GE washer not spinning clothes dry

GE washer not spinning clothes dry. GE washing machines are famous for their high standard and performance. But, with the usage and age, some components of even the best machines are worn out and demand repairing.

If your washer is not spinning clothes dry, then don’t get panic and worry because sometimes it is due to the load imbalance and overstuffing in the machine.

You can fix this issue in no time with how to know. Some other main reasons for this problem are these.

  • Confirm the switch of the lid
  • load is imbalanced
  • Inspect the type of detergent
  • Insufficient level of water in the tub
  • Inspect the water type
  • Check the cloth type
  • Ensure the machine is in a smooth place
  • The drain trap is clogged
  • The drive belt is broken

So, these are some common causes behind the malfunctioning of the machines. You can not get a proper wash of clothes if something is wrong with the machine.

Keep reading this article to know why the machine is not spinning. So that you can repair it by yourself without wasting money.

GE washer not spinning clothes dry

ge washer not spinning clothes dry

The spin cycle is the main part of every washer. If the washing machine is not cleaning the fabric at all, it is vibrating.

It is generating a lot of noise then indeed something faulty in the machine which demands repairing or replacing.

Let’s find out the main causes beyond why the washer is not spinning.

Load is imbalanced

It is essential that the load in the tub should not be imbalanced. If one side of the tub is heavily weighed, then the spinner will not spin.

Whenever you load laundry in the machine then, make sure that heavy clothes are not mixed with the light weighed clothes.

Before washing, distribute the clothes; otherwise, the washer will not spin. If there is an imbalanced load of bulky towels with small fabrics, then load-thumping noise will come.

This reason will shut off the machine to stop it from big damage. Open the lid and distribute your clothes.

 Confirm the switch of lid

In top loader machines, a lid switch is placed below the main lid. It is a safety device because it stops the washer from spinning when the main lid is unclosed. When you open the lid, then the machine stops.

If this safety device crashes, you can not wash the fabric in the washing machine. If the washer is not spinning, then, first of all, close and open the lid; if it does not make any difference, it means the lid switch is crashed, and you will have to replace it.

If you have how to know of replacing a switch, then do it by yourself. If you didn’t, then it is better to call a professional to fix the issue.

Insufficient  level of water

If the machine is not spinning the cycle, then check the level of water in the tub of the machine. It is obvious thing that if there is less amount water in the tub and clothes are loaded in more quantity, then you can not get the proper cleaning.

On the other side, if the level of water is high in the tub, then it will also make it difficult for the washer to spin. For that reason, always use a sufficient amount of water in the tub according to the laundry and suggested by the manufacturers.

Placed machine on smooth place

It is very important for a washer to be placed in a smooth place. If it is not located at a level place, then the agitator will not be capable of spinning freely.

It will also make a lot of noise and starts to move if the surface is not flat.

Inspect the water type

Ensure that the water you are using in the washer to wash the clothes is hard water. Hard water has some minerals which are helpful in removing dirt and stains from the fabric easily.

If it is soft water, then there will be calcium and magnesium in it, which is dangerous for the machine. So always try to use hard water in the machine to save it from being worn out.

Check the cloth type

check the cloth type

If you use a powder detergent in the washer and if it is not operating then check the cloth type and add some more amount of detergent to it.

It is because different types of clothes need various amounts of detergent to wash the laundry effectively.

Washer is overstuffed

It depends on the size of the tub and how much stuff or clothes you can wash in one cycle. If you overload the tub with laundry, then it will make the machine off balance as well as difficult to spin.

If the machine is making a loud noise, then immediately stop it to prevent it from permanent damage. Pull out bulky towels and some heavy dresses so that the agitator can easily spin to wash the fabrics.

The drive belt is broken

One more thing to check is the drive belt of the machine. If you found it broken or worn out due to usage then replace it by hiring a professional.


The bottom line of the article is that all these solutions are helpful for you to fix the troubleshooting of the GE washer not spinning but there are also many more faults that can stop the machine to operate.

It does not matter how much you took care of the unit, with time some faults came into it. So it is suggested to you that if you have no experience in repairing a washer, then hire a certified professional for proper troubleshooting.

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