Hulu keeps crashing on firestick

Sometimes Hulu keeps crashing on Firestick, although Hulu stands for stability and reliability.

If your Hulu is developing errors while running Fire Stick, you must be worried because the problem spoils your delightful moment.

Your Fire TV stick may get stuck while switching channels, loading live TV streaming services or loading commercials, or throwback you from Hulu by turning off the app.

It may need some fixing with an exact guiding path for smooth working.

So, if you like to admit electronically challenged, this article may help you load, stream movies, and resolve other crashing issues.

So, take our lead and walk through the process for a solution. Keep reading.

Hulu keeps crashing on firestick


Before going through the solutions, you must know why Hulu crashes on Firestick. It may help you in troubleshooting.

In several cases, the Hulu on Fire Stick problem gives you an error code, but not every time. So, you have to know the reasons that become the culprit for crashing Hulu.

Fire TV Poor WiFi Connection

fire tv poor wifi connection

The performance of your device may depend on the internet connection.

So, if your Hulu is crashing, then you must have to check whether your internet connection is stable or not.

There are different sites like Ookla that you may use to check your internet connection speed.

The standard speed is 10Mb/S to maintain your entertainment with Hulu.

Junk Files Interruption

junk files interruption

Another reason that you may blame Hulu for keeps crashing on your Amazon Fire Stick is processing junk files.

Junk files are undoubtedly the cause of creating performance issues.

You may face Hulu’s buffering issue with corrupted files.

So, whenever your Hulu starts making complications while streaming movies on your smart TVs, you may get the idea that you have junk files that may be the culprit.

But don’t worry; we will explain the solutions for getting rid of it if the junk files are the reason for your Hulu crashing on your Fire Stick.

Stay with us to increase your knowledge.

Outdated Software

outdated software

Using an outdated app is also a common problem that may cause corrupted files, and you may face the issue of Hulu live TV crashing or getting thrown out from Hulu.

It may slow down the performance of steaming or live Tv channels if you deny the updates of your Hulu and Fire Stick.

Usually, these apps receive updates that you must do for perfect performance.

Problematic Hulu’s Server

Hulu keeps crashing on Fire Stick is not always a problem of corrupted files or outdated firmware.

Sometimes, the reason might be Hulu servers of inappropriate streamings or automatically shutting down Hulu.

To check the service status, you may approach websites or official Hulu support to get information about the outage.

You may get the details from social media or complaints mentioned by Hulu users.

Solutions to Follow for Hulu Crashing

solutions to follow for hulu crashing

Well, we have discussed the reasons that may cause of stop live TV automatically. It is time to follow up to fix Hulu’s troubles.

Follow the instructions carefully.

Increase Internet Speed

Well, the slow internet connection is also a reason that can reduce the perfect working of Hulu on Fire Stick.

To increase the internet speed, we have some tips that we will be happy to share with you.

You might place the router near your device to get a strong internet connection for flawless streaming if you place the router at a higher spot.

Next, it would be best to log out of the WiFi connection from other devices even if you are not using them because turning ON WiFi weakens the signal for your streaming Hulu content.

Then it may end up crashing Hulu.

If you are using a WiFi connection and it is not getting better, then we suggest you try an ethernet connection for your device. It can solve the issue successfully.

Hulu not working on firestick

Log Out Hulu Account

log out hulu account

If Hulu is not fixed after setting up speed, you have to be concerned about the other devices connected to the same Hulu account.

It would fix Hulu kicking if your account did not log in on more than two devices.

So, if you think more than two devices are using the same account, Log out to your other device accounts.

  • First, go to a web browser, navigate to Hulu login, and then log in to your account using your credentials.
  • Click on the user icon for your account access.
  • Open Manage Devices.
  • Then remove all the devices from the account by clicking the Remove icon located next to the devices.
  • Now go back and open the Protect Your Account.
  • Here you must have to select Log out of all Computers.
  • Now, in the end, you have to log in to your Hulu account on one device on which you were facing the crashing issue.
  • Check whether logging out Hulu Account solves the issue or not.

Switch Fire Stick Network

switch fire stick network

Suppose you are using a single WiFi connection.

In that case, you may try this method confidently to make your network coverage and network quality for streaming, watching movies, or shows even more preferable.

So, in this method, we suggest you switch the Fire Stick WiFi network from 5GHz to 2.4GHz.

It is a bit surprising, but the reason is in the 2.4GHz network, the band gets the bandwidth that travels better through the wall.

It simply means the 5Ghz sometime does not gives you the better quality or crashed Hulu because of not going through the objects with it carrying bandwidth properly.

You can switch the WiFi network from 5GHz to 2.4GHz, and then examine whether your Hulu crashing issue is resolved or not.

