Directv remote not working

Directv remote not working. When your movies weekend was spoiled this week after the remote abruptly stopped functioning, you got down and carefully investigated why and when the remote may go faulty, as well as the best techniques to analyze and repair it.

Is your DIRECTV remote refusing to work? It can happen to anyone. Perhaps it was fallen too several occasions, or perhaps you’re attempting to use an outdated remote with a different box. You might have to reboot it in either case.

It doesn’t matter whatever remote you have; as soon as it has the DIRECTV symbol on it, you can easily reboot it.

If your DirecTV remote isn’t functioning, start by removing any items that might be obstructing the remote’s transmission, then changing the cells, and then restarting the remote and receivers.

If any of those solutions work, it’s time to replace your DirecTV remote.

In this post, we will discover few ways to fix this issue. Let’s start:

Directv remote not workingdirectv remote not working troubleshooting

Discover how to troubleshoot difficulties with your DIRECTV remote:

Examine the Battery’s Condition

The low battery display on the DirecTV Universal remotes is built-in. Simply hold down key 1 while looking for a green flashing light of the controller to glow.

If the indicator remains on, the battery is fully charged. If it flashes, it signifies the cells are still functional but are deteriorating. Change the two AA Battery pack if the indicator does not flash.

Restart the box, And The Controllerrestart the box and the controller

To restart the box, push the red key and wait for it to begin, then check to see whether the problem has been fixed.

Check out the following techniques to restore the remote.

  • Around the same moment, click the Silent and SELECT keys.
  • Look for the green led to blink repeatedly over the switch.
  • Now enter 9 8 1 to exit. The green led must flash 4 times before stopping.
  • To see if the controller has begun working, hit LIST, Help, or Options.

You may also use the TV’s settings to restart the remote. Here’s what to do to accomplish this:

  • choose SETTINGS & Support from the MENU list.
  • After that, go to Configurations and choose REMOTE CONTROL from the drop-down menu.
  • The Restart REMOTE button should be visible here.
  • When this is selected, click it to test whether the remote works.

If this solution doesn’t work for you, proceed to the next one:

Clear Your Remote Control

Due to the dirt that collects in the remote, the keys frequently cease transmitting the correct signal. Clearing it aids in the remote’s repair. box Clean the front cover of the with a delicate silk wipe.

When you attempt to use it, ensure you’re at least 4 feet away. Here is a Guide to why DIRECTV Genie Not Working in One Room.

Which kind of DirecTV controller do you have?

DirecTV Genie Remote

This new remote, which works with all Genie gadgets in RF capability, maybe self-programmed also without a sightline. They do, however, work in the IR method with other boxes.

DirecTV Universal Remote

This remote control is compatible with all DirecTV devices. It also works with a wide range of electronic codecs because of its comprehensive universal coding.

Look for any buttons that have been blocked

If one of the keys on the control is left pushed, the remote may cease operations. To fix this, make sure that the remote’s setting is set to DirecTV.

After that, run your fingertips over all of the keys to see whether they’re jammed. Then test the remote once more.

Adjust the remote’s settings

Changing between the remote’s settings is one of the first stages for repairing your remote. Click the menu icon to alter the remote’s modes; after choosing Configurations, pick REMOTE CONTROL.

The Setting should be one of the choices offered. Choose it and change the controller’s setting. Proceed by pressing CONTINUE and then Quit. Attempt to use your remote once more.

Change to RF for the Genie controller and IR for the universal controller when changing.

As a substitute, use the DirecTV Application

When none of the procedures mentioned works, you may operate your device with the DirecTV Application. Look for the DirecTV program in the android market and download it.

After you’ve downloaded the app, go to Searching FOR TV and look for a remote control button at the top-hand corner. Choose box Pair or Attach your gadget by tapping that symbol.

After that, you must finish the installation by following the prompts.


This is the end of this article. In this post, we have discussed some of the reasons and their ways to fix this issue. We hope that we have cleared all of your queries.

Directv remote not working

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