Blink camera flashing red

Is your blink camera flashing red, and you don’t know what’s the major issue with your outdoor camera?

It’s accurate that hardly anybody prefers to engage with technical issues frequently, so there is a need for you to be careful when it relates to security footage.

Users must not be careless whenever it comes to security. That’s why a must-check and balance is necessary to avoid any mishap in the future.

Whenever the device flashes red, you must go and check what’s the actual reason that your camera starts giving you a signal in red.

No doubt, there seems to be a wide range of factors that may be at stake, causing issues in your device.

Blink camera flashing red
why blink camera flashing red

Here we are mentioning the basic reasons; let’s give these reasons a read so that you can easily diagnose the major cause.

Camera Setup

If you’ve not set up the blinking camera, the red flashing signal is most likely only indicating that the activation and setup procedure is in progress.

The flashing red signal may only appear for a few seconds only at the opening of the booting process while giving power to flickering green and then a blueish signal, indicating that all is in working order.

Blink Camera Batteryblink camera battery

The main reason that you will see the flashing red signal on the blinking camera might be due to it being out of power or its battery being worn out.

This happens most often when the blue recorder light turns off, so after the blue LED light turns off, there will be four or five gradual flickers.

So, if you’re experiencing the flashing red signal alongside the camera’s limited functionality, then it’s perhaps time to update the battery.

Blink camera Wi-Fi Connectionblink camera wi fi connection

The unavailability of stable internet service is still the most prevalent reason for Blink monitoring cameras’ red flickering frequently.

As whenever the blinking camera is turned on, it usually flickers the red signal almost four to five times.

This indicates that it is attempting to get an internet connection and if the flickering repeats, it indicates that it is unable to locate one.

It can indicate that the Blink camera is not fully connected to residential Wi-Fi or even that the residential Wi-Fi seems to be off or unstable.

Camera Motion detectioncamera motion detection

Perhaps the red light of the Blink camera isn’t a malfunction but rather a notification that the camera is functioning properly.

With motion detection, the blink cam flashes a red light signal, so if you notice a red flashing light that occurs occasionally at random intervals across the day.

So, it might be possible that it would be due to sensing movements and your device is functioning properly.

Also, the most common situation might be if the camera appears to still be in functioning order and also the red light appears only sometimes.

How can you fix the issue if your blink camera flashing red?

You can easily fix the problem, so you just have to do the following steps according to your blink camera problem.

  1. Make doubly sure the Blink camera is powered by a dual A lithium battery, and this is the battery that the camera was meant to utilize, and they will ensure that the blinking camera gets powered consistently.

If you’ve replaced the battery in the Blink camera and it’s just not operating, then it may have a more serious problem. So, it’s better to inform the service care center from the blink website of the blink.

  1. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection so that you can easily avoid any kind of problem regarding your blink camera.
  2. In some cases, you just need to perform a reboot, which is restoring the gadget to resetting and resuming over the beginning.
  3. Just press the power switch from the rear side of the Blink camera with the help of any paper or cord piece for approximately five or six seconds, and then your camera will be reset.


We have compiled all the possible reasons that might affect your blink camera experience so you can easily locate the problem and then can fix it without any inconvenience.

If you can’t fix the problem and are facing any issues, then it’s better to call the customer service center through the website Blink. Also, read Ring doorbell 2 motion detection not working.

Blink Security Camera System Tips, Tricks, and Fixes!

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