Hisense tv not connecting to wifi

Hisense tv not connecting to wifi. Hisense tv models are the latest tv brands to watch tv shows and use social apps on tv by connecting an internet connection with your device.

Many people love to watch movies on Hisense tv on youtube or Netflix by connecting wi-fi with the tv, but sometimes it is very frustrating and annoying to see the tv not connecting with wi-fi.

There are many causes why your device is not connecting to wi-fi. First of all, you should check your internet router because if there is no wi-fi signal access, then the tv will not connect with the tv.

Signal interference and router location matter greatly in this issue because if the router or modem is placed at a distance from the Hisense tv, it will not receive the wi-fi signals.

If your Hisense smart tv is creating issues and not connecting with the internet connection, then read this complete to troubleshoot this issue.

Hisense tv not connecting to wi-fi

Hisense smart tvs are best to use when they are connected to the internet because if the device is not connecting to the internet, then the device goes in vain.

After all, you can not stream live media on your tv if there is no internet connection.

Last Saturday, I planned to watch a movie with my friends at home, but it was a very annoying situation to see the tv was not connecting to the wi-fi.

Then I immediately searched on the internet to know the possible causes of this problem.

My tv was not connecting to the tv due to a bad internet connection, so I immediately solved this issue by restarting the router and minimizing the load on the modem.

Let’s discuss the different problems that occur to stop the tv from connecting with wi-fi.

Restart the internet modem

restart the internet modem

When you see your Hisense smart tv is not connecting with the internet connection in the home, then your first step always is to restart the router.

Press the power switch on the internet modem to turn it off and detach the plug from the socket for five minutes.

After five minutes, connect the plug in the outlet and press the power switch to turn on the router. Reconnect your tv with the modem to access the wi-fi signals.

Suppose the smart tv starts streaming the media, then great. If the issue persists, then look next point.

Modem location

Modem location matters a lot in the internet connectivity to smart devices. If the modem is placed close to the smart tv, then it will be a strong internet connection due to the short distance.

If the modem is located in the other part of the home and your Hisense tv is placed in another room, then there be low signal strength, and it will become hard for the tv to stream the live media.

So, it’s very important to change the modem place if it is fixed in another room and connect it close to your tv to increase the signal strength.

You should also keep in mind one thing because many people are not familiar with always placing the router higher than the floor surface is necessary. The wifi signal strength decreases when the modem is placed close to the floor.

Bad internet connection

bad internet connection

If restarting the router does not fix the problem, then it means there is a bad internet connection service in the area.

Sometimes, the internet service becomes bad in the area due to maintenance and other issues.

You can ask about the availability of internet from your friend who has an internet connection in the area.

Contact the internet service provider in your area for the availability of internet.

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Too many devices

If you connect more than five smart devices with one internet modem, if you connect more devices to one router, then it will divide the signal strength.

When you connect more smartphones with one router and start streaming different social apps on all devices, then the internet speed will automatically go down.

So, its simple solution is to disconnect the internet from extra devices and then reconnect the smart tv to the internet to stream media.

Remove physical interferences

It is explained in the above point that connecting more smart devices with one router decreases the speed and slows down the internet, so remove too many devices to connect your Hisense tv to the network.

Similarly, physical interference is also one of the main causes of the slow internet. Internet signals are slowed down due to the physical interference of different things like walls, doors, and windows, so you need to remove the physical interference. Best 65 inch tv under 700

Always select the minimum 5 GHz bandwidth internet speed for connecting smart devices because it has fast speed, and you can also stream media on many devices through 5 GHz bandwidth.

Restart the TV

restart the tv

Sometimes there is no issue with the network, and software glitches prompt the tv to connect with the network.

Read the instructions to restart your Hisense smart TV.

  1. Push the power switch on the remote control or tv to switch off the tv.
  2. Wait until the red light switches off.
  3. Remove the smart tv power cable from the socket for 2 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the power cable to turn on the tv.

Update Hisense Smart TV Firmware

Sometimes the outdated and expired software also stops the tv from connecting to the internet connection. It’s essential to keep updating new updates of the smart tv software released by Hisense. If there is any problem, then contact Hisense support.

New updates add new features to smart devices and clear software glitches.

  1. Navigate to Settings on your tv.
  2. Go to the support option.
  3. Move the cursor to the System updates
  4. Click Software updates.


The final words on this troubleshooting post are if your Hisense smart tv is not connecting with the network connection, then, first of all, restart your internet modem and smart tv.

If it does not fix the issue, then update the Hisense tv software, and remove too many devices and physical interference to reconnect again.

Lastly, contact your local service internet provider to recheck the network service in the area.