Best led light bulbs consumer reports

Best led light bulbs consumer reports. Since Led bulbs innovation is becoming more common, several manufacturers have used it in latest years as prices have decreased.

This indicates you have many preferences when it comes to selecting a fresh LED light bulb, including brands you probably didn’t know available. Once it refers to replacing bulbs, you’re undoubtedly aware of names like Great Eagle and Sylvania.

Light bulbs have a huge influence on how our houses appear and experience daily. With a surge of new electricity LED bulbs flooding the electrical sector, customers have more LED lighting alternatives now than ever.

Furthermore, a Led bulb might lead to significant savings on your utility bills and power.

How do you choose the finest LED lights for the task, though?

The secret is to consider how you normally utilize light in different places in your house for a longer duration. As much as anything, this will determine your lighting requirements.

For example, a very light bulb in your favorite studying light may be beneficial if you enjoy a softer and lamp warm fuzzy feeling from the light by your bed.

Towards that objective, below are some recommendations to assist you in selecting the best-Led light for your lighting and living area. I’ve also provided links to purchase bulbs using our testing when applicable.

So, our top pick for this category is Great Eagle A19 Led Bulbs. Almost 90percent of the total buyers rate these lights 5-star, with so many praising the brilliance of the illumination they provide and the cost-effectiveness of this 4.

It will be a nice selection if you are buying led bulbs for houses.

6 Best led light bulbs consumer reports

1. Great Eagle A19 Best led light bulbs consumer reports

best led light bulbs consumer reports

Almost 90percent of buyers rate these bulbs 5-star, with many praising the brilliance of the light they provide and the cost-effectiveness of this 4.

One reviewer says, “Fantastic deal for the price per light,” one of many who use the term “worth” in their comment.

One gives a more nuanced assessment: “Such bulbs have a loving relationship with me. I love how brilliant they are and how nicely they brighten up.

Oh, and speaking of the hate connection, now I can see how filthy some sections of the home were that my old, awful yellow bulbs wouldn’t display.”

Its build quality is nice which makes it work for a long time. Reduce up to 85percent of your electricity costs by replacing your Sixty-watt bulbs with eco-friendly 9-watt LED lights for instant benefits! Longevity: 10,000 hours. There will be no more bulb replacements. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Worth the price
  • Bright light
  • Great on energy saving


  • Not For office, living room


As per the verdict, if you are a person who likes bright lights or wants his house to be illuminated by bright lights, then this product, i.e. Great Eagle A19, is for you. It attracts buyers towards itself because of its build quality and great electricity-saving feature.

2. Amazon Basic 15 Watts Best led light bulbs for home

best led light bulbs for home

More than a hundred people have said that such AmazonBasics light bulbs last a long period of time.

Another buyer, who claims to have a “huge apartment” where “lightbulbs are continually running low,” believes these “will last longer, long period of time despite utilizing a fraction of the power.”

Even though they aren’t prohibitively costly, especially when purchased in quantity, she was “quite astonished and happy” with the performance of these bulbs, which she described as “far higher quality than ancient lights.”

After replacing all of her lightings with these LED lights, one buyer stated she had an “almost spiritual revelation.”


These bulbs may be used for a number of ornamental and illumination purposes. Best led light bulbs for home.

Energy Saving

These LED light bulbs consume just 9 watts of electricity and can save you up to $57 during the bulb’s lifetime.


  • Great Longevity
  • Reasonable Price
  • Nice Quality


  • Not comfortable for everyone due to its bright light.


As per the verdict, we recommend this product because of its great longevity, cheap price, build quality, and low electricity bill. But at the same time, if you are a person who likes cozy or dim light then surely this product is not for you.

3. Sylvania Led Bulb 8.5 Watts

best light bulbs for warm glow

A 5-star reviewer from those Sylvania LED light bulbs says, “Excellent bargain for the budget.” “I changed all of my lights with all these, and these look fantastic.

Customer satisfaction claims you’re getting good lights at a good price, with one saying, “I haven’t ever imagined I’d see the day when LED bulbs became this inexpensive.

I’m thrilled to be able to acquire 24 for the price of a SINGLE Leds only a few years ago.” While many evaluations concentrate on how inexpensive they are, they are also praised for their good quality.

“That’s The Light you Were Waiting for,” says the narrator. It has excellent light, emits a flawless warm glow, and is quite durable.

Long-Lasting Performance

Those lights have a maximum lifetime of up to 11,000 hrs, making them an excellent energy-saving alternative for outdated fluorescent bulbs. You will no longer have to replace your led bulbs regularly!

Safe For Use In The House

Mercury is not present in these Led bulbs. It also doesn’t emit any damaging UV or infrared rays. Check Price on eBay.


  • Good at heat managing
  • Bright Led
  • More efficient than other bulbs.


  • The dimming feature might not work sometimes.


The final verdict depends on your choice, which product suits your needs and is soft on your pocket. However, this product is cheap and has a heat managing sensor, so that it will be a good purchase for you.

