Electrolux washer e11

Electrolux washer e11. There is no question about the fact that washing machines have made our lives very easy because we can wash our dirty clothes with less effort now.

Electrolux is a famous washer brand with many new features. Still, like other electrical appliances, it also has some error codes that display on the screen when something goes wrong with the appliance.

Error code e11 appears on the displays screen when the water is not filling in the washing machine or it takes much time to fill up in the washer tub.

Usually, the e11 code informs the user with a flash or slight sound of the beep. So, whenever you check the e11 code, your washer might not fill up sufficient water to wash the dresses, or the appliance has a water draining problem.

Before you contact someone to share your problem, read this blog post because I am sure this research I gathered from my personal experience and the internet will help you remove this code.

Electrolux washer e11

Electrolux washer is a reliable brand with many features, but if you are having e11 code trouble, then it means the water is not properly filling up in the washer tub to wash the clothes. There are many causes beyond the e11 error code.

Too often, you forbid opening the water tap. If the water tap from which the water fills up in the washer is closed, then water is not filled, so whenever you see the e11 code on the screen, immediately check the water tap or valve to ensure the water starts coming into the machine. Let’s read all factors in detail behind this trouble.

Closed water tap

closed water tap

It is very frustrating to see water not filling up in the washing machine when you have a lot of dirty clothes to clean, and you are all set to wash them.

First of all, check the tap close to the washing machine because sometimes we forget to open the water tap or someone in the home closed the tap due to leaking water.

If you check the water is filling up, but it is filling very slowly, then there is a chance that the water tap is slightly closed, so open it entirely so that the water starts to fill in the washing machine completely.

Less water pressure

If there is no problem regarding the water and it is fully opened, and still the washer tub is not filling with the full speed of the water, then it might be less water pressure.

Water pressure gets low due to many causes, like no water in the water tank. So, check the water level in the water tank, and if it is low, then refill it with fresh water so that it flows through all the taps in the home.

If you are using the main water supply in the home and the water pressure is low, call the water supply authority to open the water supply in the area.

Once the water fills the tub, the e11 error code will be removed from the display screen.

Make sure the right position of the drain pipe

make sure the right position of the drain pipe

The position of the drain pipe matters a lot in the flow of water because if you do not install it in the right position, then water will not fill up in the tub, and as a result, the e11 will indicate that water is not draining from the machine after washing clothes.

The length of the drain pipe must not increase from 10 cm fall through the drain.

Therefore, it’s important to install the water pipe properly so that the water should drain easily.

Faulty water inlet valve

faulty water inlet valve

If the water is not filling up in the machine, but your water tank is full, then inspect the water inlet valve.

Sometimes the water inlet valve is closed by someone in the home for any reason, like a leaking water tap in the bathroom.

If the water inlet valve is closed, your problem will be solved by just opening the valve because the error code e11 will remove after the water comes into the tub.

However, if the water is not coming, then your water inlet valve is defective due to corrosion or overuse.

If you know basic plumbing skills, you can replace the defective water inlet valve, but if you don’t know, hire a plumber to change the valve.

Drain height

If enough water is not filling up in the washer and the e11 code is beeping, then it might be an issue with the height of the pipe. It must range between 100 cm and 60 cm from the bottom of the washer.

You can also confirm this information from the manufacturer’s manual before you install a washing machine at any place because it becomes difficult to open all pipe settings once installing a machine at any place.

Blocked drain pipe

blocked drain pipe

If you are having a draining problem with your Electrolux washer because of the e11 code appearing on the screen, it might be a blockage in the drain pipe.

The drain pipe is usually blocked due to using too much detergent or coins stuck in the drain pipe.

Always try to wash fewer dresses in one cycle because you will have to enter less detergent.

Too much sud makes blockages in the drain pipe, and it becomes difficult for water to flow from the drain pipe.


The final words in this article are that if error code e11 is displaying on the Electrolux washer, then it is due to water not coming into the machine due to a closed tap or low water pressure, etc.

It also shows when you have draining issues in the machine due to using an extra detergent that blocks the drain pipe. I am hopeful this article will surely help to get rid of the e11 code.

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