Why does my netflix keep buffering

Why does my netflix keep buffering. Netflix is a popular platform for watching movies, drama seasons, and entertainment shows. However, you require fast internet speed to stream the video without any buffering.

It isn’t very pleasant when you are in the movie’s climax and suddenly start buffering. When Netflix keeps buffering for a long time, then check the internet connection.

If you are using Netflix on smart tv, then the best option is to use the ethernet cable instead of connecting the smart tv with a network router through wifi connection.

If there is no bad internet connection, then power cycle your smart device, clear the cache data and cookies from the app, restart the router, update your app, change the screen resolution settings, and update your network driver to buffer the quickly.

Suppose you are locating for an online solution for Netflix to keep buffering. In that case, you are on the right page because I will share my personal experience and information in this article.

Why does my Netflix keep buffering

Nothing is more annoying than to see your Netflix keep buffering when you are enjoying a movie night with your friends.

Start troubleshooting by checking your internet connection by restarting the modem and your device.

Update your Netflix app and smart device software. Let’s get into details for all troubleshooting solutions to keep buffering.

Power cycle your devicespower cycle your devices

When you experience buffering the media slowly, the first method is to power cycle the internet modem and the smart device.

Power cycling the smart devices refreshes the software and kills minor bugs. So, firstly power cycle your internet modem. Disconnect the modem cord from the electrical socket for two minutes. Prime video not working on roku

Insert the cord in the socket after two minutes and wait for a few seconds for an internet connection.

Similarly, reboot your smart device to refresh the unit. Unplug the power wire from the wall outlet for two minutes and reconnect it after two minutes.

Mostly, Netflix starts buffering quickly after rebooting the modem and device.

Sign out and sign in to Netflix

If rebooting the device does not make any change, then your next step must be to sign out of the Netflix account for five seconds and then sign into the Netflix account. It works sometimes and clears the app glitches.

Check internet connectioncheck internet connection 5

If you have connected your smart device with private internet access and running the app on a wifi connection, then check your connection.

When you connect your tv or smartphone with an internet connection to stream the app, then ensure the wifi signals are strong.

Similarly, if more smart devices are buffering different websites at the same, then signal strength decreases and causes low bandwidth choking, and keeps buffering, so make sure another device is not buffering when you are watching a movie on your device.

The minimum speed required to stream is 3mbps, so if you have more smart devices in the home, then you need to have 5 to 7mbps internet speed.

You can not connect an ethernet cable with your smartphone, but if you are watching Netflix on smart tv, then the best option to remove the buffering issue is the use of an ethernet cable. Connect the ethernet cable directly to the smart tv from the internet router for a secure internet connection.

Clear the cache memory

When your web browser overloads with cache memories and cookies, it buffers and slows down the internet speed.

So, if you are annoyed by Netflix’s keep buffering, then clear all the cache data not only from the Netflix app but also from other apps to free the storage space in the device.

Update your Netflix app

If its keeps buffering and other background apps are running properly, then your Netflix may be outdated. Samsung smart hub not working

If the latest software version in your app is not updated, then the app will create different issues like getting stuck on the screen, keep buffering, and running so slowly.

So open the play store on your device and update the app to install the new features in the app. If the app keeps buffering due to the old version, then it should start working now.

Use of VPNuse of vpn

It’s not a good choice to use a VPN to stream Netflix. However, if you are still using the VPN, then you can change from one server to another to check the fast speed.

Keep in mind; if Netflix notices you are using the VPN connection to access the app, then it can pause and keep buffering.

Note that Netflix may detect your VPN connection and stop you from watching. You can try restarting the VPN software to fix the issue.

Change video stream quality

Netflix usually chooses high-streaming video quality to buffer the movie. But it takes more internet bandwidth to do so.

So, if you have a slow internet speed internet connection, then change the video stream quality to low from high to use less internet bandwidth. It will start streaming fastly when you set the video stream quality to low.

Reinstall the Netflix

Another solution to fix keeps buffering problem is to uninstall the app from your computer, smart tv, or mobile phone. Reinstall the app on your device from the play store and sign into your account to watch content.

Close other bandwidth programs

When you start watching a tv show or movie on your account, then don’t forget to close the background programs that are using internet bandwidth.

If you are not using any other app, then close it until you are streaming only on your app. Always download large videos like movies and apps during your free time.


The bottom line of the directory is that if your Netflix keeps buffering, then restart your device and internet modem.

Test the internet speed on your web browser and try to use an ethernet cable with smart tv for a fast and stable internet connection.

Try all the solutions described in this article for fixing the buffering problems on the app. Unfortunately, if you don’t find the solution, then contact with professional.