Hulu audio out of sync

Changing Video Quality

Another common issue can cause Hulu crashes while watching your content according to your taste.

In this situation, you have set the best high quality for your device, which is not capable of handling.

In case you may change the video quality setting a little bit low. Follow the instructions meticulously.

  • Firstly, you must access the Hulu app from the search bar or your Apps.
  • Then, Open the Hulu app.
  • Now, you may access the option name with Profile.
  • Now, open the setting.
  • Select the option Cellular Data Usage.
  • Please go through the Data Saver option; after selecting this option, it will provide you with the standard quality video.

Power Cycling Process

If the previous methods don’t fix Hulu, then you may start doing a power cycling streaming device.

There are a lot of issues with the smart TV models that get resolved after power cycling.

Follow these instructions step by step with an expected solution.

  • Firstly, Plug out your router from the power socket.
  • Secondly, unplug the TV from the power outlet.
  • At this point, we were hoping you could leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Now, you have to plug the router back into a power socket.
  • You have to wait for the router to finish its boot up.
  • Then, attach the smart TV plug into the socket.
  • Here, you are required to connect WiFi when you see that your TV fully boils up.
  • In the end, open the Hulu app and check the issue.

We expect this method to work for your Hulu crashing on Fire Stick. But it is also not a big deal if it doesn’t work. There is a solution list that will end up in fixing.

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Check Fire Stick Update

check fire stick update

If your Fire Stick needs an update, check it by following the procedure.

  • Firstly you must navigate Settings from your Home Screen.
  • Then you have to choose My Fire TV.
  • Select the option About.
  • Now, check for Updates
  • If there is an update available, then you may choose the Update.
  • Lastly, please wait to complete its update and installation process.

You may examine the Hulu crashing issue after applying one fixing method instead of doing all the methods in a sequence.

Update Hulu App

update hulu app

Now, it is time to check the updates for your Hulu app, whether it’s available or not.

You may update your Hulu app to fix Hulu. Updating is necessary to get advanced features as well as fix errors.

Method 1:

  • Go to the Home screen.
  • Then access App & Channels.
  • Now, choose the option See All.
  • When you see Hulu, highlight the app.
  • Press the Menu button on the Fire TV remote control.
  • Click on the Update option.

Method 2:

You may update the app by accessing it via the search bar.

  • Go through the Home screen.
  • Now access the search icon on the top corner.
  • Type Hulu in the search bar and open it.
  • Then click on the Update.
  • Now, wait till the download completes and then launch the Hulu app.

Update Your Samsung TV

update your samsung tv

It’s rare that the old firmware of Samsung TV is a reason for the Hulu app crashing. Let’s see it as a trick and check for your TV update.

  • Go to Settings of Samsung TV.
  • Select Support.
  • Now choose the Software Update.
  • Tap on the Update Now.
  • Now, wait to get the download complete.
  • Launch Hulu App after when you see your TV start-up.

There is a high probability that your Hulu app will start working properly after Samsung TV wait till updating.

Still, Crashing on Fire Stick

If your Hulu App is still crashing, you may walk through other ways to fix the problem.

Boot Samsung smart TV

Firstly, you may try to boot your TV by following these steps.

  • For five to ten seconds or until the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the power button from the Samsung TV remote.
  • Completely restart Hulu App after the start-up of the Samsung smart TV

Clear Hulu App Cache and Data

clear hulu app cache and data

These first two methods help you delete the temporary files and help to free up the needed space.

  • Go to Home screen
  • Then, the Settings menu
  • Go across to the Applications.
  • Go down to Manage Installed Applications.
  • Then, scroll in the list and find Hulu App.
  • To force stop Hulu App, select the option Force Stop, then choose the Clear Cache.
  • If it fixes your problem, you are all set.

Clear Data

In case the previous procedure doesn’t work.

  • Then again, select the Force stop, then Clear Cache.
  • Lastly, we want you to do Clear Data.

Reinstalling Hulu Application

This method helps to take the edge off of crashing issues

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Application.
  • Choose the Manage Installed Applications.
  • Select the Hulu app.
  • Then Uninstall Hulu.

Once done, reboot your Fire Stick to refresh the system and reinstall the Hulu app from App Store.

Reset Factory Settings

reset factory settings

Factory settings will remove all the Hulu save changes and applications on your Fire Stick and make your TV brand new.

After resetting your Fire Stick, you must download all your applications again. So, be ready for it.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select the My Fire TV.
  • Next, Select Reset to Factory Defaults and click on it.
  • The resetting cycle may take 5 to 10 minutes for process completion.
  • When the process is completed, then you have the brand new Fire Stick.
  • Download Hulu App and enjoy your streaming without crashing Hulu.


You may use these methods while using Roku TV or any Roku device, Fire TV, Samsung smart TVs and android tv too.