Why is my roku tv so slow

Why is my roku tv so slow. Roku TVs are the best devices to live stream the different sports channels, drama seasons, and movies with family members and friends.

You can connect your Roku tv to an internet connection to live stream Netflix, HBO max, and amazon prime video, but at times, the tv becomes sluggish as it becomes very slow and starts buffering the video.

Sometimes, you press the amazon prime video button on the remote control; the app launches at a very low speed and takes some time to load the video.

It is a very annoying and frustrating situation because it wastes a lot of time, and you can’t enjoy the movie at a slow speed.

There are many causes of the slow speed of roku tv, like slow wifi internet connection, power outages, network jams, and damaged hardware parts.

Before you call a professional to fix the tv speed, read this post to troubleshoot this issue by yourself.

Why is my roku tv so slow

If your roku tv is very slow and takes a lot of time to load the film, then check the internet speed on your modem. Then you need to update the latest software.

If you have installed too many useless social apps on the roku tv, then they are also the reason for slowing down the tv speed. You may also have a faulty hardware part inside the tv that needs replacing with a new component.

However, there is no need to be frustrated and follow these instructions to increase the tv speed to enjoy the movie or game without buffering.

Restart the roku tv

restart the roku tv

Start the solution by restarting the device whenever you have trouble with any electrical appliance.

So, if your roku tv is turned slow and takes some time to load the video, then turn off the tv from the remote control.

It’s not enough to turn off the tv; pull out the cable from the power receptacle for 2 minutes and then put the cord back into the socket to switch on the TV.

Switch on the TV to check the tv speed; if it is working faster hen previously, then great, but if it is still so slow, then dont fret and move to the next point.

Slow internet connection

slow internet connection

If you want to stream the Netflix or amazon prime video platform on your roku smart tv, then you need to have a fast internet connection speed of loading the movie.

The internet speed gets slow due to connecting many smart devices with one modem, so if your roku tv is responding and buffering very slowly, then it means you have a very slow internet connection due to other smart devices.

Then the video will buffer slowly, and as a result, the roku tv will also get slow.

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First, restart the router and place the router close to the roku tv to improve the internet signal speed. Next, disconnect the other smart devices from the one modem to increase the internet speed.

If the roku tv is still slow, then contact your local internet service provider to inform them about the low internet speed.

Replace batteries in the remote control

If your roku tv is slowly answering the remote control when you press the button to forward the movie, then, first of all, come close to the tv and aim the remote lens directly towards the tv to operate.

If the TV is still responding very slowly, then open the remote control back over and drag out the batteries because it seems like the remote batteries are dead.

If you watch Roku TV daily, then you must replace the remote batteries after 2 to 3 months because there is not enough power remaining in the remote batteries after 2 months to transmit signals to the tv to respond.

Remote batteries are not properly placed

remote batteries are not properly placed

When you replace the dead batteries with new batteries, then make sure to place them accurately in the right terminals or position.

If your batteries do not make tight contact with the remote terminals, then the tv will respond so slowly to the remote control device.

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Similarly, when you replace the batteries then, clean the remote springs with a cotton swab to remove the dust and rust from the springs and battery compartment.

Faulty hardware component

If you have tried the above tips and still your roku tv is so slow, then it might be broken, faulty hardware inside the tv device due to which you are facing issues with your roku tv.

If your roku tv is old, then a frayed HDMI cable may send slow signals to the device to stream the media. Similarly, check the damaged modem and faulty Roku Streaming stick.

It often happens with old roku TVs that if there any hardware component is faulty, then it starts the slow signal transmission.

It is suggested to you that if your old roku device is not working well and there is a faulty hardware component or damaged HDMI cable, then contact a highly skilled professional because you can not replace the faulty hardware and damaged cable until you are skillfully professional.

Update Your Roku TV

It’s necessary to keep updating the latest software version in your smart roku to use the latest feature and functions.

If you use outdated software, then your smart tv device will face slow-moving and slow internet connection. When you update the latest firmware, then software glitches and bug issues are removed, and roku tv starts working fast.

Follow these steps to update the latest software version on the roku tv.

  • Open the settings in your smart tv with the remote control.
  • Click System
  • Check the updates manually
  • Tap System Update
  • Select Check now.

Restart the roku tv after updating the latest software and check the device is working fast.

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Factory reset

factory reset

If the above troubleshooting does not work fine and you are still frustrated by the slow tv response to your command, then the tv requires a complete factory reset.

The soft factory reset will clear all the cache data and free up the space in the device. Your roku tv will surely become faster after the factory reset.

You need to follow this guide to factory reset the Roku TV.

  • Lunch the settings menu on your device.
  • Click and select System.
  • Choose Advanced System Settings.
  • Click Factory Reset.
  • Enter your PIN code and press OK.
  • Restart the tv after the process is completed.
  • Check the device is working fastly without any buffering and sluggish speed.
  • If there is a reset button on the roku TV back, then press and hold the button to reset the tv.


The last thoughts on this article are if your roku tv is so slow and you are irritated with seeing a slow speed, then follow all the steps to fix the slow tv speed.

Mostly, it does not happen with the new roku smart TVs, but if your internet connection is slow or there is a faulty hardware component inside the unit, then Roku tv will start streaming the channel so slowly.

I hope your roku tv speed issue is fixed, and if still, your tv is not working well, then contact the roku customer service center for a further helping hand.