Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Working

Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Working. Fire TVs are one of the most used TVs for entertainment purposes.

People often love using them and rave about their quality, but like all other technological gadgets, they can also get faulty. The main problem that fire tv users often witness is its remote.

If you are one of those users who are facing volume problems with the fire tv remote as it is not controlling the sound, then it must be a frustrating process.

Sound controlling problems with the Fire Tv remote is a common problem as the Fire tv remote is a bit different from the normal Tv remotes.

Fire Tv comes with a variety of features, and that is the actual reason that its remote has a lot of buttons that are difficult to operate, and the most frustrating part is a problem with its volume control.

If you are facing some sort of problem with the Fire Tv volume control, then you have to identify the reasons behind it.

After identifying the causes, you have to look up its solutions so that you can start controlling volume again and can enjoy streaming.

Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Workingwhy fire tv remote volume control not working

If your Fire TV remote does include volume control, but it isn’t working, try the following steps given. Restarting the Fire TV or resetting the controls are both options.

If you are looking for an identification method, then we have got your back, and we have researched and observed a few reasons that could lead your remote to disrupt the volume control.

We have also listed some possible solutions so that you can start streaming your favorite music and series with the boosted volume control.

Faulty Batteries

The most common problem could be your faulty batteries. If something is wrong with the tv remote battery, then it is normal that it stops operating volume control.

If batteries are possibly on their 50%, then it is also possible chances that they can stop working and distrust the control of volume.

Fire Stick Remote on Mute

Sometimes if you have toddlers in your home, then it is for sure possible that they can make their hands reach up to the remote. The very first thing that they can do with the remote is to press all its buttons randomly.

It is possible that your kids have pressed the mute button, and you don’t even know about that. Then try pressing the mute button and check if it was the problem or not.

Signal Blockage

Another normal thing is the signal blockage that occurs because of objects that lie in front of the HDMI signal and blocks the radio frequency signals from reaching up to the device.

As a radio frequency signal is used to operate the TV through the remote, and if something blocks them, then it is more than possible that your TV Stops operating because of hurdles between the remote and HDMI device.

Wrongly placed batteries

Sometimes Wrongly placed batteries could be the reason for not working the Fire TV remote. Examine the batteries if they are placed properly or not and, after checking up their batteries, properly organize them so that the Fire TV starts working again.

Damaged Buttons

Sometimes remote buttons can get damaged. If the remote button that you are using gets damaged due to any possible reasons, then it can remove the connection between the device signals and the HDMI machine.

Again, toddlers can knock the button out, and also the other reason for damaged buttons could be the old remote. Make sure when you press the volume up button then, it makes a clicking noise and is pressed properly, and if it is not, then you have to replace your remote.


Solution-1) Restart your Fire Stick

Restarting can fix a lot of problems, and then you just have to play and select the power button for Fire to restart it, and it may solve the problem.

Restarting the fire stick can set up a lot of problems related to volume control and other problems as well.

Solution-2) Resetting “Dolby Digital Plus” Option

Dolby is basically a set of sound settings that are specially designed to enhance the sound of a few apps, but at the same time, it can drop the sound and even turn it to nearly equal to silent.

And if you want to drop and disable the DOLBY setting, then follow the steps that WWE has listed down below.

  • Select the Option of SETTING.
  • Select Audi from the display and sound option.
  • Dolby’s digital output will get exposed after clicking on the audio.
  • Turn the Dolby Digital Plus off.

Solution-3) Resetting “Equipment control” Options

The next step that you can take is to change the Equipment Control Setting and to check them. Follow the steps below.

  • Check for the option of Setting.
  • In the setting, there is going to be an even option of Equipment control.
  • When you press equipment control, the option of managing equipment will be exposed.
  • Then you can reset the setting from the equipment control out of the set.

Change the Equipment Control settings. Select Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment to enable audio control via the Fire Stick remote for your TV and various speakers. If your speakers aren’t showing, select Add Equipment from the Equipment Control menu.

Solution-4) Use Alexa Volume controls

You can simply ask Alexa to control the volumes by ordering them as “Increase the volume Alexa” or “Decrease the volume, Alexa.”

Solution-5) Unpairing wireless devices

Sometimes problems could lie in pairing the devices, so it is recommended to unpair the Bluetooth devices and any wireless device that is pairing up with the Fire Tv.

Solution-6) Attach HDI port to your TVmake use of the hdmi cec port

Try Detaching and then attaching again the HDMI port to the TV and hopefully, this will fix the problem.

Solution-7) Replacing Batteries

If the problem lies in your batteries, then it is recommended to change batteries and replace them with new ones.

Final Verdict

If your Fire Tv is not touching up on the orders of the Fire Tv remote and not checking up on the volume controls, then you must have to look up the reasons and its solutions.

If you are looking for reasons and solutions, then we have got your back and researched a few solutions on your behalf so that you can start streaming your favorite TV series and shows on the enhanced possible voice on your favorite Fire Tv.

Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Working

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