Everyone wants to use and utilize clean water.

No matter where water is coming from, it’s coming from the community’s main pipeline, or you are using water from your home’s main water supply. You will always prefer clean water.

But if your water start smelling like a bad leftover onion. I know you will feel nasty because sulfur has a very rotten smell that can drop your mood immediately.

If your water smells like sulfur, then it means that the water source that you are using has sulfur bacterium in it, and it will surely go to travel through all your pipeline real quick soon.

Still, for now, if your only faucet smells like sulfur, then we have to identify which smell is coming through the source.

Water smells like sulfur in one faucetwater smells like sulfur in one faucet 2022

Identifying the Source

Make sure to check all the facets of your home to make sure that the smell is coming out from only one faucet.

To identify what smell of sulfur is coming from which way then, you have to check the temperature of the running water, whether the smell is coming while running cold water or while running hot water.

After checking the temperature, you have to check whether the smell is going away after the water is running for a few minutes or not.

Smell is going away After a few minutes of Running water

If the smell is going away after running for a few minutes, then there is nothing wrong with your water supply; there is something wrong with your Plumbing system.

You have to check your Plumbing system to get rid of the sulfur odor.

Check that faucet by filling one glass of water with cold water and then check if the smell is coming or not. Then fill another glass but this time with the hot water, and smell if the hot water is smelly.

Hot Water Smells Like Sulfurhot water smells like sulfur

If your hot water smells like sulfur, then it clearly shows that there is a chemical reaction inside your water heater. Here are some quick solutions.

  • Flush your water heater with Chlorine
  • Flush your water Heater with Hot Water
  • Use Water Softeners
  • Replace your water heater if needed

Cold Water smells Like Sulfur

If your cold water smells like sulfur, then it could be possible for a high level of efficiency of sulfur bacterium and hydrogen sulfide gas that is produced by itself in the water.

Or the reason could be that the water is excessively harder, and this is not a serious problem as it is harmless.

It smells when running at both Temperatures

If smells come while running both temperatures, then there is a problem with your main water supply, or it could be in the communities water supply system.

Source of Sulfur in the hot water

Sulfur in a water heater makes its way through sulfate bacteria which forms when water stays static and motionless for an overly long time.

Another possible reason could be a degrading wand that is particularly made up of magnesium. Things You’ll Need Before starting our fixture process, you have to collect a few things.

  • Drain Cleaner
  • Bottle of Vinegar
  • A bucket full of Hot water

Fixture Process

The water smells like sulfur in one faucet. If your only faucet is smelling while running water, then the culprit is going to be the pipelines because bacteria formation in that specific pipeline will travel from pipeline to faucet and then comes out with the smell of sulfur.

Many people use a water filter for the filtration process of their water, but water filters sometimes don’t work properly, and that becomes the reason for bacteria formation in the water.

If a pipe is damaged, it will give a place to unwanted bacteria that will start making their way to the faucet.

After identifying the sources of smelly water, there are some possible fixes that you can try to get rid of the smelly faucets.

Use a drain cleaner to clean the pipe. After using drain cleaner, now it’s time to use another method; try doing a vinegar process.

Flush your faucet using vinegar with boiling hot water,

and you have to repeat this process for the best results. If you repeat this process, then the bacterial formation that was causing the sulfur smell will get vanished.

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