Ceiling fan tripping breaker

Ceiling fan tripping breaker. Imagine the situation in which you are sleeping under a ceiling fan on a hot summer night.  Suddenly, you listen a loud sound, and after that, the blades of the fan slow down and stop.

If it is tripped, then surely, it is a sign of something wrong with the fan.

The ceiling fan starts tripping the breaker due to different reasons, like sometimes the blades of fans are not balanced. The most common reason for tripping a circuit breaker is an increase in load on the circuit.

So ensure that there should be no extra load on the circuit breaker of the fan. There are many reasons for this problem mentioned in this article that will help you to fix the problem.

Ceiling fan tripping breaker

ceiling fan tripping breaker

It sometimes frustrates you if the circuit breaker of the ceiling fan starts frequently tripping because you cannot survive without a fan on a hot sunny day.

Without any further ado, here are some common reasons which are responsible for tripping breakers.

Circuit is overloaded

The ceiling fans in the homework are like other electrical appliances. To get their proper functioning, it is necessary to attach them to an electrical outlet.

Now, if the fan is creating an issue of tripping the breaker, then it means that the outlet in which it is fixed is not giving the required voltage to the fan. Soon it will overload the circuit.

Once you feel that the outlet is the culprit, then switch off the fan immediately. It is better for you to hire an electrician instead of repairing it yourself. You may face an electric shock because of no experience.

Blades of fan are not balanced

ceiling fan tripping breaker 2022

It is essential that the blades of the fan must spin about their own axis. If there is a small imbalance in the blades, then there will be a problem of overheating the fan and loose wiring.

Its only solution is that if you inspect that there is a slight change in the spinning of blades, then immediately switch off the fan and tighten the screws of the blades with a screwdriver.

Short circuit

The short circuit is one more reason for the tripping breaker of a ceiling fan. It occurs when the neutral wires and hot wires touch each other.

You know that a big amount of current flows through a circuit. This unexpected flow of current is called a short circuit. When this situation occurs then, the circuit breaker trips to keep away from the minaceous results.

If you want to save the fan wires from the short circuits, then add a ground cable to the circuit. It will stop the flow of more current going into the circuit.



If your ceiling fan is frequently tripping the breaker, then it is a probability that the internal parts of the fan are overheated.

You can feel this if you have experienced overheating of any fan or other electrical appliance.

The overheating of a fan usually occurs due to continuous usage for a long time or an imbalance of the blades.

It is very important to give a break to the fan so that all the components of the fan cool down.

Capacitor is damaged

If still, the breaker is tripping, then the last thing to check is the capacitor of the fan. You know that the capacitor is the main component of the fan, and if it becomes faulty, then the blades of the fan will not spin.

A capacitor can fail due to many reasons, like overheating and short circuits. It can not be repaired, so you will have to replace it with a new capacitor. It is good to hire an electrician to change the capacitor of the fan.


It is a very terrible situation to face the tripping breaker of the ceiling fan in hot weather.

All the possible reasons for this problem are mentioned in the article but the most important thing to care about is not to make overload the circuit and switch it off when no one is sitting under the fan.

It will help to cool down the components of the fan.

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