Xfinity XR15 Remote Not Working

Xfinity XR15 Remote Not Working. Do you know the Xfinity brand is a by-product of Comcast cable communication, providing services offered by this vendor? They are considered the best to provide some high-end remotes for different TV sets.

But during the last few months, many of the users have been facing issues with the remote. Isn’t it annoying enough for you to watch your favorite shows on different channels, but your remote isn’t responding?

We conducted extensive research on this subject. We looked through various forums, read customer reviews and user comments, and got a sense of the issue.

This analysis is in addition to the one we conducted on the technical specifications of this product.

Xfinity XR15 Remote Not Workingxfinity xr15 remote not working

Below are some more straightforward fixes you can perform before you move ahead, asking for expert help at your home.

Remote Button Doesn’t Respond

The most common issue with these remote voice controls is buttons that do not respond to the remote control. In this case, press any button on the remote control and look for the characters listed below.

  • If the LED does not illuminate, the batteries are faulty and must be replaced. Also, do not expose items such as batteries to the sun, as this can be hazardous.
  • If the LED flashes red several times, the batteries are weak, and you must replace them.
  • If the buttons do not work after replacing the battery, contact Xfinity Call Support for assistance.

Factory Resetting by Setting Button

If nothing else works to get the remote-control Button to respond, perform a factory reset. We mentioned several steps for a factory reset in the section below.

  • Press and hold the remote control’s setting button until the LED color changes from red to green.
  • Now, in the exact order of 9, 8, and 1, press the buttons. The LED begins to flash green twice, indicating that the factory reset has been completed.
  • You should note that after resetting the voice remote control to factory settings, the pairing of the remote control and TV box is disrupted. As a result, you must repair the TV box using the voice remote control. However, if you do not want to use the setting button or if it is not available for some reason, we have included the steps to factory reset your voice remote control without the installation button. Examine it out!
  • In the first step, press and hold the A and D buttons simultaneously for about three seconds (triangle and diamond buttons). It transforms the LED flash from red to green.
  • Now, in the following order, press the number buttons: 9, 8, and 1.
  • When you press these buttons, the LED flashes three times (blue), indicating that the device has been completely reset.
  • You must also repair the remote control with the TV-Box because resetting to factory settings removes the pairing.

Reset Your Xfinity Boxreset your xfinity box

If the previous solution did not help, you could try restoring your Xfinity box. There’s a good chance your TV isn’t working correctly.

This issue may cause communication errors between the remote control and the container.

You can reset the box by doing the following:

  • Locate the “Reset” button on your drawer and press it for 5 seconds.
  • You can also use the “Xfinity My Account” app to reset the box. Make sure that the app is only used for the long reset. You can use the first procedure to perform a quick reset.

If the Xfinity Voice Remote does not work after resetting your box, the problem has been resolved.

Right Use of Remote

Some people have multiple TV boxes, and the remote control will not work if it is not included with the TV box. It would help if you also used the remote control that came with the TV box.

This issue is the most common problem, but people do not notice this problem. So, use the remote that came with the tv box, or purchase the small of the same model.

Physical Damages

Physical damage is one of the most common reasons behind the malfunctioning of ten remote of the mentioned above model of Xfinity. By carefully inspecting the remote control, you should be able to determine any physical damage.

It will be challenging to pair if the remote control is damaged. In some cases, the remote control does not function at all. The solution is to purchase a new remote control.


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