Keep on picking up dust after vacuum carpet

Keep on picking up dust after vacuum carpet. Sometimes you keep on picking up dust after vacuuming the carpet. This is usually caused because of faulty cleaner. There can be other reasons that are stated in this article.

I am a freelancer, so I spend most of my time working at home. So recently while cleaning my house I faced this problem. I was like, why is this happening?

So I started searching for it. I tried to deal with it using the techniques I found. Not all of them worked, but I made a list of the ones that work. This is so that the other people won’t face the same issue.

Keep on picking up dust after vacuum carpet

Keep on picking up dust after vacuum carpet

Your vacuum is not sucking properly. Even though it seems to work, the dust still remains within. It might be caused because of low power.

The dust might need more cleaning than you think. Meaning that you need to use the cleaner multiple times in an area.

The reason can be that you are not vacuuming properly. You might be doing it too fast. It may be that you are just using it the wrong way.

It can be solved if you learn the method to do it properly. Let’s see the reasons why this problem is occurring and the way of dealing with the problem.

Unepmtyed bag

All cleaners have a bag on them. Some bags are big while others are small. This all depends on the appliance. Even though the bags are big and can store a lot of dust. They have a limit. When they are full, you cannot suck with the appliance.

Sometimes even when the bag isn’t full. The cleaners start to lose their performance. Sometimes when the bag is a little above half, this happens.

So It is better to clean the bag from time to time. Even though you used it a little bit. You should clean it regularly. This will not let the appliance lose its efficiency.

Irrelevant extension

All vacuums come with attachments. There is a reason for that. The reason behind this is that these attachments are designed specifically for different areas.

Like a crevice tool used on carpets. It performs an excellent task when it comes to cleaning the edges of the carpet.

It reaches the awkward places of your house like the walls, much better than your standard extension. It might be that you are using the wrong attachment for your task and that is the reason the problem keeps arising.

Rushed cleaning

Vacuuming too fast will not clean properly. The dust won’t be sucked as should. Other things will not be sucked either. You should always clean after you have picked things like coins and paper clips.

And cleaning needs to be done slowly. Move the device slowly on the carpet and let it suck properly.

The slower you are, the more thoroughly the surface will be cleaned. The slow movement works even better with extensions.



You are too lazy to move all the things aside. Well, Don’t take it as offensive. You may have mistakenly not cleaned under the sofas or the bed. Most dirt is stuck under your furniture.

It gets stuck, and the amount increases with time. The chances also increase if you have a pet.

I don’t say you should vacuum under the furniture daily. Once a week should be enough to deal with it. This will make sure no dirt remains.

Machine lacks maintenance

Sometimes the problem is with the machine itself. Its filter might be covered with dust. This disallows proper sucking. The motor, if damaged, will not suck properly either.

The power, if not enough, would make the machine work slower. The device should be maintained in proper order.

The dirt should be removed from the filter with a brush or cloth. Another maintenance is important, so it should be done spotlessly.


If you see that, there is a problem regarding vacuuming. Then the problems and the solutions above are like gold to you. They not only tell you to clean the device but also offer tips for better cleaning.

I am pretty sure that nothing resembling dirt will remain on it. If one method doesn’t work. Try all of them.

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