Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Working

Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Working. One of the most commonly used devices in our homes and offices is the Fire Tv Remote. how will you react if the volume of your Fire TV remote stop working? Definitely, you’ll need to use some really effective approaches to solve this problem.

Actually, Fire TV has a basic design with only a few features, so when one of those features does not work it can be annoying. Many users have problems with the volume control on their Fire TV remote, but there is typically an easy solution and explanation.

This article will guide you through each of these ways of getting the volume on your Fire TV back to normal.

Why Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Workingwhy fire tv remote volume control not working

If your Fire TV remote does include a volume control but it isn’t working, try the following steps given. Restarting the Fire TV or resetting the controls are both options.

Reset Your Fire TV

Try restarting your Fire TV if the batteries are doing well, press and hold the “Select” option and “Play or Pause” keys for five seconds to do this. Rebooting the device can be all that’s needed to have the controls work properly.

Manage the Settings of the Equipment

The control settings of the TV, receiver, or soundbar are another thing that may be worth examining. To access and change these configurations follow the procedure below.

Go to Settings then Equipment Control then Manage Equipment and then “Change”(TV/Receiver/Soundbar).

Make use of the HDMI-CEC portmake use of the hdmi cec port

Another typical issue occurs when the Fire TV is plugged into the incorrect HDMI port. This port is known by several names depending on the TV maker, but they all refer to the same thing.

This port should be indicated not just on the back of your TV but also in the operating handbook.

Fire TV Remote No Volume Control

If your remote doesn’t have a volume control, it’s most likely because it’s an older model that doesn’t have it. Only the Fire TV Stick 4K introduced the volume and power control in 2018.

So you can’t control the volume with a remote button if you have a design before this.

Fire TV Remote Not Controlling Volume

More reasons why your Fire TV remote isn’t regulating the volume of your TV are listed below.

Replace the batteries in the remote

It’s possible that the remote’s batteries need to be replaced if the volume isn’t working. Re-inserting the same batteries or replacing them entirely has been shown to work.

This looks simple, yet has benefited many people, in these circumstances, the other remote functions have still been working because of the lack of infrared technology.

Blocked Infrared Signal

Infrared signals are used to control the volume and power on the remote. The TV receives a low-frequency light source generated by the remote. It will not be able to adjust the TV or volume if something blocks the pathway of this light to the TV’s receiver. You should also consider getting closer to the television.

On a Fire TV, how do you change the volume?

There are three ways to control the volume on the Fire TV.

Firstly, Using a universal remote control or the television. Secondly, Using the remote control with the Fire TV (onwards to 2018). Thirdly, use voice control with Alexa.

The volume on Fire TV is too low

Try to boost the volume with the remote first, if the level is too low again. A common problem with the Dolby Digital Plus function if this does not work.

Dolby Digital Plus is a higher-quality audio format that isn’t supported by all Fire TV apps. Sound will appear to be quite low for those who are incompatible. Follow the instructions below to deactivate this setting.

Go to Settings select Sound Display then Audio and select after that Dolby Digital Output and lastly press Dolby Digital Plus Off.


You must know how to overcome your fire TV  remote volume control not working with the help of the above possibilities, which we suggested for you step by step.

If your Fire TV’s ‘Equipment Control’ settings are incorrect, you are not utilizing the HDMI-CEC port, the batteries are low, or the infrared signal is jammed, the remote volume will not work.

Furthermore, volume control is not available on Fire TV remotes made previous to 2018.

You can get more information and get answers to your questions by calling the Amazon Fire TV Stick Support Number. It’s a fantastic medium.

When you call, you must provide some of your personal information to the technical team, and your difficulties will be resolved after verification.

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Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Working

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