Xfinity voice command not working

Xfinity voice command not working. Xfinity has become one of the first choices for anyone looking for internet, voice, and smart home products.

That said, they created the Xfinity Voice Remote that allows users to modify the network via voice commands and perform other functions.

But if you are disturbed by Xfinity voice control that does not work, we offer the troubleshooting methods described in this article!

Xfinity voice command not working
why xfinity voice command not working 

1. Reset

If you cannot use the Xfinity voice command, you will need to restart first. In this case, you will need to reset the box, as this will optimize your network connection and allow you to stream content.

2. Pair again

For those who cannot use voice command on Xfinity, they must reconnect the box and remote control by following the steps below;

  • Hold down the Settings button on the remote control until it turns green.
  • As soon as the LED lights up green, press the buttons in order 9, 8 and 7
  • Now press Settings again, and when the LED is green, press the Xfinity button
  • This displays the messages on the screen that you must follow to reconnect.
  • Try again to confirm the voice command, and it works fine.

3. Incorrect configuration

If the pairing did not resolve the voice control issue, you will need to reconfigure the remote control by following the steps below.

  • Hold down the setting button on the remote control (hold it down until the LED lights up green)
  • Now press the Xfinity button to display the instructions on the screen
  • As soon as the window appears on the screen, enter the three-digit code
  • This will configure the remote control, and the voice commands will start working when you use the voice command key.

4. Batteriesbatteries

If you have voice commands that do not respond to the Xfinity remote control, there is a greater chance that the batteries are defective.

You should remove the batteries from the remote control and replace them securely, as loose battery connections may interfere with the connection.

You should also try to replace the old batteries with new ones, as they provide better performance and functionality.

5. Reset

If the voice command still does not respond, try restarting the Xfinity remote control. To reset the remote control, hold down the diamond and triangle buttons simultaneously until the LED changes from red to green.

When the light turns green, press the buttons in the exact order 9, 8, and 1. After pressing these buttons, the blue light flashes three times, and the remote control restarts.

This will probably solve the voice control problem. Also, keep in mind that if you do this reset, pairing will be interrupted, and you will need to reconnect the remote control.

Get voice control

Here are some common ways to fix a malfunctioning Xfinity voice command control.

If you still have problems even after reviewing the list, you may need to contact your Xfinity service provider. This can be a problem that you cannot solve without professional help.

Once you’ve solved the problem, it’s time to take control of your voice and get the most out of your Xfinity voice control. Enjoy the ability to easily control and change settings related to the sound of your voice!

Troubleshooting that does not respond to the buttons on the remote control

Sometimes the button on the remote control stops responding or stops working. The only thing that can make these buttons responsive is to troubleshoot the buttons one at a time.

You can easily fix the Xfinity remote control buttons that do not respond by holding them down for 15 seconds and finding out why the remote-control buttons do not work properly.

To resolve unresponsive Xfinity remotes, follow these steps:

  • Grab the Xfinity remote control and press any button.
  • If the light is not blinking, the battery is probably discharged. Use a couple of new batteries and try again.
  • If you find that the button on the button flashes five times, the battery on the remote control is low and needs to be replaced.

Restores the Xfinity boxrestores the xfinity box

Sometimes the remote control and Xfinity box do not communicate well, resulting in a button not responding. This issue can be easily solved by restarting the Xfinity box.

Steps to restore the Xfinity pane

  • Hold down the reset button on the Xfinity box for 5-10 seconds.
  • You can also reset the Xfinity chart with the My Xfinity Account app. If you restart via the app, you must always make the long reboot.


Fixing a Xfinity Voice command that does not work is very easy if you understand the exact reason why it does not work.

We have listed all the causes, as well as tips and troubleshooting steps, so that you can easily fix the problem.

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