Wemo light switch not detected

Wemo light switch not detected. Wemo light switch not working? Well, here’s why and what are the possible solutions for self-maintenance. Some unknown problems can be resolved by using the correct strategies.

Wemo light switch not detectedwhy wemo light switch not detected

The first thing is to reset the switch for all of the reasons stated below:

  • The Wemo App does not recognize the Wemo Light Switch.
  • Both the app and manual controls on the Wemo Light Switch have stopped working.
  • You modified your Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi settings, such as the username and password, lately.
  • You want to remove all previously saved settings.

Don’t know how to reset the device? There’s no need to worry. Here’s how it can be done.

Press and hold the Restart button for 1 second before releasing it to restart the Wemo Light Switch. The Wi-Fi indicator light will begin to blink green to indicate that the connection is being re-established.

If the Restart button on the Wemo Light Switch does not work, switch off the power to the Wemo Light Switch by turning off the circuit breaker and then turning it back on.

Otherwise, there are different but easy-to-do solutions available.

App Resetapp reset

Here are some easy steps to establish the link of the switch with the Wemo app.

  • Log in to your Wemo Account by launching the Wemo App. (Remember that You will need to create an account if you do not have one already.)
  • Next, you have to click on the option displayed by the name edit.
  • Choose the Wemo light switch option.
  • Click on reset and choose the type of reset you want from the given options.

Clear Personalized Info

If you have given your Wemo Light Switch a custom name, icon, or rule, this will be removed.

Change Wi-Fichange wi fi

This will reset your Wemo device’s Wi-Fi settings and put it back into setup mode. You will need to reconnect to your new home Wi-Fi and set up your Wemo Light Switch anew.

Factory Reset

This option wipes all data from your Wemo Light Switch and resets it to factory defaults. It will also be removed from your Wemo account as a result of this.

When you want to remove a Wemo device from your Wemo Account and give it to someone else, use this option.

Manual Reset

Before doing this step, keep in mind that this step will delete all previous settings made in the Wemo App and restore factory defaults to your Wemo Light Switch.

You’ll have to re-configure the Wemo Light Switch with the Wemo App.

If you’re okay with it, following the instructions given below will reset the device:

  • Press and hold the Restart button for 1 second before releasing it. The Wi-Fi indicator light will begin to blink green to indicate that the connection is being re-established.
  • Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds right away. The Wemo Light Switch Wi-Fi light will rapidly glow orange, indicating that the restoration was successful.
  • The restore will take roughly 90 seconds on the Wemo Light Switch. When it’s ready, the Wi-Fi Indicator light will begin to alternate between green and orange, suggesting that it’s time to set it up.

Other observed issues

The Wemo switch is orange and is unable to connect to my wireless network.

Double-check that your Wi-Fi credentials were entered correctly. If your Wemo device was previously set up properly, try unplugging and plugging it again. It will make another attempt to connect to your network. If the status of the light indicator does not change, check to see if your Wi-Fi network is up and running or reset your Wemo device.

The Wemo device was not detected or could not be reached?

Check to see if the Wemo isn’t blinking orange. Then try unplugging and plugging your Wemo device. Your Wemo gadget will automatically attempt to rejoin your home network.

In the Apple Home app, the Wemo Bridge says “No Response.”

It appears to occur after a power outage and after the devices’ IP addresses change. As a result, Wemo devices are no longer accessible through the Apple Home App. You can avoid this by restarting the Wemo bridge.

Dimmer switches from Wemo

The Wemo dimmer may not work with all lights. Please double-check that your light will work with the Wemo Dimmer. Also, double-check that the wiring connection isn’t faulty.

Wemo devices frequently fail

Examine the strength of the Wi-Fi signal on the Wemo switch. It will go offline at random if the signal is weak. 


Wemo light switch not detected. The above-mentioned issues are all the generally faced issues by the users. They don’t require any special treatment and can be resolved at home.

However, if you’re not facing one of these issues or if it’s not resolved after following the instructions, you can contact the company.

How To Reset Wemo Light Switch

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