How to make homemade bed bug spray

No one likes bed bugs because they are not only injurious but also vicious to human health. Bed bugs go everywhere in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even bed mattresses.

Bed bugs destroy the cereals and food storage in the kitchen. These tiny bugs hide under all the furniture, bed frames, kitchen cabinet, and mattresses and are very dangerous to human health.

People use different methods to implement bug control. You can use them to kill bed bugs, but it is crucial to remove the bugs permanently.

Many products are available in the market to control pests, but if you are looking for how to make homemade bed bug spray to save money, read this article.

If you are here, it means you have a bed bug infestation at home, so I will tell you some methods, from natural remedies to making homemade spray.

These are some homemade ways to kill adult bed bugs. You can easily make Vinegar bed bug spray, DIY bed bug spray, and cedarwood essential oil in the home but ensure to store empty spray bottles out of the children’s reach.

If still, you can not control adult bed bugs, simply dial a professional pest control company for pest control.

How to make homemade bed bug spray

The bed bug problem is a severe issue because bugs increase in large numbers. Make use of apple cider vinegar to handle bed bug bites on the body.

They are found everywhere in the home, but you can not throw your things outside the home to get rid of bed bugs.

In this article, I am sharing my research on how to make homemade bed bug sprays for bed bug treatment. These tips will firmly help you to finish all the bed bugs from the entire house.

How to prevent bed bugs from early infestation

It is imperative to stop the bed bug from early infestation. Please do not give them open space to go in the home through the cracks.

Once they enter the home, it becomes challenging to control them because they increase rapidly.

Like other insects, bed bugs hate the strong smell, so spray strong smells solutions to kill them. So use Vinegar bug spray, DIY bed bug spray, Diatomaceous Earth, Cleaning powder and Dettol, Tea tree oil and Lavender oil, etc.

You can also use Bleach, Talcum powder, Alcohol, Petroleum jelly, and Naphthalene balls to remove bed bug eggs and adult bed bugs.

Bed bugs are attracted to warm places, so always use lavender oil on your hands and face to keep away the bed bugs from the bed.

They can live without eating for one year. Fill all the cracks in the home wall, especially boundary walls, because these little suckers come from that tiny spots and lay eggs for rapid growth.

Vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is best to have in-home to remove bed bugs.

If you see these bugs in any part of the home, immediately use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the bugs.

These bugs hide behind the furniture and cracks, so vacuum these areas. Take your time and completely clean all the areas.

Heat treatments

heat treatments

Heat treatment is also an ideal way to kill bed bugs. Usually, bed bugs love the warm place to live and reproduce.

They hide behind the furniture and under the mattresses but showing them the high heat is the best way to remove them.

So, take off all the bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, and stuffed animals, and put them in the washing machine.

Setting the washing machine at the highest heat will remove the bed bugs. After washing all the stuff, put it in the dryer on its highest heat level for half an hour.

This heat treatment will be suffecient to kill bed bugs.

Vinegar bed bug spray

vinegar bed bug spray

The most effective and best spray to kill bed bugs is pure white vinegar bug spray because it directly damages the insect’s nervous system.

Buy some amount of readily available vinegar at a local convenience store. Store this white vinegar in an empty spray bottle with liquid.

Ensure to tighten the bottle for a few hours before spraying. Immerse the vinegar solution spray on the areas where you see bed bugs.

Soak all cracks in the entire house to remove the bed bug eggs. Make sure to spray the vinegar solution rightly on bed bugs to kill them.

Bed bugs love to live under the furniture for heat. Soak the spray under the entire furniture to repel bed bugs.

If you want to stop a further infestation, spray the vinegar solution on every part of the home, like carpet, furniture, walls, and window curtains. etc

Do not mix white vinegar with bleach in a spray bottle because it becomes very toxic and detrimental to health.

There are some disadvantages of using vinegar, like it has a long-lasting and terrible smell and is unsuitable for big infestation.

DIY bed bug sprays

You can easily make a DIY bed bug spray at home using these natural solutions.

  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Lavender oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Savin oil
  • Neem oil
  • Bee balm oil

Add these liquids to a spray bottle to kill bed bugs.

Jiggle the bottle well so that all the components unite properly.

Spray this mixture on all home parts, especially cracks, to kill adult bed bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth

diatomaceous earth

Seeing bed bugs in the mattress and bedsheet is frustrating because you can not sleep well.

Using diatomaceous earth is effective because you can not wash everything in the washing machine to kill bed bugs.

If you don’t want to waste money hiring pest control professionals, use diatomaceous earth for bed bug infestation.

