Dyson v7 blue light flashing 10 times

Dyson v7 blue light flashing 10 times. A Dyson vacuum cleaner is a reliable appliance to clean your home and remove dust from every corner.

  • But, if you see a blue light flashing on your vacuum cleaner, then it means it is indicating something is wrong with the appliance.

If the Dyson v7 blue light flashes 10 times, then it is informing you to stop using the device and not continue to use the device that is not doing its job. The light is normally fixed near the battery of the vacuum cleaner.

If you are cleaning the home with a vacuum cleaner and its blue light blinks during vacuuming, there is an issue with the device.

On most occasions, it occurs due to the blockage in the vacuum cleaner because dust gathers in the air filters, so first of all, clean the filters.

There are also many other causes of this issue, like vacuum filters may be clogged due to dust, the battery is almost ended, the dust container is full, etc.

Dyson v7 blue light flashing 10 times

Dyson v7 vacuum cleaner is an excellent device for cleaning purposes in the home, but it is also essential to keep your device up-to-date by maintaining its maintenance.

Change the vacuum filter after every 12 months and charge its battery before it becomes empty. Read this blog post to fix all the Vaccum blue light flashing issues.

Clean the air filters

clean the air filters

When you see the light flashing 10 times of Dyson v7 blue, then check the air filter because the light starts flashing when you do not clean the air filter for many days, and they become dirty.

Air filters are an important part of the vacuum cleaner, so keep cleaning it properly in this way.

  • First of all, carefully detach the vacuum air filter.
  • Clean all the dust from it.
  • Wash your filter with soapy water.
  • Rinse the filter.
  • Shake it well to remove all the moisture.
  • Do not install the air filter in the vacuum cleaner immediately and wait for one day to air dry the filter completely.

It’s also important to replace the air filters every 12 months for the device’s proper functioning.

Empty the dust container

empty the dust container

When you use the Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and debris from the room, keep an eye on the dust container because it is necessary to keep emptying the dust container outside the home.

If you do not empty the dust container, then blue light starts flashing on the device to inform you that there is no more space in the container to accumulate the dust and debris.

So, disconnect the dust container from the appliance and empty it outside the home to start the work again. The blue light will stop blinking automatically once you empty the container.

Low battery

Some devices only start and work properly when you fully charge them before work. Charge your Dyson vacuum cleaner battery fully, and then start your work.

Sometimes, it happens that you charge your device for three hours.

Still, it does not charge due to an issue with the power outlet so keep in mind this point also and try to charge the vacuum cleaner in some other outlet to confirm whether the battery is faulty or there is a power surge problem with the socket.

If you see the blue light starts flashing, then it means its battery is about to finish, so switch off the device and charge it to get things going.

It’s a simple way to fix the issue that works mostly. But, if the battery is fully charged when plugged into the wall outlet, but it does not work fine when you unplug it from the wall outlet, then I am sad to say the battery is defective, and you need to replace the vacuum cleaner battery.

Engine filter is clogged

engine filter is clogged

It’s essential to maintain the cleanliness of your Dyson vacuum cleaner because you have to deal with dust and debris.

If you do not clean the mud and dust from all parts, especially the engine filter, it becomes clogged and blue light starts to flash.

To remove the clog from the engine filter first you need to disconnect the engine filter. Now, if you want to clean it, detach it from the cleaner body first.

Next, rinse the engine filter in lukewarm water and then pull it out from the water.

Do not fix the engine filter immediately but leave it to air dry for one day before fixing it back into the Dyson cleaner.

If you want your Dyson engine filter works for many years, then keep cleaning it in this way after one to two months.


The final thoughts on this article are if The light flashes 10 times of Dyson v7 blue, then it means something is wrong with the device, so stop using the machine and check if the air filter is clogged or if the dust container might be complete, and it is indicating you to empty it.

Make sure to charge the Dyson battery fully before starting your job, and changing your filters every six months is suitable.

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