Samsung washer ddc code

Samsung washer ddc code. When the DDC  error code appears on the Samsung washer machine, there is an issue with the door. Usually, the ddc sign displays on the screen when the add wash door opens without stopping the washer evidently.

So, when you see a ddc error code appears, you don’t need to call a professional because it is not due to mechanical error but due to overload in the machine, or it occurs when something is trapped in the washer door.

Many people use their electrical appliances carelessly, due to which appliance starts malfunctioning. The same is the case here.

If you use your washing machine roughly and open and close the door at full speed, it will damage and not close properly after some time.

If you are here, it means you are having an issue with your washer ddc code. Keep reading the blog post to fix this error code yourself.

Samsung washer ddc code

A ddc/dc error code on the Samsung washer machine informs the user that there is an issue with the door and it is not closing correctly.

Usually, it appears when you overload the machine with clothes and imbalances machine. It becomes difficult for the machine spinner to rotate.

Following are some troubleshooting tips to eliminate the ddc error code on a washing machine.

Overloaded machine

overloaded machine

When you start washing the dresses in the Samsung washer machine, then do not try to wash all the dresses in one spin cycle to save the water and detergent but try washing all the clothes in two to three cycles.

It’s necessary because when you overload the machine with bulky items like jeans, towels, bedsheets, sweaters, etc., the washer spinner has to pull more force to spin. As a result, the machine door appears apparently, and as a result, the error code shows on the screen.

Some users do the mistake of putting all the dresses of different sizes in the machine at a time. In this case, the spinner needs more force to spin, which imbalances the machine.

So, ensure to put less load in the washing machine so the spinner moves quickly and the washer door shuts off properly if you see the error dc error code appearing, power off the machine and decrease the load so that the door should be closed properly.

Lastly,  if you are washing just one cloth or small size dress, the spinner motion force will dance the small dresses upward into one place in the tub.

When it occurs in the washing machine, it ends in the machine perceiving an imbalance load. You can add a towel or jeans to balance the load in the tub.

Ensure nothing is trapped in the washer door

ensure nothing is trapped in the washer door

If you are washing dresses in the washing machine and the ddc error code appears on the Samsung washer display, stop the machine and check the washer door.

It sometimes happens that when you overload the machine, then any cloth piece is trapped in the washing machine door, and the door is not closed correctly.

Some machines have a feature that they do not start to spin until the door latch is not closed correctly.

So switch off the machine and remove the thing trapped in the door. Reduce some load and then start the power button to wash the dresses.

Place the machine at a level surface

place the machine at a level surface

Sometimes the ddc code appears on the screen when the washer door opens due to placing the machine at an unlevel surface.

Make sure to place the machine at the level surface because when the spinner spins to wash the dresses, the machine jumps if you do not place it at the level surface.

If you have a leveling tool available in the home or laundry, check the surface level to place the flat ground on the Samsung washer.

If you have positioned the machine at stones or rocks, drag it to another place in the home to avoid the ddc error code.

The ddc code will automatically disappear when you shift the washer slightly to a standard flat surface because the door will not open now due to dresses spinning.


The final thoughts on this article are that the Samsung washer ddc error code appears when the washer door is not closed correctly.

It does not happen due to a faulty culprit in the machine, but it just appears due to overload in the machine or when something is trapped in the door, and the door does not close properly.

All the possible methods to get rid of the ddc error code are explained in the above point.

However, still, the dc code is not disappearing, then contact with skilfully professional to check the washing machine for further inspection.

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