It is easy to use diatomaceous earth, just spread a small amount of it on beds, furniture, cracks, and windows. These little suckers will eat it and kill bugs from dehydration.

It is a natural ingredient for killing bed bugs you can use if bed bug killer spray is not available in the home.

Make sure to use a small amount of diatomaceous moth because if you spread it in large amounts, it can also harm your health.

Cleaning powder and Dettol

cleaning powder and dettol

If you want to make homemade bed bug spray to get rid of bed bugs, take cleaning powder and Dettol and mix them in a spray bottle.

Add little water to the mixture and make homemade bed bug spray in no time. Now spray this solution at bed bugs. It will immediately kill these little suckers.

Tea tree oil

This oil is best to spray on bed bugs to get rid of them. Its strong and nasty smell keeps the bed bugs away from the area.

Bed bugs run away from the tea tree oil smell and healing properties. So, if this oil is available, mix it with water in a spray bottle and spray it on furniture and kitchen cabinets.

If the bed bugs are spreading in large numbers and you are unable to control then contact a pest control professional.

Dryer sheets

dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are also helpful to repel bed bugs, but it is not a permanent solution. They work well to repel the bugs.

Just take dryer sheets and tuck them on all sides of the bed to stop bed bugs.

You can also place these sheets on all the furniture to save the furniture from bugs.

Lavender essential oil

lavender essential oil

People usually like lavender essential oil for its calm and comfortable fragrance, but only a few know it is suitable for repelling bed bugs.

Take a medium size spray bottle and add lavender and peppermint oil to it.

Mix the oils well; you can add little water to the bottle.

Spray this solution on wall cracks, windows, and furniture for bed bug infestation.



Always wash the clothes, rugs, pillow covers, and bed sheets with warm water and bleach. Bleach is an excellent ingredient to kill bugs.

Bed bugs hate their smell, and the market is flooded with various kinds of bed bugs killer spray, but you can get rid of bed bugs just by washing all fabrics with bleach and warm water.

You can also add a small amount of bleach with carrier oil in a spray bottle to make a homemade spray.

Talcum powder

Talcum powder is available in the market, but if you do not have talcum powder, you can also use baby powder instead of it to kill bed bugs.

Spray the powder like diatomaceous earth on the entire home or where you see the bed bugs. The powder will dry up the bugs, and you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the bugs from all corners of the home.

Rubbing alcohol

rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also an effective method to eliminate bed bugs at home, especially from bed mattresses.

Making an alcohol spray bottle in the home is effortless to kill bed bugs.

Pour alcohol and little water into a spray bottle and stir well so that the components mix with each other.

Spray this solution in all parts of the home. You can also mix other essential oils like cedar and bergamot essential oil for better results.

Petroleum jelly

petroleum jellyy

Petroleum jelly is also helpful in relieving bed bugs but is a temporary treatment.

Rub some amount of petroleum jelly on your hands and scrub your hands-on furniture, bed legs, and all the spots where you see bed bugs.

Petroleum jelly has a strong smell that affects bed bugs’ nervous systems. It will not stop them properly but slows them from reaching the bed.

Naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls or mothballs are used to kill adult bed bugs. Purchase some mothballs and place them under the bed, furniture, sofa, and clothes.

You can also make a bed bug-killing spray from mothballs through this method.

Take a few mothballs and make their paste using a hammer.

Put this paste in a spray bottle. Add some amount of water and make a solution.

Now spray this where you see the bed bugs.

Baking soda

baking soda

Bed bugs love to live in warm places, especially kitchen cabinets, to warm their body.

Make homemade bed bug spray with baking soda and pure white vinegar if you see bed bugs near the oven and stove.

Take baking soda and pure white vinegar in a spray bottle and add little water to the bottle to make a solution.

You can also add other essential oils like cedar oil to the bottle. This homemade bed bug repellent spray repels bed bugs.

Spray this solution in all parts of the home to kill bed bugs. Repeat this process regularly to finish these little bloodsuckers.


The final thoughts on this article are if you are frustrated by little bed bugs and want to make homemade bed bug spray, then always try to make the spray in a glass bottle because the spray breaks the plastic bottle.

Don’t ignore bed bug eggs in the home because they increase in rapid speed. Fill all the wall cracks in the home and do not leave open food pots because little bugs come on food smell.

I am hopeful you liked all my suggestions, so try these recipes at home to kill the bug at early bed bug infestation.

Lastly, if you see you do not control bed bugs, you can take help from a professional pest control company to kill bed bugs.

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