4. TCP 9 Watts Best led light bulbs for bedroom

best light bulbs for enclosed fixtures

Change your ceiling or hanging equipment, roof light, or any multi-purpose lights accessory to energy-saving Led bulbs using TCP’s LED bulbs. They emit uniform light in all directions and may be used in many home and business settings.

These 9-watt lights may be used to start replacing 60-watt fluorescent lights. Many buyers prefer the brighter “natural lighting” light over the more common “gentle light.”

“The daylight is ideal for workplaces, bathrooms, and eateries where you would like that bright, clearer light,”

says another buyer who explains the distinctions. The soft white ones are ideal for living areas and other such areas.” Despite the fact that these bulbs are also available in “soft white,”

The daylight versions have received the most positive feedback and appear to be the most popular. Best led light bulbs for bedroom.

The light 5000K bulbs are undoubtedly brilliant, and it’s such a pleasant change to see a sharp, clear brightness,” one customer says.

Turning on a lamp in the gloom of early mornings and evenings and seeing the space come alive with so much brightness is wonderful.


Depending on three hours each day, the rating is 20,000 hrs. TCP LED light bulbs of higher quality endure lengthier!

Electricity Saving

Change your 60-watt lights with TCP energy economical 9 watt LED bulbs and experience the benefits right away. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Good alternate to other bulbs
  • Suitable for indoor
  • Easy to install


  • Flickering for some buyers.


As per the verdict, we would not really recommend you this product to, due to some of the negative reviews from the buyers. Still, if you want to buy this product, then it depends on you and your requirements.

5. Sengled Dusk Best light bulbs for dark rooms

sengled dusk to dawn led bulbs

This dusk to dawn led street lamps is ideal for use in hallways, garages, bathrooms, basements, gardens, pavements, workrooms, utility rooms, patios, closets, porches, stairwells, and storerooms.

It’s a power-saving LED bulb that uses 20% less energy than traditional fluorescent lamps.

If the brightness is less than 20 LUX, it turns on immediately, and if the darkness persists, it switches off instantly at sunrise.

Motion Detecting Sensor

Sengled Led Detector Light Bulb has a strong Photocell sensor that detects the amount of light and instantly turns on the light at dark and turns off the light in the morning.

Even though the space between the bulbs is just 6 inches, there will be no interference. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of human operators.

Easy to Install

The form and dimensions of this energy-saving LED bulb is identical to those of a normal fluorescent lamp. It’s the ideal green alternative to standard fluorescent bulbs. No new wiring is required to convert standard lamps and fittings into detector lights. Its best light bulbs for dark rooms.


  • Automatic ON/Off sensor
  • Good light intensity
  • It can be controlled using Alexa


  • Motion sensor glitches sometimes


As per the final verdict, Due to its problem with the sensor/detector, it is difficult for us to recommend this product. However, its brightness and build quality are good enough; therefore, if you want to buy this product, we have provided you with a link through which you can buy this product.

6. Feit Electric BR40DM Best light bulbs for bedroom

feit electric br40dm led bulbs

The Feit Electric BR40DM 65 W LED light bulb provides all of the advantages of modern LED power-saving innovation. This adjustable 2700K soft white light may be used to replace a 65 W compact fluorescent bulb.

It has the same light output (850 Lumens), consumes 9.5 W of power, and uses up to 79% less energy than a conventional fluorescent lamp.

Get fast access to maximum brightness while maintaining a reasonably cool running temperature.

Feit Electric BR40 bulbs are functional and mercury-free, with a life span of 11,000 hours/10 yrs. Whether home or business use, select a trustworthy track and concealed lighting bulb.

One five-star reviewer says, “Omg, those bulbs are fantastic. They’re lovely and brilliant, turn on instantly (I adore LEDs), and have adjustable capabilities. They don’t produce the beeping sound as some of the less expensive dimmable LEDs do.

Would purchase more for the remainder of our downlights. Best light bulbs for the bedroom.

One customer noted a significant increase in lighting brightness and temperature production after exchanging their fluorescents bulbs with these: “Such lights operate much cool, and fade real nicely with my remote control, and my group enjoys them

Energy Saving

The efficiency of the Feit Electric flash projector The 6-piece BR40 LED Light Bulb is an excellent low-cost, power-saving option for track and light fixtures; quick on to maximum intensity; minimal heat; long-lasting. We add here How to reset a motion sensor light.


Although producing 850 Brightness comparable to a 65-Watt comparable fluorescent lamp, the adjustable LED bulb requires just 13W, reducing up to 80percent on electricity bills & Medium temperature; life span up to 10 yrs. Best led light bulbs consumer reports.


  • Warm light color
  • Good light
  • Smooth design


  • Poor Dim range.


As per the final verdict, its innovation, warm light color, and energy-saving technology attract customers to purchase this product. You can ignore the negative comments and reviews against this product, i.e. Feit electric led light bulb. It would be a better choice for you.



This is the end of this article. In this post, we have discussed the top best-led light bulbs, made a quick comparison among our top 6 best led light bulbs, and also discussed each of these products individually. We hope this article will have been helpful to you.

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