Milwaukee charger flashing red and green

Milwaukee charger flashing red and green. A Milwaukee charger can save you precious time if you perform an essential job.

It can be an essential tool used at a job site, but if the tool is malfunctioning, it can cause a lot of time too. 

A defective Milwaukee charger will become useless, but there are ways it can be restarted.

Milwaukee charger flashing red and green
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A Milwaukee charger often blinks red or green, showing that it has been charged or completed.

But often, the Milwaukee charger can blink red and green lights together. This may be confusing but is a common occurrence.

This may be due to:

  • The battery pack is not put in correctly
  • The battery pack is defective 

These can be the significant reasons for a Milwaukee charger flashing red and green. 

If a charger is flashing red, it may be due to the battery being too hot. This can be fixed by letting the battery cool. 

Fixing the Milwaukee charger

If the battery pack is not connected correctly, take the battery out and put it incorrectly. If this does not seem to work, the other possible issue is a defective battery. 

A defective battery can be a little more complicated problem. A defective battery can be tried to be fixed in several ways. 

Cleaning the terminals with alcohol

Before jumping to replacing batteries, every possible solution needs to be explored to revive the batteries. 

The first step towards this solution can be cleaning the terminals with alcohol.

Clean the terminals of the battery and then the port with alcohol to ensure that no rust or debris is stuck, which may affect the connectivity of the battery.

After doing this step, the batteries should be tested. If the battery still fails to work, the battery may be truly dead. 

Preventive measures

Before the following method, some preventive measures are essential. Wearing gloves and essential safety gear while jolting the batteries is paramount. 

Shocking it back to life

After cleaning the terminals and placing the battery incorrectly, the only way to try is to shock the battery back to life.

Starting a Lithium Batterystarting a lithium battery

Jump- starting a lithium battery is quite simple. Even though the company would not recommend doing this, it is worth trying for a hassle-free battery replacement. 

Take a working battery and a fully charged battery to try this method.

Now place these two side by side and connect the terminals of each battery with the other using a copper wire with clumps. 

Wait for a few minutes, then remove the wire from the terminals. If you place this battery back in the port, this should start charging.

Starting a Nickel-Cadmium Battery

A nickel-cadmium indicates an error that the battery can also be revived this way. But for a nickel-cadmium battery, a bigger battery is needed. The jump cables are to be attached to the batteries.

Red is the positive terminal attachment, and black is the negative attachment. Connect these for a few seconds. This should jolt the battery and get it to work. 

The nickel-cadmium battery can be revived under a few conditions:

  1. If the battery is redeemable
  2. If the process is done properly

If none of the methods with the respective batteries work, they must be replaced. 


The Milwaukee battery can be fixed or revived only if it is salvageable. The green and red light flashing indicate an error that should be looked into immediately. 

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