Why don’t i have hot water

Why don’t i have hot water. The top 7 reasons for this problem are written in this article. After knowing them, I was able to get warm water. You may try them as well.

In the middle of winter, when warm water stopped coming from the tap, I realized how blessing it was. I dialed my plumber, and he was unavailable, but he did give me several ideas.

I gathered more by searching. And I was happy to see I had fixed my own problem. You may see that a similar problem is with you. Fear not, because you can do it too with the help of this article I wrote.

Why don’t i have hot water

why don't i have hot water

Warm aqua may not be supplied to you because the thermostat that performs the primary function is fried. It may have lost its working capabilities.

The gas supply to the heater has been disrupted. The tank is not storing gas because of leakage.

There are some electrical issues like a malfunction. The water may have exceeded the limit.

The temperature that you set on your device is not suitable for warming the aqua you want it at. Incorrect time and date can have their own issues. The water is not coming out at all.

Lack of gas

The lack of gas that is to be supplied to the thermostat is a bit of an issue. If the gas supplied to it is not enough. The heating will not occur properly. The thermostat will try heating with that little gas.

But it will not heat it to the required level. The warmth will be so low that the water will cool down even while passing through the pipes.

Or the water will be so little hot that you won’t even know that it is hot until you compare it with cold water.

Excess water

There is a limit to which a heater can heat water. It takes time for the water to be heated. But if you are using water more than it can heat, the water will not be warm.

You may think there is a problem with the heater. But the problem is that you are using it with excessive water.

And because of excess supply, it doesn’t have time to be heated properly. Suppose you want to get more warm water. Then you should buy a bigger heater. It will work faster and to a greater extent.

Thermostat issue

thermostat issue

A thermostat is the main part of the heater. It is responsible for heating. You cannot use a heater without a thermostat. It controls the temperature.

The settings might not be suitable, so check for the settings. The temperature that is set is low, so you should raise it.

Resetting it should solve the problem. But if it doesn’t, then it may need to be replaced.

You can replace it yourself, but it is better to get this done by a professional.

This is not just for safety, but the proper installation is important for working too.

Matter with electricity

Electric heaters are used more these days. So if there is an electric problem, then such heaters won’t work. It may be caused if, due to excessive current, the breaker has tripped.

You just need to turn it on. If you don’t have electricity because of a brownout, then you will have to wait for its return.

The wires and the switches should be checked too. Plugs would be checked and made sure that they were not loose. The voltage should be complete. Low power will not allow the working either. It might even fry the circuits of the device.

No water

Ok, let’s get to this point. You see that it’s not just hot water that is not coming. It is also cold water. Meaning no water at all is coming.

This can commonly be because of an empty water tank. It may be that the pipes are clogged, and water is not coming out of them.

The pipes are supplied, but the mode means the taps or the faucets are not working. They are blocked or clogged, too, if the problem is related to clogging.

Then you need to get ready to clear some pipes and clean them. You can use plumber snakes to clear the faucet and taps.


Why don’t i have hot water. Whether it is a malfunction or blockage, it is leakage or no power. The problems can be solved after you know the cause. So to be more knowledgeable, you should read the article above.

If the cause is still unknown. I prefer to call a professional.

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