Faucet leaks at base when turned on

Faucet leaks at base when turned on. Mainly when the faucets are suffering from any kind of problem, then they leak from the base when you have to turn them on.

The water starts leaking from the base. The water may be leaking from the base in less quantity and maybe in large quantity, and this may not be good for your faucet also.

The faucets also get damaged when the water is coming out from the faucet for a long time. The water leaks from the faucet’s base due to many reasons, and you can also solve them if you are aware of these reasons.

Faucet leaks at base when turned on

faucet leaks at base when turned on

The faucets are leaking from the base when they are turned on, and there are many reasons behind that problem.

Here I am going to discuss the procedure for troubleshooting the leakage of the faucet that is leaking from the base. I am going to discuss that procedure with you below:

Find out the cause of the leaking

Here you should find out the cause of the leaking of the faucet from the base. First, you have to observe where the water is leaking, and then you have to see what is the reason behind that problem.

You have to see with the proper attention and look from where the water is dripping and comes to the base or whether the base is leaking. There are many other reasons.

Here maybe the base is leaking, and you have to solve the problem, but here you have the proper guidance, and then you have to start the procedure of troubleshooting.

Problem with the O-ring or the washer

Here another problem is with the O-ring; the O-rings are the things that are used to tighten the faucets there are may not be set or tight properly. If you use these, then here the faucet does not start leaking and also tight perfectly.

When these washers or the O-rings get worse, sometimes they are completely dissolved in the water, and these are torn into pieces, and you have to replace them as your need. These are almost near the base.

If there is any problem with these, then the water starts leaking from the base, and here you have to replace them to solve your problem.

Solve problem

I am going to tell you the way that is used to set the problem is that I am going to tell you:

Remove faucet body

You have to remove the body of the faucet if you want to change or check where the faucet is leaking or which is the reason behind the leaking of the faucet.

Changing and checking the faucet is possible when you have to remove the body of the faucet. Otherwise, it is not possible.

The removal depends on the faucet and which kind of faucet it is. Here if the faucet is single, then you have to remove the faucet first and then start the next. If the faucet is not single, there is another procedure is used for its opening.

Lose the nuts and pull the handle

You have to lose the nuts that are used for the tightening of the handle, and when you have lost them, then you have to place the piece of the cloth that is used to stop the flow of the water.

When you have removed the nuts, then you have to pull the handle outward and take the handle by twisting, and then you have to take it from the base for checking and removing both purposes.

Check the O-rings

check the o rings

You have to check the O-rings and how many are in that base. There are almost two, but sometimes there are one and sometimes two. It depends on what faucet it is of which type.

Then you have to remove or lift them by using the screwdriver and the other tools that are required for that work.

If you have to replace them, then you have to check their means, check their size and also their quantity, and then replace them with new ones.

Apply the grease-type material on them and replace them gently in the place from where you have removed them.

Apply the grease

You have to apply the grease on the O-rings and also on the base, and the base and the O-rings need the grease for their parts to join very tightly.

Grease is a very important thing that is necessary for the machinery to work best.

Reinstall the parts

When you have applied the grease on the parts of the machine, and then they have almost come in good condition, you have to reinstall all the elements that you removed from the base of the faucet.

These are the steps that I have told you for the removal. The steps are the same, but they are in reverse condition, and you have to replace them.

Here your problem is almost come to solve, and your procedure of completing the work comes to an end.

Restore the connection of the water

faucet leaks at base when turned on 2022

Now when the whole procedure comes to an end, and you have replaced the parts that you have removed, then there you have to restore the connection of the water and see what the position is now.

Check whether the water is leaking or not, then the procedure totally goes to an end, and your problems have been solved from which you are suffering, and no, there is not any problem that remains.

Now there are no water leaks from the tap or the base of the faucet as there is the cause of the faucet leaking is resolved, and this is the very best thing that prevents the water from leaking. The faucet leaks at the base when turned on.

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