No hot water coming out of faucets

No hot water coming out of faucets. Having hot water in your house is crucial for cleaning the dishes, showering, or simply washing your hands.

If your faucet isn’t producing hot water, you might be in for a severe headache.

There seem to be two fundamental reasons for this: your water supply is sputtering, or your water heater is malfunctioning.

An airlock might form whenever the ventilation system fails, preventing hot water from flowing out of the tap.

No hot water coming out of faucetsno hot water coming out of faucets (solved)

Read through as we look at two possible reasons and treatments for no water coming out of the faucet while trying to run hot water.

Determine the significant issue Source

It’s critical to ensure that your boiler or water heater is operating correctly, regardless of the type of boiler and water heater you’re using.

Inspect the water supply to check whether it’s still on.

It might be as easy as that. If somehow the water temperature is okay, the issue is most likely with your faucet.

A single faucet might become blocked, preventing water from flowing freely. This is particularly true if the chilly side is doing admirably.

There can be multiple reasons for no hot water coming out of faucets, such as:

  • There might be a leak, a build-up of silt, or it could simply have become disconnected.
  • Restart the faucet after flushing the water heater and allowing it to warm up.

Inspection of Diverter Valveinspection of diverter valve

If your home’s heating system is operating correctly and you’re not even getting hot water from the faucet, it might be a diverter valve problem.

A combi boiler uses this valve to choose between heating various portions of your house.

The valve might malfunction if your home’s heat is operating, but the hot water isn’t.

Examine it to determine if it’s stuck in one place, if it’s broken, or if it’s come loose.

Airlocked Pipes

An airlock issue is one of the most common causes of water not coming out of the hot water side of the tap. This occurs when the air becomes lodged in the water pipes, resulting in partial or complete water blockages.

The pressure from the cold tap should force out the airlock. If this does not resolve the problem, the entire system may need to be drained.

Cleaning a Hot Water systemcleaning a hot water system

To keep your water heater from breaking down, flush it once every one to three years. It might be the source of your hot water problem if you’ve never done it before or haven’t done it in a long time. Follow this:

  • Turn the thermostat on your water heater to the off position.
  • Switch the water heater’s cold water supply to the “off” position to turn it off.
  • Then turn on the hot water in all of your sinks and tubs.
  • Allow water to flow freely by opening the pressure release valve.
  • You’ll use a bucket below the drainage pipe to perform this.
  • Connect the drainage spigot to a garden hose. It’s now better to change the faucet and start draining the tank until the water flows clean.
  • Switch on the cold water faucet that feeds the hot water system to finish the flushing operation.
  • This is now to wrap things up, and the only way to do it is to go backward.

Hot water not coming out of faucet but cold is

If your faucet tap is spewing cold water, but you’re unable to get any hot water out of it, the problem might be that your water heater is broken. There are many reasons your water heater can stop working.

It could be because of sediment buildup – meaning that the tank is becoming clogged or there’s too much calcium in your pipes.

Some other potential reasons could include a leak – meaning the water has found an escape route through which to travel.

Besides escaping through the faucet or unplugged – meaning that even if the tank is full of warm, piping hot water, it cannot circulate throughout your house because its power supply has somehow become compromised.

Hot water not coming out of bathtub faucet

Another possible reason your tub is not getting hot water is a clogged pipe. This can block hot water from reaching the bathtub faucet even though the sink’s hot water is fine.

You may need to call a plumber if this happens because maybe something has gotten into the pipes and prevented the hot water from flowing through properly.

Hot water not coming out of shower head

Hot water from a shower usually comes through a mixing valve. If the hot and cold water pipes leading to it get out of balance, there isn’t enough water pressure for a strong flow.

The rubber gasket will have been fully worn by this time, so you might have to replace it with a new one.

No hot water after replacing shower cartridge

There’s a mechanical stop on the handle assembly that limits how far you can turn it. When you use single-handle faucets, they usually have some kind of locking mechanism stopping them from turning further.

Assuming this is a single-handle control, the further you turn it, the less cold water may pass through, so you need to look for controls on how far the thing can turn and adjust it so you can turn it further.

On almost all of them, remove the handle first. Does the handle turn less than it did before?

If so, that’s the problem. If that isn’t it, there could have been some debris dislodged when the water was off and then turned back on, which clogged up your inlet on top of your cartridge.


We take hot water for granted in our homes, and when we don’t have it, we panic. We’re going to check into all of the possibilities for what’s causing this problem.

If your taps aren’t producing hot water, the most likely cause is a leaky water heater.

A leaking water heater might cause a shortage of hot water in your house. You may make a few simple adjustments to get your hot water working again in your house.

If loose or damaged valves cause the leaks, you might be able to tighten or repair them on your own.

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