Hampton bay ceiling fan remote not working

Hampton bay ceiling fan remote not working. Home Depot sells its brand of decorative ceiling fans under the Hampton Bay name. Some Hampton Bay fan models come with a convenient remote control to turn on the fan and light and adjust the speed.

However, you will need to configure the remote control to communicate with the ceiling fan. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple process that only needs to be done once. The operation of the fan is also simple.

Hampton bay ceiling fan remote not workingHampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working

Not Working due to several reasons

  • It is out of reach – use within 20 feet
  • You have dead batteries: replace them with new ones

Another common problem is that the receiver and the remote are not on the same frequency.

A quick fix is ​​to reset your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote

  • Turn off the power supply
  • Slide the code switches on the remote control to your preferred frequency and do the same with the receiver
  • When sliding them up or down, make sure they are both in the same direction or position.

To complete remote programming, you must set the code switches, or DIP switches, on both ends to be in the same state (receiver and remote). The same programming is also useful if the remote dimmer is not working.

Ceiling fan spins but no air

To fix a fan that spins but does not blow air:

  • Verify that you have installed the blades in the correct direction
  • Make sure the down rod size is longer and not close to the ceiling
  • Check to make sure the reverse switch is in the correct position.

You can also follow the instruction manual on how to set the direction of the fan, especially if you cannot reverse the direction.

Lastly, you may want to contact the manufacturer or the place where you purchased the ceiling fan.

This may be one of the Home Depot stores, as you cannot contact Hampton Bay directly.

Hampton bay ceiling fan light not working

If the light doesn’t work, you can fix it in the following ways:

  • If the fan works, but there is no light, check that the bulbs are properly secured or screwed in.
  • If a bulb does not work, replace it with a new one

Please note that the Hampton Bay ceiling fan light not working issue could be due to a power issue. That’s because it comes with a power-limiting component. If the power is more than 190 watts, it will disable the light kit.

You can reset the kit by turning off the power and replacing the incandescent units to keep the power below 190 watts. Once done, restore power to the unit and use it as normal. Here is a more detailed guide to resetting the ceiling fan.

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